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Lauki Ki Barfi Recipe | Doodhi Sweet | लौकी की बर्फी आसानी से बनाए | Indian Dessert | Without Mawa



Welcome Back Again to my Channel – Ready Foodie ! Today I will Tell you about a very Delicious Traditional Indian Dessert Today I will Tell you about , Bottle Gourd Sweet Dessert This is very Healthy dish Lets Start! Take Pan and Turn on Flames Once it become Hot, Take Ghee and Pour it in Pan Ghee is Melted due to heat Now Add Grated Bottle Gourd into Pan Ensure Water is Evaporated from Grated Bottle Gourd Mix it well So that its water gets evaporated due to heat Now Add Milk with Cream in it Now Mix it well

Now Again We will Cook it in Milk Ensure All Milk is cooked and water content is evaporated Mix it well We will cover it for 5 to 10 Minutes We can see here Milk is almost cooked in this Pan Now you can see all Water content is evaporated After Adding sugar , Sugar syrup will start coming due to heat This will add sweetness in our Dessert We have to ensure our dessert does not get burnt from Base due to heat, Keep steering Pan Now all sugar syrup is dried up due to cooking It will give more Rich Flavor to our Dessert Now it is almost cooked Now we will add some edible Food Color which will give it some good color Now our Dessert is almost ready We will make preparations to Serve it in Plate Take one Table spoon of Ghee and Put it in Plate Like this You can use Oil also if you want to do this step I will Go for Ghee As I like it in Dessert The reason for doing this step is to avoid Sticking our Dessert with Plate Now We will turn off Flames and serve it in Our Plate It is looking so nice and Delicious and some good Fragrance is coming Now as we have set it in Plate , We will put it for 1 Hour for getting it hard to cut it into Pieces You Can Garnish it with some Dry fruits This is Optional After 1 hour Now I will Cut it into Pieces Now we will take it and Serve It is looking so Yummy !! You can try it and Share me feedback I told you easiest way to cook this delicious Dessert

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New Cookery Recipes
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