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Leaning Palms Chili Rice Bowl Recipe – Vegan & non-vegan food review – Disney's Typhoon Lagoon



hello everybody! Princess and the Bear here We're back today with another Disney food at home remake

This time we're going to Typhoon Lagoon, the land of lagoons and water slides I miss it So we're going to make a dish from Leaning Palms It has renamed itself many times, as we've learned in our research, but when we had it it was called the plant-based picadillo rice ball rice bowl so that's what we're making not long enough man but they're getting so we're gonna try to make this dish hopefully we like it better than we did last time we're going to begin hopefully um we don't smoke the house out be sure to jamun shaman shaman shaman shaman shaman you heard the girl I'm done if some humongous balls of rice and beans and plantains and peppers pineapples you know the best apple roasted corn there's a lot of stuff in here you can't get your daily needs from this bowl you're not trying hard enough it's true so it literally has like every other purpose Evan except for obviously the commune section was even solo section the pyramid I don't know you got protein with the chili but even without tasting it I know this is a ton better than when we headed leaning palms unless it's really really that bad because we just did not like that dish and I feel gypped because we didn't get pineapple but it's a pineapple I just think that somebody had a bad day we got our food but ultimately it's a good dish we're definitely gonna go try it again absolutely I can't wait to go to the water parks again whatever it's called this time the trial of the plant-based picadillo rice bowl shop again so I'm in are we just gonna get everything all together in one healthy bite I'm gonna try that I've worried about the plantain oh yeah we're gonna take a little piece of the plan team for this yeah they don't get everything pretty easily winning about hmm the tomato is just it's very strong in there and I have the pineapple in there and I'll balance it out more than the one that we had and leaning palms but it's still just so present I feel like it overpowers some of the other flavors but I still like I like the rice yeah I like this salsa okay and I think those are my two favorite parts which is weird because I'm not a pineapple person but I really like the combination of the picadillo and the rice and the salsa and everything together I'm gonna bore with that and not scream so about this one the waterslide yeah I concur but tomatoes one fits about it I think it works overall I think we do for you give me credit I concur but I don't know what you guys think how do we do pass and fail into comments there's any other dishes that you want us to make like this how many cloths you get this dish you want a solid three I'm gonna make it again it's good does it mean two dishes that you guys want us to make you have anything to say about this dish pass/fail or even want you guys write it in the comments it's almost let me to play so let us know hit the notification builder you'll see other videos like this and we have new videos five days a week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 7:00 we will see you soon be sure to subscribe you heard the girl next we have this lovely rice bowl plantains ball medial core at best not my gym but it's icy my mouth is on fire right now for this rice bowl looking at him telling you what's kind of look kind of sad for the tomato sauce with to dry-looking rise and to plantains all right isn't it get everything here on the floor with the onions that on my die I don't know what it is but it feels like it's missing something it's really spicy tomato sauce the Rice's flavors on its own it gets us to my vegetable broth a face right but it's not all that amazing nothing stands out about the abuse it's it's a meal but it's kind of boring honestly do this two out of five plus I am wanna do all shiny I'm so shiny or boy but did you like this song

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