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hey guys it's Vaishnavi and welcome back to my channel Today I'm going to show you how to make one of the Indian sweets Bambino Vermicelli

To make this sweet, The items you will need is milk, sugar, cardamom, clarified butter some cashews and some dried raisins Bambino Vermicelli, a pot, a crusher I like to call this a crusher because the name is really long and a bowl to serve-in your sweet So, Let's get started Be sure to have a parent or an adult to supervise you because this is an electric stove and the pot can get really hot So when you were doing this, be sure to have a parent supervising you because you may need their help

first heat the pot and then once the pot is hot add one spoon of clarified butter I guess the pot is ready now The pot is hot now, add one tablespoon of clarified butter next you're gonna saute your cashews and your raisins until they're golden brown keep on mixing until the raisins puff up and the cashews are golden brown so now they are puffed up you are going to put them in a separate Bowl or plate once you are done we are gonna add another teaspoonanother TSP of clarified butter Now I'm going to put 1 cup of vermicelli into the pot until they're golden brown make sure to stir them and keep an eye on them until they're golden brown be gentle with this because they are really fragile be sure that they are golden brown and don't over fry them because then they will burn I think these are turning golden brown Just keep on mixing for some more time Now these look nice and ready

Now you are going to add one cup of milk and now stir now that you put your milk in the pot keep it on low flame and keep on mixing so they don't stick to the bottom If you don't have enough milk you can add a half cup or one more cup into your sweet I can already smell the aroma of this delicious sweet at this point I think we can add one more cup of milk and I'll keep on mixing one tip is that while this is still cooking add 1 teaspoon of sugar and pour it in while this is still cooking I'm gonna crush one or two cardamom with this crusher one tip is that while you are still crushing this add one pinch of sugar This makes crushing easy Now that this is ready, Add this into your sweet and mix it I can smell the aroma from here it smells really good now it's time to add more sugar

Add one cup of sugar and add it into your sweet now stir I think this is ready now One tip is that, to make this stop cooking any more further and a half cup of cold milk and now mixand now you add your cashews and your raisinsand now you mix Keep this on simmer for 30 seconds and then turn the stove off

I think this is ready now, so I'm gonna serve it into this bowl and now I'm just gonna pour this into the bowl Be careful, cause this can be really hot and now this is ready and now you've created a vermicelli sweet now I'm going to taste this and tell you how it tastes it's delicious now you are an expert in Indian sweet If you liked my video please subscribe

thank you bye until then happy cooking

and see you on my next video

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