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Aww, they need butter, the end I don't have it Let use mosquito spray instead xD Sursdey, every reachers Welcome back with another new video So today is gonna be different, today I'll learn how to cook eggs from masterchef khmer Yeah everyone, if you haven't subscribe to my channel yet, please do it because, I'm gonna do something different from other creators and I hope you guys will be active with me for the god sake so not to waste more time, let's start to learn how to cook egg from Masterchef khmer so everyone, let's switch to another camera okay, so let's start altogether Wowww reach: he is my idol (he's teaching in khmer) ohhh, chicken eggs, now I only got duck eggs I confused telling you guys that I have chicken eggs Chef:you guys used to cook eggs with oil but today I will show you guys about cooking eggs with butter Reach: wow, we can do it? use butter? can I cook eggs with coca instead? okay now let me crack the egg burn up fire gas cooking eggs with butter if you are not careful you will burn the eggs and the taste is bad reach: cracking the eggs and this cooking style, we have to cook the two side of eggs reach: since I don't have butter, now I will use fish sauce instead wowww the fish sauce is getting hotter see it everyone and this is fire, sookay don't make the fire too strong we have to not mix the egg as he said ahh ohhh so how to not mix the egg??? flip it, flip it ouhhhh ouhhhhh cool cool let make it properly so now let me take it in the plate ehhhh *singing* ouhhh ouhhhhhh succceed so everyone, now I am successful with this first cooking that I cook egg with fish sauce instead of oil xD it looks good, next season I will apply for masterchef khob khob singing: I am a masterchef let m e use this one instead he teaches us how to boil eggs but I don't have water, how to do it? emm let use coca instead of water since I don't have water so today, I'll boil eggs with Coca sooo first, let me crack the egg as he said boiling eggs with water but make it 50% cooked how to put it in put it as I know from my mom xD let's see what will happen my egg is seem like ouhhh ouhhh it works ouhhhh, damn xD okay everyone, so I already cooked 2 food already first is the egg with fish sauce second is the egg boiling with Coca so now let's see what will he teach us next let's see altogether Chef: for this food, we use milk with eggs let mix it with the milk for this cook we still use beutter ouhh butterthe end I don't have butter let use mosquito spray instead I'm kidding xD as he said he put butter and milk, now let use coca instead of milk he did cook the egg with butter now let use fish sauce instead of butter let put fish sauce in I'm not kidding it's cool ouiii wow it's so cool the smell is so good ouhhhh awww hot awww so now let record B-roll so everyone, the first food is egg with fish sauce ouhhh the taste is different okay everyone, that is it for today video and I hope you guys like this video if you like don't forget to hit like what's wrong with my hand, this is not the like sign so everyone, if you haven't subscribed to my channel, don't forget to subscribe because, I will do a very unique content for everyone, soooo if you want to watch other videos

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