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I'm Breeanna I'm the nutrition leadership intern

I coordinate the Cooking on the Hillside program, and I've done that for the past two semesters So my role within the program is to develop lesson plans based on a theme that I set for the semester, which incorporates different nutritional concepts food safety and sanitation Cooking on the Hillside is a really great example of community nutrition and the entire idea is just teaching the general population about nutrition in the unconventional ways that they wouldn't get otherwise My faculty advisor is Dr Bruening, and her role in the program is basically just to help me out with my lesson plans

If I want her to look over my materials and make sure that my nutritional concepts are on point with the current research and the current dietary standards, our advisors are there to help us out with that I'm Kay Stearns Bruening I'm the faculty advisor for the Cooking on the Hill Side program through the Shaw Center One of the competencies that nutrition professionals must have is they need to be able to assess the educational needs of a group, develop a plan for an educational program and implement it, and that's exactly what she's doing here And she gets to hone her communication skills, her interpersonal skills

She's working with a group of volunteers, so it's a great leadership opportunity And she's also interacting with students who are much younger, who are the target audience for this program Today we also have a public health student here, and this type of basic nutrition education around eating more vegetables and why and how, that is certainly within the realm of Public Health practice also So I'm so glad to see it's turning into an interdisciplinary partnership I'm very pleased that we have the opportunity to do this

Hillside has been an excellent partner

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