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Legendary Mingu : How to cook Tuna Kimchi Jigae(Stew) | 레전더리 민구 : 참치 김치찌개에 마일로.. 실화냐?!(맛있음 주 의)



Hello, everyone As I promised you from now on, tuna kimchi jigae(stew) my own recipe I'm going to shoot some crazy recipes

Why am I whispering like this? My baby's asleep right now I have no choice but to whisper to you and talk to you Please understand The most important ingredient prepared today is kimchi Yes, I actually have some special items

It's kimchi made by my mother-in-law Yes, I'm going to use it (If I have a chance, I will teach you how to make kimchi) But you don't have it, so you can buy kimchi and prepare it Please follow me first

Well, first of all, quiet All right? Don't take this part Just take this part

So, from now on, we're going to be with Legendary Mingusimple (Ouch!) Feel sore;;; I'll give you the simple and easy recipe Nothing much I'm going to make the kimchi jigae you all know As I told you, I have some special items

Kimchi made by my mother-in-law And I bought this ttukbaegi(Size 4) that I love at a Korean grocery store It's not like a regular pot, is it? I'm going to make kimchi jigae that can boil and boil for a long time I'm going to make kimchi jigae that can boil and boil for a long time And from now on, I'm going to tell you about the ingredients

If you look here, You must prepare tuna cans with oil in them No spring water or other spices And if garlic is not at home, you can use garlic powder Milo is what you think of as the Milo Korean-mart Kimchi is almost all delicious

You don't need to care about brand, but I recommend that you purchase only as much as you need The main point of today's simple and Easy recipe is to use Korean mart or kimchi at home When I open the lid, it should tastes sour It smells sour(It's a fermented smell

) That's why we make kimchi stew with sour kimchi I need you to prepare the tuna can (Make sure to use the oil in it) I bought a ttukbaegi (Hangawee mart ttukbaegi size 4

) Place kimchi on the floor (based on 1 to 2 servings) Then add minced garlic or sliced garlic After that, pour hot water (Tasting) Wow, it is sour enough When the soup was a little bit sour, I use sugar

I use this brown sugar, not just white sugar If you use brown sugar, it's It tastes like caramelized

You can feel deep taste I can put in a little bit(1/2 spoon) Hey, I'm going to put this milo in now If you don't have Milo, you can substitute 1 piece of dark chocolate or instant coffee powder Be careful not to injure your hands when opening a tuna can

Put the tuna in (Please put the oil together) And if you boil it like this, it's done! Don't forget the brown sugar and milo you put in earlier to reduce the excessive sour taste of kimchi and also to extract the deglazed taste It's 1:45 am

Then, this is tuna kimchi jigae that I boiled Now, let's try some delicious kimchi jigae (While take a video, we have cooked for a long time) All the soup is gone Usually, international friends ask me that it doesn't have much soup even though it's soup However, there is another Korean food called Kimchi soup

We can eat it with a light taste because there's a lot of soup The base soup is small, so you can eat it with rice(That's why quite salty) I'll try it with rice It tastes good enough even though it's just boiled! It doesn't smell fishy at all

The soup is strong It's really good~ Yes, I am Legendary Mingu Good night See you on next week again (embarrassed) Have a good night~

Source: Youtube

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