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Here is the chef ANDREA!! Good evening!! Hello!! – And here we have our ingredients! Here we have some beautiful squids! I've never seen such big squids like these! We also have some tomato, a lemon and leek! We have our tagliatelle (type of pasta), so now our chef Andrea is going to tell us how to cook all this! – These are our squids and as you can notice, they are dirty! We didn't clean them yet! You will see how to do it in few seconds! They are made of the upper and the inside part where you can find the squid ink, the eyes of the squids and the mouth that we're going to remove! It seems like the beak of a bird ahahah Now we put the squids underwater so we can clean them! Also because you have to clean them nicely! Yeah, especially the outside part, because during the transportation the cavities can break and they release some black ink that we are removing now! First of all, we are going to cut the back side of the squid! It's better if you use a good pair of scissors and we cut till the end! We see that inside there's already a lot of ink We have to remove the interior part Be careful because it can splash everywhere! No worries!! – In a delicate way we have to take off all the interior part! Wow, it's the first time i see this Here you can see the first cavity that we hope it is full of ink, because as i told you during the trasportation some of them can break, but i can tell you that's enough, because you need just a small quantity of ink to color the main dish! Let's put them here! – Now guys we are going to clean all the other squids! Here we are, as you can see, our squids are cleaned and now we go on with the next step! After you have removed the interior part with the head, now we have to start cleaning and of course we have to take the part we usually eat off! Yes of course! We help ourselves with our finger!! As you can see it starts dividing itself! Here we are! And this is the first part! The rest of the skin of the squid has to be removed! This the part we usually cut and then cook This will give our main dish the essence! We will put it on a dish! – Perfect! We finally have our squids cleaned and we cut them vertically so we can make tiny stripes! Now i'm zooming so you can see clearly what we are saying! So we can make as a squid tagliatella! And now we are going to cut all of them like this! See you in few seconds! – After we cut all the squids, we put a little bit of olive oil, inside our frying pan We press two pieces of garlic we don't clean them, so we can keep the flavour and we turn on the fire

We leave the garlic there for few minutes The important this is you won't burn it! otherwise it's too bitter! At the end we will brown the squids a little bit! When the oil reaches the right temperature, let's put the squids, be careful of the oil! Be careful with the camera too! You can already smell them! Let's turn the garlic and then remove after few more seconds! You can see they are changing colors! – Yeah definitely! A little bit of black pepper! Let's not put salt yet, because the ink it's salty by itself so it's better to wait and see! We can change the flavour later! I also put a little bit of white wine! Here we are, don't exagerate !! White wine is an ingredient that helps increasing the flavour of fish! – You can use it with seafood too with white fish etc It gives the fragrance! What a nice smell! Here we can feel a delicious smell! It's time to take the garlic off you just need few seconds, as i told you! The squids are here for about some minutes! In the meatime, they left their own liquid So we are going to stop the fire and we drain the squids We keep them aside, because it will the ingredient of our dish of course, but we will separate them from the ink so you will see a black and white contrast! We keep the squids over here, if you have the chance to keep them in a warm place it's better, i keep them on the kettle for the pasta because it's a warm place! Now we add an important ingredient that means the leek! I didn't know that!! This is my personal choice, because with fish all the ingredients we use make deeper the fragrance and the flavour! Also the leek has a specific fragrance and it helps unifying all the flavours! Perfect, very well! Also in this case, the leek is going to cook really fast, and now we finally put the squid ink! Let's take it, it's very sticky and we put it inside the frying pan! We reduce the flame Yeah, it's really sticky!! If you have some questions for our chef Andrea, write here down below! We can also add some fish soup I previously prepared You make it with some fish scraps a little bit of parsley one onion and one piece of garlic, that's it! It helps to reduce the stickiness we found! We now add some tomato I use fresh tomato because it gives the right balance with its sourness! These are called "datterino" Of course the will turn black ahahah and they are going to disappear ! Let's boil our tagliatelle! Yes, we are going to boil them! Exactly! In the meantime, our sauce it's more and more black! Now we have to taste it! We taste it because we want to understand the flavour! So from this moment we can adjust the flavour, because squid ink sauce is really delicate! We never know how much ink we put! There is not a perfect dose of it! Let's give him a spoon! I was talking in English ahahah Now, we can decide to put a little bit of salt! Also i thought it was too sweet, so we put some salt! On the contrary, if you find that it's too salty, you can adjust it by adding some non salty water to make the perfect balance! That's why it's a little bit difficult this sauce! Our pasta is ready! Here we are!! I this the result is pretty awesome! Now itìs time to shake it a little bit! Look at that guys!! It's fantastic!! Come here, sensei!! Always be careful, otherwise you turn black! ahahah Our squids are a little bit cold but we have a good idea, we take a little frying pan and we keep them warm! Now we can start plating The smell is inviting us to eat! We remind you that Andrea doesn't cook for himself only He is a real chef who has experience! We put some fresh parsley and then another interesting thing that I decided to do it for you today to give a little bit more taste is to grate some lemon peel It also gives some yellow color and it helps giving the right flavour to our squid! The result is excellent! We are ready to eat, what do you think? I think you're right! Also because until it's warm Congratulations to our chef Andrea! Thank you very much!! – You too, bye!!!

Source: Youtube

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