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– Welcome to "Cook Food Good", the show where I teach you how to cook food good and do other things good too This week we are tackling burgers, one of my favorite foods at home to make

Next week we're gonna be tackling how to style your hair like me The key is you don't shower for four weeks out of pure apathy Also, you may have noticed that I re-styled me entire apartment to look exactly like the Mythical Kitchen Actually, that's not true, but one time I did fall asleep where we record the podcast I'm not supposed to do that anymore

We are finally back in the Mythical Kitchen Thank you so much to everybody who stuck with us as we shot in my apartment for like two months Next time, I'll reward you with a full tour of just my bathroom I looked deep in my heart of hearts and I was like what is the best combination of things to go on a burger? This is the most delicious burger of all time to me Burgers are very subjective

Anyways, if you're following along at home, find the time codes right there There, the time codes are there Find them Find them! I'm sweaty again (flour sifts) (upbeat music) So the first step for a hamburger is you have to figure out what kind of meat you're using

I go for 80 20 ground beef straight from the grocery store I look for the reddest color That means it hasn't oxidized very much, so it means it's really fresh And now we gotta go patty size I'm just gonna hold raw meat in my hand

Maybe I'll just talk to the raw meat So a lot of people these days seem to be opting for the smash burger, which is like a very thin patty and you make a super hot heat on a griddle and you physically like, crush the meat into the griddle to create this beautiful crust And it's a really fantastic thing if it's done right But in the home it's actually deceptively hard I like to go for a nice like, six ounce patty

And you can just kind of estimate it, go a little bit bigger than a quarter pound but not anything monstrous that your mouth wouldn't fit around So the key to this, you don't want to overwork it 'Cause you want to keep the meat nice and loose And I like to get it really nice and even One of the pet peeves that I have with burgers is when they are very thick in the middle and they are very thin on the outside

And so the way to combat that, use your thumbs to kind of press in on the outside while turning it and making it into a perfect disk, and then what you're gonna do is take two fingers and press out the middle because when this hits the heat it's gonna swell up in the middle, it's gonna turn into like a softball If you look at the size of the bun, you want that to be about 30% smaller than the size of your patty because when you cook the patty, you're gonna lose a lot of that fat and it's gonna shrink up I also hate when you get like 80% bun on the first bite of a burger You want your burger patty to fully fit within that bun Also, don't let raw meat touch your bun

Unless you're into that sort of thing So I am just gonna slap that down on some tin foil We're gonna let that rest and then we're gonna teach you how to make some condiments and some other things that we're gonna throw on top of this burger (flour sifts) (upbeat music) One of my favorite things to do is to take normal store-bought mayonnaise, you could try making it at home, but they make the best foods One of my favorite things to add to it, especially with a nice big, beefy burger is roasted garlic

Take your entire bulb of garlic, and you're just gonna slice it right down the middle to expose its beautiful garlic meat This center one is actually the soul of the garlic You can hear him scream Take a little bit of oil, and just pour that right over (laughs) the face and soul of the garlic and give it a little sprinkle of salt Wrap this up

And then you throw this in the oven at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes The garlic's gonna get nice and fudgey and jammy, and it's actually gonna make a flavor profile kinda mellow out so you can just dump it in a big old tub of mayonnaise (oven door shuts) All right so our garlic is done roasting I took it and I popped it in the freezer for about 10 minutes just to cool it down, get enough to work with It becomes all cool and golden brown

Take it, and you just squeeze and all that delicious roasted garlic flesh is going to come out This garlic is super sweet You can literally eat it right out of there It's still garlic I will tell ya that

To make a paste, you're just gonna take the edge of your knife and flatten it out and you see how just nice and jammy that becomes Take all this garlic paste and we're just gonna add it to a small bowl So there's lots of different condiments you can make for a burger The easiest is probably a 1,000 island or a yum yum sauce, as people call it Sriracha, mayonnaise, and ketchup

Throw some pickles in there, do whatever you want with that I really like going with this kind of different flavor profile A nice spoonful of mayonnaise Got about a quarter cup or one bulb of garlic, and then I'm gonna take two tablespoons of a nice spicy brown mustard We're gonna go about two tablespoons of that

And then just a little bit of black pepper And you're gonna mix this together and that is a beautiful midday treat that you can just suck down like a snack pack I called mayonnaise savory pudding and a lot of people got mad about that No no no no, I stand by that, it's delicious (flour sifts) (upbeat music) All I'm gonna do is cut an onion in half

And I'm gonna remove the skin, same way you would when you dice an onion And then you're just gonna cut the onions very thin You wanna fry these hot and fast when you coat 'em in flour and so you want them thin so you don't actually get a lot of that raw onion flavor in there My favorite thing about doing a bed of these fried onions underneath the burger patty is that they're gonna catch all of the juices, and then it's gonna act like this little ShamWow kind of effect But it's a ShamWow that you can eat! I mean technically you can eat a ShamWow, but I'd imagine it would just soak up everything in your stomach like a giant matzo ball

Add that to flour with a hefty sprinkling of salt and pepper and then now what you wanna do is massage the flour into the onions with your hands So normally, when you fry things, right, you need some sort of coating, some sort of batter, some sort of wet for the flour to stick to, but onions have enough wet inside of them that the flour will actually just stick to it And then you're just gonna drop them in in batches Fry onions, fry! You don't wanna overcrowd it too much, you just kinda cook these until they're done If you flick flour into your oil and you see it spurt up a little bit, that means it's hot, and that means it's gonna be winter for another three months

I can see the onions have turned a nice golden brown color, they're almost more batter than onion, but again it gives you this beautiful little straw mattress to put your burger on top of Now, there's several ways to cook a burger There's a lot of people that believe a burger should only be grilled and I do love a good backyard grilled cookout burger The taste of live fire, especially charcoal, is really great on it But an advantage of cooking a burger in a pan is that you're getting full surface to meat contact

So with a cast iron skillet you get a full seared What does it keep turning off! God, it feels great to be back in the Mythical Kitchen where everything works, and everything is fi– (calm music) Let's fry an egg We have some butter heating in a small saute pan

Fried egg over easy, all you gotta do is crack it right in there and then wait about eight or 10 minutes and then you have a perfect sunny side up egg I don't always add an egg to my burger but it is a really nice treat especially like a homemade burger that you really wanna be a little bit decadent about (flour sifts) (upbeat music) You want your cast iron skillet to be incredibly hot If you don't have a cast iron skillet you can totally just use a normal frying pan As far as cook on the burger, I don't think burgers should be eaten anything less than medium well

I know a lot of people like to eat their burgers medium or medium rare, Nicole's a medium rare burger hardo Which for me is weird, because then you're still getting the texture of raw burger Also, there's some food safety concerns which is ironic 'cause I just ate raw egg on my hands All the bacteria on the steak is on the outside of it so when you sear it, all the heat is killing the bacteria But when you grind meat, you're literally taking surface bacteria and you're pushing it towards the center

I wanna a little bit of pink in there, but I'm not gonna stress about cook time or temperature If you have any question on whether your burger is done, that means you have undercooked it Just get a nice crust on there If you're using a fatty enough meat it's gonna retain juiciness So we're just gonna take a little bit of canola oil just to kind of lube up our pan, and then I have a nice spatula that's gonna be great for really getting the crusties off there

You notice I didn't mix anything into the meat I don't like mixing things into a burger To me, it should be pure beefy essence and all the toppings and the condiments are what add your flavors I'm simply gonna take salt, get that all over one side, you want it to be nice salt heavy, and then a little bit of pepper I said before, in the past, that I don't like searing pepper 'cause it scorches, but like, I dunno, I kinda like it on a burger for some reason

I think this is where I'm learning I'm just a huge hypocrite We're gonna take the burger patty I like putting it on foil 'cause then you can just slap it down and you can press into the foil to make sure that all the surface area of the burger is getting touched I'm gonna let that cook and just get a really nice hard sear for about four minutes, or until it's just super super crusty And then season the other side with more salt and pepper

A lot of people talk about how with meat it's a cardinal sin to flip it more than once That's not true, you don't lose juices just from the meat kind of inverting If you flip it and it's not done, don't worry about re-flipping it and going back, you're still going to get a nice cook on it But you see, we overshot the size of the burger to the bun but now you can see, the meat's already shrinking up and getting to be about this perfect size I am using a kaiser roll, which is not a typical burger bun

It's often used for breakfast sandwiches I really like it for a nice, hefty, homemade burger Unlike a really squishy, say, brioche, or a Martin's potato roll, a fast food burger bun, it holds up The key to get the cheese melting is you're going to flip the burger and then right after you flip it you put the cheese on the cooked piece of meat so it starts to melt A lot of people squirt water on the pan and then put a lid on top of it, and it helps melt the cheese, but then you're also getting watery cheese because the steam is actually condensing at the top of the lid and raining back down on it

It's called rave raining When you go to a rave in an abandoned warehouse and everyone's all dancing, they're jiving, it's like (imitates rave) and then the sweat actually condenses at the top of the ceiling and starts raining down Anyways, we're gonna take the burger and we're gonna flip it Look at that beautiful seared crust We're gonna add the cheese right on top of that

And then I got four pieces of bacon that I'm just going to lay on top And then you're gonna put it right into your hair to add to the salt levels in your hair You can already see that the cheese is starting to melt What you really want is that little droop down the side, but you don't want it to be super melty And the cheese that I'm using here is Kraft Deli Deluxe

Let me explain American cheese is the best thing on a burger, but a lot of people hate Kraft American singles because it's pasteurized processed American cheese I have no problem with it typically, but Kraft Deli Deluxe is a legit American cheese So it's like a cross between American cheese and cheddary so get that beautiful meltiness of American cheese but you're also getting the flavor punch of cheddar, which I absolutely love It's nice and crusty

I'm gonna go ahead and pull it (flour sifts) (upbeat music) So we have all this beautiful, glistening beef fat Now you might be asking, "Josh, what do I do "with all that beautiful, glistening beef fat? "How do I use it to style my hair?" I dunno, but I know you can toast a bun in it An un-toasted bun in a burger is a cardinal sin for me I know I normally like to avoid speaking in absolutes when it comes to food but a toasted bun on a burger one, gives a great texture, you get a nice crunch to bite into, I'm thinking of like, In-N-Out here

They're beautiful bun toasting technicians, I just wish they could translate that to their fries And you know, this egg's lookin' pretty good! Look at that, we got a nice fried egg! Look at it, look at it Look at the egg, look at The bun, got some nice blackness, just a little bit on the outside The top bun is always about double the size of the bottom bun That means as far as juice flow goes, gravity is pulling it towards the weakest side of the bun So what I like to do is I build my burger and then flipply invert it Flipply? Not a word at all! Not even close to a word! Josh, you're crazy

Let's just make a burger I'm gonna take a large schlop of that roasted garlic mayonnaise that we made and I'm gonna put it right on the bottom bun That is going to bleed into all these lovely, crispy onion strings The mayonnaise is actually going to act as like, mortar in actually getting the onion strings to stick together So you're gonna build this a little bit high, and the onion strings, you see all the juice comin' off of this burger, right? The onions strings are actually going to catch the juice from the burger

We're gonna take our fried egg and we're gonna go right on top of the bacon Fried egg and bacon go together, so you want to take the flavor profiles that love each other put them right next to each other There's so much fat here, right? We got the egg yolk, we got the bacon, we got the cheese, we got the beef So pickled jalapenos for freshness Spiciness and acid both cut through fat

Also, this is going to act as your pickle These are just pickled jalapenos straight from the jar You could make your own, but if it's good enough for ball park nachos, it's good enough for me Take one final schmear of mayonnaise and you're just gonna put that on the top bun and then this is going to lovingly ground that burger One last step that I totally forgot

How could I forget the ketchup? I'm all about ketchup on burgers, I know burger purists don't think ketchup should go on a burger, they say it's too sweet George Motza I am directly talking about you But a lot of my burger identity was formed when I was young Eatin' at the Carl's Jrs of the world

Now we have this fully made, what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna wrap this in foil because fast food burgers to me are fantastic One of the advantages you get is that they're wrapped and they can steam together I'm gonna put it upside down to reverse the stress onto the top bun to reverse that juice flow I'm gonna let it rest in foil upside down as I get in my power squat stance My groins is sore

Anyone else groin is sore? Burger's been resting You can feel it's latent heat coming through the foil So I'm gonna take it out, and there is just your beautiful, sloppy, delicious burger of your dreams I'm diggin' in It's everything

The entire world is contained within this burger It's absolutely perfect We have such a hard cook on that burger but there's still a tiny bit of pink left, so we didn't cook it to death The ketchup, all that garlic comes through The bright little pops of jalapeno in there, and then again all the juices are fully self-contained because of that onion straw bedding

This is my absolute perfect burger and I hope you can take some burger cooking techniques away from this and apply at your own home, even if you don't make this exact burger But I am tellin' ya, you gotta make this exact burger, this is stupid good (slurping) Mmm, burger eating technique with Josh, take one (recording beep) What you gotta do, I have my elbows slightly flared out because if they're in, then the juice can drip down, but if your elbows are out, the juice is just gonna go right in your sink hole (laughs) That's not a euphemism

Ya arch your back When you bite in, use your mouth like a vacuum, when you bite you go (slurps) to get all the juices So here it goes (slurping) God, that's good! Aw, I feel like taking me back! Thank you so much for watching Mythical Kitchen, if you have any burning burger questions drop those in the comments or hit us up on Instagram @MythicalKitchen We got a new episode of our podcast, A Hot Dog Is a Sandwich every Wednesday

New cooking videos out every Tuesday and Thursday Thanks for stopping by, we'll see ya next time Go eat some hamburgers, dude, it's oh man (slurps) Yup You can cook up your own feast while wearing the Mythical Kitchen apron, available now at mythical


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