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hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with loaded twice baked sweet potatoes that's right i've loaded potatoes before and i have twice baked potatoes before but i don't believe i've ever loaded an twice baked potato and if I have it certainly wasn't with a sweet potato but boy am I glad I did and since we're heading straight into the season where we're looking for spectacular side dishes I think the timing is perfect for sharing this easy and beautiful recipe so with that let's go hang get started with hopefully four uniformly sized sweet potatoes and when I say uniform I'm not talking about length it's all about the girth so when we're picking these out we want to find ones that are about the same size around the middle and what we'll do after those are placed on a baking sheet is perform the old poke oil and roast which means we're gonna first prick the skin with a knife so they don't explode which is extremely unlikely to happen but I still enjoy saying it and once prick we'll go ahead and drizzle on some olive oil and then give them a little massage since I like my sweet potatoes like I like my bodybuilders well greased and glistening and then what we'll do once those are evenly spaced is transfer those into the center of a 400 degree oven for about 35 minutes or so or until completely tender and what we'll do while we're waiting for those to roast is move on to the filling which is going to start by adding some sliced up bacon to this pan set over medium heat and of course bacon is the only mandatory ingredient in a loaded baked potato and what we'll do is cook that stirring until it just starts to crisp up and as you may have heard me mentioned before one great visual clue is that bacon fats gonna start to look foamy and that means most of the fat is rendered out and it's getting crispy all right you see that and as soon as our bacon looks a little something like this we'll go ahead and add a handful of sliced green onions also known as scallions as well as some diced jalapeno pepper and what we'll do is stir that in and only cook it for one minute and the reason we only need a minute is because those peppers and onions are going to continue to cook in that hot bacon fat and by the time this sits and cools down those are going to be perfectly cooked so what we'll do after one minute is simply turn off the heat and reserve those until needed and by the time we've sliced and cooked those ingredients theoretically our potatoes are done and we'll go ahead and pull those out of the oven and of course test those with a knife and since we're gonna mash this we really do want to make sure they're tender so give them the old poka poka and make sure and at this point what we'll do is let these cool down a little bit before cutting off the tops and scooping out the flesh an ideally you do this when they're warm and easy to handle and that's still dangerously hot like mine were but either way we're gonna take a knife and cut off the top third of the potato angling our knife about 45 degrees and we'll go all the way around and then pop off the top and I should mention any sweet potatoes gonna work for this but I really like the orange flesh the best since I believe it's the most beautiful and the most nutritious and trying to be careful not to cut off more than a third from the top all right since that's gonna provide for a larger shell to fill and these are gonna be easier to handle and work with and then once we have all those tops taken off the next step of course is going to be to scoop all that tender flesh into a bowl all right from the tops and the shells and one tip here is not to scoop out too much from the bottoms all right I try to leave at least a quarter inch of flesh inside which is going to give these a little bit of structure so they don't collapse when we bake them and then what we'll do once all that's been scooped into a bowl is season it up with some kosher salt some freshly ground black pepper and of course a little bit of our old friend cayenne pepper and then besides that we're also gonna toss in a handful of sharp white cheddar as well as a nice big spoon of creme fraiche or a spoon of sour cream or even a splash of regular cream and then we're gonna finish up by squeezing in the juice of half a lime and then once all that's in there we'll take a potato masher and we'll mash this up nice and smooth before we add our onion bacon and pepper mixture all right we don't want that stuff to get all smashed up so what we'll do is mash this first and then we'll use a slotted spoon to transfer that stuff in at which point we'll give that one last mix and that's it once mixed that filling is ready to stuff back into our sweet potatoes oh and I should mention if you're not into spicy things you could if you want to do this with sweet peppers instead I mean you are for all the Vado of your sweet potato so if you elected not to use the hell pena that'd be fine but personally I think the heat from the jalapeno pairs perfectly with the starchy sweetness here but either way we'll go ahead mix that up in fill our shells and once we have that transferred in and we've done any final fine-tuning we'll finish these off by scattering a little extra cheese over the top all right not too much all right we don't want complete coverage because sometimes we'll take that first bite with a fork and all the cheese comes off in one giant piece so instead let's just do a nice scattering and that's it once cheese we'll go ahead and pop those into the center of a 400 degree oven for about 20 to 25 minutes or until they're heated through and the tops have started to brown and they look absolutely awesome and hopefully something very similar to this check it out I mean if those don't look like something you'd want to eat I don't know what does and at this point those ready to transfer onto our plates or in my case onto a platter so I could take some pictures and then once I had those plated up I attempted to do one of the most difficult maneuvers in all of the culinary arts and that's to get small round bouncy sliced green onions to stay on top of a rounded slick a cheesy surface but eventually I got it done and finally my loaded twice baked sweet potatoes were officially ready to enjoy and as fantastic as these looked the taste and texture was even better okay one of my main complaints with sweet potatoes is that they're too sweet and not savory enough but here because of that smoky meaty bacon and bittersweet heat from the peppers and acidity from the lime and sharpness from our cheddar we've really pushed this flavor profile much further down to the savory end of the scale all right to be honest I almost forgot I was eating a sweet potato which because they're so sweet can really be sort of a OneNote experience but not here we have so many notes and all of them good but anyway that's it what we're calling loaded twice baked sweet potatoes above and beyond the great taste and appearance these are also very versatile since they're just as effective as a spectacular side dish for your holiday turkey as they are served as a meal placed next to a simple salad on any random weeknight which is why I really do hope you give these a try soon so head over to food wishes comm for all the ingredient amounts of more info as usual and as always enjoy you

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