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Lobel's of New York | Cooking Dry Aged Prime Steaks



hello there I'm chef Johnny and this is Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine appreciate you stopping by tell you what I'm excited tonight I have got a fantastic steak sitting here in front of me I have got a dry-aged prime porterhouse steak from Lobel's of New York that they've sent me it is a beautiful looking steak it's about an inch and a quarter thick and it's dry aged and this is gonna be a fantastic steak so I tell you what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna I'm gonna get this cooked up stick around for that but also make sure I'm gonna stick around tell you the difference we have a porterhouse of the t-bones so stick around and I'll give you the differences in those but that's a beautiful steak and we're gonna cook it up this porterhouse has come beautifully vacuum-sealed came at a nice kinda like anytime to get meat it's gonna be in a nice cardboard box with a Styrofoam container in front of it Lobel's never freezes their meat so this is a fresh porterhouse it has been dry-aged cut and then they ship it out to you it is not shipped frozen and I tell you what let me get this out of here but that is some of the prettiest marbling I've ever seen it a porterhouse in my entire life that is a lovely lovely steak what can I say beautiful beautiful steak and I have what I'm going to use on it tonight is the all-purpose savory seasoning that Lobel's sells they sent me some of this also tastes pretty good but I think it's gonna be pretty good on this steak I'm gonna sprinkle it across the top just like that flip it over get this side some with some of the red chilli in the different seasonings it has in it let's work on the side that's a beautiful fat no trimming or anything like that what you're getting here is 22 ounces of meat ready to go we're gonna reverse sear this porterhouse steak and what we're gonna use is my pizza oven I have the wood-fired oven going it's heating up gonna try to get it to about that 250 degree mark we're gonna put this steak in there bring it up to about a hundred and thirty degrees and then I'm gonna pull it out throw it on the grill and just sear it off some and then we're gonna check and see what kind of steak we've got from Lobel's I'm gonna put I'm gonna put a probe in this nice porterhouse steak here I do not want to overshoot the temperature so put it in there so I can make sure we track this and get it out at the right time take that it is looking nice leave it in there to get to that 125 130 degrees then we're gonna get it out and sear it off steaks at 128 degrees we're gonna open up our oven take it out it is nice and smoky in here all right there we go look at that looking pretty got a lot of smoke on I'm gonna set it to the side take my temperature probes out show y'all how I'm gonna set this oven up set my grate kind of back to the side there take my hoe now I'm gonna find some coals I'm gonna bring a bed of coals forward got the coals underneath with a grate goes so I'm gonna pick my grade up we're gonna let that get real good and hot so we're gonna put this steak back on there and sear it off we have our grate good and hot we're gonna get this door open put our steak up on top of that see if we can sear it off now oh yeah I hear that sear going just gonna go a couple of minutes on each side get us some my sear marks on it then we'll pull it off let it rest and we'll cut this thing up and see how it turned out now take it see here year oh yeah have a nice sear there a couple of minutes right there we'll get it off steak looks good we're gonna get it off this steak is looking lovely smells great that mesquite really brought in a lot of great flavor now if you look at this steak this is your strip this is a strip the big side the small side is your fillet so this is where your your tenderloin is now I told you I tell you the difference between a a porterhouse and a t-bone a porterhouse is further back on the cow so you get more of that tenderloin so you almost get a full filet right here on a t-bone it's further up on the animal and you're gonna get a small piece of that tenderloin so that's the difference between your porterhouse and your t-bone both great steaks but that porterhouse is going to have a bigger section of your tenderloin on it so that's the difference of the two now I'm just gonna cut this filet off right off the bone that is pretty and I'm gonna come in here and I'm gonna cut to find the top of that t-bone and I'm gonna cut this loin off right there move those to the side here's our fillet let's slice it and see how it turns out boy I tell you what this thing is tender and if you look by doing that reverse sear it's pink from top to bottom you don't get that gray on it pretty pretty steak right there move it to the side and let's cut up our our loin oh yeah look at this beautiful beautiful steak might have overshot the medium-rare a little bit and got it up close to medium but it is still moist and juicy this dry aged steak from Lobel's is looking wonderful that steak is looking very very good we're gonna get a taste of it here in a minute before we do I want to remind you if you like this channel go down there and subscribe it we always do appreciate that hit that thumbs up for us and the other thing I like you do is check out my buddy's channel Bill over at Chicken Fried BBQ Bill's about ready hit a thousand subscribers you could use a little help so if y'all have never subscribed Bill go over there check out his channel see Chicken Fried BBQ and put up a link in here for him so be easier for you to find him but great guy he has got some great great barbecue coming out there's a lot of competition stuff but Bill's got a young channel that's doing very good so check him out go Charlie Charlie wants to try something you like steak yeah Charlie likes steak maybe tell how was it was it good there you go I think it's proved by Charlie without a doubt but anyways just a wonderful steak try this strip side and he's coming from the front and wants some more get down you gotta get down Charlie get down there you go he liked it a lot mmm let me tell ya without a doubt probably the best porterhouse steak I've ever tasted in my life this is tremendous that that mesquite wood added a great great flavor to it its moist you know these these are dry aged for up to six weeks ah they're at Lobel's only 2% of the meat in the United States is prime so you're talking about a very very small piece and you have low Prime and high Prime well vales only serves high Prime and without a doubt this this is great mmm dry aged up to six weeks shipped to your door probably the best porterhouse I've ever tasted in my life this is great tender flavorful moist that marbling ran all the way through both sides of this of this porterhouse steak and again the best porterhouse I've ever had in my life tremendous man there you have it dry aged prime porterhouse from Lobel's of New York great I'll have a link down below for them check them out if you like bringing in some prime steaks like eating Prime they'll ship them right to your door for you so get ahold of Lobel's check them out check out all their meats but wonderful wonderful porterhouse thank you for stopping by if you enjoyed it remember that thumbs up and remember to share us thank you for stopping by Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine and we go see y'all down the road how them boys put food away beats all I've ever seen

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