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LOTUS SEED recipe IN 5 MIN!! sweet and spicy in tamil, lotus seed snack,makhana recipe



hi am indhira sethuraman welcome to kokarakoo's kitchen am gonna show you how to make lotus seed snack both sweet and spicy snack both within 5 mins without futher aldo , lets get into recipe igniting the stove and placing the pan and heating it once it is heated , we are adding a bit of butter you could also use ghee as subsititute adding 100 grams of lotus seed frying it well available at most departmental store in the beginning , the lotus seed seems very spongy fry it well dont not let it turn brown once its done, if u break and see it it gets crispy and breaks into pieces adding grated desiccated coconut is fine but since i dont have it , am using fresh grated coconut frying the coconut prevents spoiling it also smells good now its good to go addiing some water for 100 grams of lotus seed, add 40 grams of jaggery we will stir until it melts this lotus seed is highly nutritious , low calories thus it is a diet snack thick caramel has been started to form adding the fried lotus seed also adding fried coconut pinch of elachi stir it well until its gets coated properly once it cools down, it will become dry and get separated a dish that kids love is now ready now we are gonna see how to make spicy makahana fry add 2 tablespoon of coconut oil to heated pan add red chilly powder half teaspoon pinch of tumeric powder required amount of salt adding fried lotus seed fry it well until it gets nicely coated spicy makahana fry is now ready within 5 mins we are able to make both sweet and spicy if you like this recipe , like ,comment , share and subscribe to my channel

Source: Youtube

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