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Macadamia Nut Fried Rice | Dads That Cook



(upbeat music) – Let's move on to the next dish, which is your rice-mac something or other you're doin' – It's just (mumbles) – What's it called? – Mac rice

– Mac rice? – I mean, it's a bunch of wild rice – So, I have to explain to the people what you just did Because you no explain it He took some of the broth that we got from the bones- – Bone marrow – Out of the instant pot, and you took a half of cup of that and he put in with the water so that we have- – All the caramelization Jason, all the cartilage, all the bone marrow Do one cup of this

And – One cup of sprouted tricolor Wow, you are feeling generous – Well ya know – You got some brown rice and some tricolor Why are you doing the mix? – Because it's healthy – I don't like healthy though

– Well, brown rice is known to help you You are getting older though Jason I just want to make sure you are healthier And your kidneys are functioning properly – Great! Okay, so there's your stuff, put it on the thing

Get it nice and hot Boil it up and then turn it down – Get it on simmer and let it go for twenty five minutes Nobody is paying attention now – Nobody cares (cooking mood music) – (Jason) Okay we got the rice

It's been cooking for twenty something minutes Twenty fives minutes – (Charlie) That's wild rice, I'm going to fluff it up a bit – (Jason) Fluff it Fluff it

– (Charlie) Let it come, let that water come out – (Jason) Get the fluffer (Jason) What are you going to add to the mac-nut? Hoisin Mirin (Charlie) – I'll open up this eh (Jason) – Sriracha (Cooking mood music) Hey, thanks for watching! If you want to see more cool videos like this one on dads that cook make sure you subscribe You want to win some really cool stuff? Subscribe Want to get notified? Make sure you know what's going on? Subscribe (Dads That Cook)

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