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Magic Bars Recipe – The easiest recipe ever



Hi everyone, I'm Kicha I cook, I eat & I'm hungry for more Welcome to kichatube youtube HD Today we're gonna make famous Magic bars that's the easiest dessert ever No, there is no whipping No Mixing not even blending I just dumped all the ingredients into a dish and then Put it in the oven for and bake it It's that easy So let's get started

I break the oven 170 degrees Celsius Preheated it First let's add melted butter Okay, next you have to add the powdered biscuit spread evenly spread evenly , next we are gonna add nuts chopped nuts I'm using Almonds and cashew nuts they are my favorites let's Sprinkle these Okay, this made quite a mess next let's add the desiccated coconut Now for my favorite chocochips, I'm using dark chocolate and white chocolate chips Okay, next let's add a can of condensed milk Okay now let's bake it for about 30 to 35 minutes Okay good set 35 minutes it put it in it it looks so yummy i can't wait to cut it i just wanna eat it It looks it smells so yummy after it cools down, cut it into bars and its time to taste i cant wait Wish I could eat, but too hot And I cooled it down and cutting into bars Now taste time It's so yummy and it taste caramel dessicated coconut Almost everything I can taste I know why it's called a magic bar it tastes like magic has gone through your mouth i Want more, please Granted soo yummy feeling the melted butter also baked a little bit caramelly That give its caramel flavor Chocolate exploded so yummy, so thank you for watching kichatube HD and please do try this at your home and comment down how it turned out And how it tastes So thank you for watching kichatube hd don't forget to subscribe like and follow in Facebook, Youtube & twitter to Kichatube

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