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Making It Big: Season 1 Marathon • Tasty



– Hey guys, I hope you enjoy today's marathon of season one of Tasty's "Making It Big" Make sure to stick around for the whole video because at one point I'm gonna be presenting three options of giant foods to choose from for season two, and I want you guys to pick that for me

So, until then, enjoy the marathon and stick around 14 pounds of beef, 10 pounds of dough, six pounds of cheese This burger is gonna be 56 times the size of a regular burger Hey guys, my name is Alvin I'm a Tasty producer and I love making crazy food

And my friend Victor actually hit me up yesterday, and he's the guy that just loves burgers to the end of the world, and he goes, "I've got a favor to ask, you know I like burgers, right? "Well, you see, my birthday's coming up real soon "and I don't really like cake "And I was wondering, could you make me a giant cheeseburger "for my birthday?" And I was like, "Dang! "Okay, I see you, all right, hit me up tomorrow, "I'ma see what I can do" "Thanks man, you the goat" What's up dude, how's it going, are you good? What you've got for me? – I grabbed a couple of my favorite burgers, I wanted you to come check it out – What do you love so much about this burger? – It starts off with this amazing toasted brioche bun

Toasting it on both sides to make sure it's crispy And the beef, the way that they sear it, the juiciness, mmm, banging And that cheese, whoo, that cheese though It melts into all the little crevices of the beef That's what I'm talking about

And the toppings are supper simple Lettuce, tomato Oh man, once you put all those wonderful things together and you take that bite (jazz music) Mmm Amazing

– So, I'm gonna try to make you a really big version of this It might not be easy but I'm gonna see what I can do – If anybody can do it, it's you, man – All right, thanks dude, appreciate it I'll see you in a bit

(apron whooshing) Time to make this crazy thing What we're gonna start with is giant custom brioche bun A pretty classic brioche recipe Some flour, some salt, sugar, a couple of eggs I'm gonna get this started

(mixer whirring) (beep) I forgot the dough hook While this is going, I'm gonna make the yeast starter mixture A cup of water, yeast, some milk for the yeast to drink Kinda get hydrated, start drinking, start growing 'Cause this yeast ain't hit puberty yet

5-10 minutes low speed until the dough comes together and then we're gonna add a lot of butter The dough's coming together, it's in a ball shape For brioche, one of the most signature things is a lot of butter, so add it slowly Incorporate it into the dough and kind of make it super velvety That's looking hot

Hot as in good (bowl clacks) There we go, it's a lot of dough, y'all That's nice Cool So, we gotta shape it to a ball

Get this guy into this buttered dish bed Get some plastic wrap to cover this guy up Let him take a nap for two hours and I'll see you in a bit, dude So, while the dough rests, I wanna use some foil to kinda make the bun stay in this shape (tin foil crinkling) Where is the halfway point for this? Fold it in half again

Gotta make the circle, clasp it together This sort of thing This is a big ass circle I hope it's sturdy enough to hold the bread, but we'll see Oh man

(chuckles) This is a big boy right here Ooh Here we go So satisfying Oh (beep)

Whoo, wow Maybe I should have oiled my surface Get the air bubbles out Reshape it to the form of a circle for the hamburger bun So, the recipe for this dough actually makes 10 individual buns, and I doubled the recipe

So this bun is actually gonna be the size of 20 buns, I think I'm gonna put some egg wash on this It's off to the oven You go, I'll see you in a minute (funky music) Whoo, ooh, ooh, ooh

This is a big bun (upbeat music) Whoa (laughs) That is a burger bun Then directly into the pan Looking pretty good

While this one kinda toasts in the pan I'm just gonna brush some butter on this and gonna throw it in the broiler over there to get toasted too Whoo, that's a nice toast Now we're gonna make this beef patty I got the biggest tray we could find in the kitchen I got a lot of beef, but now with a lot of people

And it is 14 pounds of beef In an average burger, it's somewhere around 1/4 pound This burger is gonna be 56 times a regular burger Oh wait, gloves (gloves snap) Let's get to work

(package squeaks) I don't think I've ever seen this much meat in my life You know, when I went to the grocery store to get this, the lady in line behind me was like, "Boy, you hungry?" (laughs) And I was like, "You bet I am" It's a visual representation between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem All right, that's all the beef It's like working with dough but not really, because the dough is meat

Time to season Garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika A lot of pepper, make it rain, boy Almost 1/4 cup of salt Don't be afraid to season your meat, y'all

Oh wait, I need to take my watch off before this gets any crazier And to make it all evenly combined, It's a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be I think I've seen Salt Bae do some of these videos I'm getting tired, this thing is wild Never was the trainer like, "Hey, "here's 14 pounds of ground meat, do five reps

" Oof, all right, it's been seven years, let's say this meat is thoroughly mixed I'm gonna figure out how to get it into a patty shape Second pan, please – Hey – Thanks Brenda

Appreciate it – You got it – This is one patty This is the second one I'm gonna make it into a perfect circle

Outside's thicker than the inside because when a burger cooks it actually shrinks (fists thumping) It's a meat pizza (hands thumping) Whoo, that's one All right, let's go for another one I'm changing to a slapping technique

(hands thumping) This is how you train as a masseuse (hands thumping) Oof, I don't have a pan that can sear, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put 'em in the oven, 300 degrees to kind of cook them all through, and then I'm gonna turn on the broiler for the nice caramelization on top, to get all the flavor The patties are done, I need to deal with the cheese though (funky music) So we're gonna make the big cheese slice now A lot of people might be saying, "Hey, why don't you just put a bunch of cheese slices "on top of the patty itself?" I mean, you could, but we're at Tasty, we're "Making It Big," so why not just make a giant cheese slice? Oh, a piece fell

1/2 American cheese, 1/2 cheddar cheese Let it cook down, let it melt a little bit If you are lactose intolerant, look away now We about to go in That's some good cheese right there, oh my

Oh my my, look at this Alright, we gotta work fast before it starts to get cold This also may or may not be too much cheese, but there's no such thing as too much cheese Where's that spatula? One last smooth These cheese slices are gonna go in the fridge

See you in a bit, oh, that's hot Oh my god, that's so hot (trays thud) So these cheese have firmed up pretty nicely Put these on here, trim these up a bit Save these snacks for later

It's looking good You know, sometimes I dream of crazy things, and this is how cheese slices are made Oh, it's pretty good I made my own custom cheese slice These are the biggest cutting boards I have ever seen

I didn't even know we had stuff this big So we're gonna see if this actually works (paper rustling) Damn Okay, I think that's pretty cool I may have overestimated how much cheese I needed, but there's nothing wrong with more cheese

We're gonna put these back in the oven until they're nice and really delicious, and we're gonna build this burger Oh, this just got so much heavier I will see you when you are nice and melted, bye-bye (huffs) Whoo, let me catch my breath That is what I like to see

I think it looks great I just kinda wanna eat it right now but I can't because Victor's gotta eat it Buns are toasted, garnishes are ready, burgers ready, patties ready I think it's time to build this burger I'm actually pretty nervous for it

There's 14 pounds of beef, 10 pounds of dough, six pounds of cheese, here we go All right, big patty goes on Yes! Patty number two has landed I think the bun might be a little too small but that's okay Lettuce, do dah do

Oh this is looking cool A nice floral arrangement Seeing this come together, I think you could probably fit a piece of this in your mouth Nice bed of lettuce Tomatoes, how does that song go? ♪ I got beans, greens, tomatoes, potatoes, yams, something ♪ One, and a two, and a three

Time to do the top bun and the sauce This is some secret burger sauce I made Mayo, some mustard, some ketchup, some pickle juice, that's pretty much it Take this toasted burger bun then just kinda spread it nice and evenly over it All right here we go, gotta put the cat on the hat

This might not be a big enough hat Come on (Alvin laughs) Okay, the top of the bun shrunk a little bit more than I thought it was going to, but that's okay This burger is pretty much done and I'm going to go get Victor, it's his birthday today And I really wanna know if it actually tastes good

So I'm gonna wash my hands and we're gonna go surprise him This is like 25 pounds 'Sup Vic? – 'Sup Alvin, man? – This is the size of a regular burger, correct? – Yes, sir – Close your eyes – Awesome, I can't wait

(platter thumps) Wow, why did that sound like that? – You ready? – I'm ready man – All right, one, two, three, open your eyes Vic – (laughs) Oh my goodness, bro What, it's amazing, bro It's like the same thing but just huge

(Alvin laughs) – How many burgers do you think would fit in this one? – Probably fit 20 of those burgers in here, easy The first thing I thought of was just how beautiful it looks, unbelievable Let's bite into this bad boy I can't wait to try it, man I really can't wait to try it

– [Alvin] Oh, that's a thick burger – With two Cs, maybe three (laughs) That's a proper serving size (triumphant music) That's what I'm talking about How did you get it to be so juicy? He toasted the, you toasted the buns bro? – We're not wasting any of this

– I think I'm gonna have to call down some friends, bro – All right, let's bring in the backup Feeding a lot of my friends with this giant burger and just watching them finish it all, it really made me happy Granted, the bun might have been a little small, the cheese a little too thick this time, but seeing people smile and being able to make them happy with food, that is the best feeling in the world for me So if you've got a favorite food, comment below, hit me up, send me a DM, and I will do my very best to try and make it big for you

Until then, peace (gentle music) We have like 20 pounds of dough for this donut Hoo-hoo I don't think this table is big enough I think it's time to go big or go home

– This is the biggest donut I've ever seen (victorious music) – Hi, my name's Alvin I'm a Tasty producer and I love making big food So yesterday I got an Instagram message from a body builder with the handle @nodonutshere and he says, "Hey dude, I have an idea "I saw the giant burger video "and tomorrow is my cheat day

"I was wondering if you could make me a giant donut" "Oh man, that sounds crazy, how big?" "Big, gotta eat big to get big" "Awesome, that's what I like to hear "Hit me up tomorrow and I'll see what I can do" And I've also been getting a lot of requests to make a giant donut, so I feel like I know what I'm gonna make today

– [Michael] How are you? – Yeah, nice to see you – Yeah, likewise – [Alvin] For the people that don't know you, what do you do? – I am a cop, cop/fitness person I've been a cop for over 11 years now but I've used social media as a platform to encourage first responders to live healthier lifestyles – [Alvin] What is the story behind your social media? – [Michael] My handle is @nodonutshere, kind of poking fun at the donut-eating cop stereotype

You wanna command presence and look professional? You know, fitness plays a huge part in that – [Alvin] What is your relationship with food? – [Michael] It has a lot to do with whether you storing fat, building muscle Cheat day is mostly to keep you sane Drop your carbs down really low and you wanna have a donut to fill you out, yeah, make you feel good – It sounds like today is your cheat day

Have you worked out today yet? – Not yet – How bout I go make the big donut, if you wanna go work out I'm gonna have a very fun cheat meal for you – Sounds like I'll need that work out – All right, cool, thanks dude, I'll see you in a bit

– [Michael] Alright, whoo (upbeat music) – Let's make this big donut for a big man First thing we're gonna do, we're gonna have to make the donut dough It's a yeasted donut so we're gonna start by making the yeast mixture Some milk, some warm water, some sugar, and the yeast

Oh, I just spilled a little bit, that's okay This yeast is just gonna soak up all this nice sugar, all this nice milk, really grow into a big boy See you in a bit So this donut takes a lot of flour and my mixing bowl is only this big, so I'm actually gonna making two entire batches of this dough 10 entire cups of flour

Whoa, there's this white cloud Some salt, shortening, four eggs Hook this up to the dough mixer Delicious yeast mixture, oh god, I'm spilling everywhere Accidents happen, that's fine, stay clean

So the funny thing is, even one of these batches makes about 20 to 30 donuts, and I'm doubling it So there's gonna be enough dough for like 40 to 60 donuts I think it's time to go big or go home I really don't wanna go home Whoa, look at all that dough

Let's get you out of here Put it into this big bowl This is the biggest bowl we have in the Tasty kitchen Get out of there, come on, dude This is the most dough I've held in my entire life

I would not be a good rapper Ooh, okay gluten, coming through That's only one, we gotta make another batch (mixer whirring) When I told my mom I was gonna go and make that dough, I don't think she knew that this is what I meant We have like 20 pounds of dough in here for this donut

Turn Whoo, that was fun These gluten strands are super tight right now, we want them to relax They're gonna go in and take a long nap for the big times All right, I will see you and I will see you in a bit

Now let's make the glaze for the donut So the glaze is pretty simple We just have some melted butter It's kind of a lot of butter but, more butter, more better The funny thing is the original glaze recipe makes enough for about 10 to 15 donuts

We're making a really big one, so I tripled the recipe I think the batch of pink glaze is gonna be enough for 30 to 45 normal donuts So the butter's melted, we're gonna add in some milk Three cups of powdered sugar That cloud reminds me of something else, snow

So there's a lot of lumps, got a nice whisk here ♪ Whip it through the glass, whoo ♪ Looking pretty nice, nice drippage going on here So at this point we're gonna add the color Literally the ingredient is the color pink I hope this is pink, hold on

Oh, okay, that's pink, we're good One drop of the color pink Oh, I added two Look at that Two drops did that

I'd say that's pretty pink Ooh Deliciousness right there Can't have a giant donut without giant sprinkles For reference, these are normal rainbow sprinkles

This is the size of one sprinkle Do you guys know how sprinkles are made? Cause I sure didn't before this We're gonna take some powdered sugar, some corn syrup, some cornstarch, and some water I think that's literally it Sprinkles have colors

I have like 10 bajillion things of food coloring here So we're gonna divide this into 10 bajillion bowls and then we're gonna color it One, two, three, four, five Came through dripping, drip drip Got red, yellow, green, blue

Yo blue, what's going on man Blue, I don't want too much, I just need a little bit Alright, there's blue And purple All right yellow, you better represent us well

Ooh, that's looking nice Boom, purple's done So I warmed them all up a little bit and I need to get each color individually into the piping bag, so a little trick Take a cup, put your piping bag with the tip in it like that, transfer the glaze, let's see if this works Ooh

That's so cool You know that feeling when you're cutting through paper in kindergarten and you just glide right on with the scissors? That's what this feels like Next color, I'm gonna pick up where I left off Tray number two Blue, I love that

Last but not least, purple All right, I know you really can't see it, but this is the size of one sprinkle This is quite the size difference I'll let these dry out and I'll see you in a bit Alright, let's see how big my dough has gotten

Sweet baby Jesus, look at this one You went like straight through puberty and hit menopause Get the flour Here we go, come on, let's get out of there, ooh Damn, look at that gluten

Whoo-hoo Look at you, I'm gonna work it a little bit I'm gonna knock some of the air out of it and then we're going to get it back into a ball shape It's got some weigh to it, look at this Absolute unit right there

(laughs) This gets tucked underneath LeBron James This guy's gonna relax for a bit and then we are gonna shape him into an actual donut So one thing that I should have probably thought about was how big this donut is gonna be So this is the biggest pan we actually have

I don't think this pan is going to cut it I have a friend who's a chef nearby, I'm hoping that he has something bigger So let me message him and see what he says "Hey, super random question, "but what is the size of your biggest pan?" "I got a stupid big wok, it's 30 inches "$5 bill for reference

" "Holy moly, I'm coming over!" 30 inches is the entire width of this table So his wok is gonna be like this big So I gotta turn this ball of dough into a perfect donut ring ♪ Rock-a-bye baby ♪ Now this is kind of fun I've never really had to use my forearms to kneed before

You gonna start in the middle and work your way outwards Whoo, okay, how are we looking? Yeah, that's not big enough I don't think this table is big enough Gotta get it into a circle Gotta interlock these two ends over here

Birds and the bees, am I right? Whoo, now I gotta figure out how to transport this all the way to the restaurant (tape tearing) Large piece of cardboard covered in parchment paper and taped together in the back, so here we go I'm just gonna go for it All right, we can reshape it, that's okay All right you little, just get over here

We're gonna cover this in plastic wrap and then we're gonna head over to the restaurant All right, someone call me an Uber (gentle orchestral music) – What's up, Alvin? – How you doing, Eric? – Oh wow, that's a big ass donut – Yeah – Come on in, come on in

So we got this big ass wok for you – Holy (laughs) This is 30 inches Where'd you get this? – I got it in China Town – Oh classic, so we ready to fry? At 300 degrees

– You got it Lower it a little bit Like this There we go – [Alvin] It's frying beautifully

– [Eric] Yeah – [Alvin] How long do you think we should fry this before we flip it? – I think give it another four more minutes – [Alvin] How are we gonna flip this, Eric? – So I'm gonna use these two tongs – Okay (laughs) – And then somebody uses two of the ladles

– Do not do this at home This is very dangerous, he is a skilled professional This is heavy – It's gonna tear, oh, here – [Alvin] Can I go deeper, under it? Oh god, I punctured it

– [Eric] I think we need a better tool – [Alvin] Oh okay – [Eric] Ha-ha – [Alvin] Oh, back is ripping – [Eric] Oh (beep)

– [Alvin] Oh, I don't know if it's gonna stay together – [Eric] Yeah, me neither – That was a good technique, though – Maybe we should have submerged it – I think we can get it to work

So I'm gonna make another batch We're not gonna let this go to waste, right? – We'll chop it up and make it into a (mumbles) – Okay, do you wanna use it? – Yeah, I'll take it – All right, cool I'll see you in a bit guys

Eric, I made another donut Round two, here we go, fingers crossed (Eric laughs) – Let's do it It's going in – Yep, go ahead

(intense music) – Whoo, beautiful – [Alvin] So this goes in Okay, we're gonna submerge it to make sure that it can cook – More evenly – More evenly, yeah

Yes – Let's do this, and them we'll press it down with heavy stuff – You have a text book? – [Eric] I have plates – Two on each side This is a very DIY situation

– It's call problem solving – This is what Columbia University doesn't teach you So I think this is gonna cook for, what, 20-25 minutes? – Yeah – We're gonna check back in a bit to see if we can flip it This is looking pretty good if you look at it

It looks really beautiful, super, super crispy We are going to try the super hard task of flipping it, because last time this is where I failed All right, let's take off these weights One, two, three Whoa! Dude, this thing's huge! Wow, this is nice, a nice donut

There's a little white spot in the back We're gonna cook it once it's flipped over and then I'll trim off any that doesn't look good – [Eric] Alright get out of there, whoo – I just wanna see how heavy this is (intense music) Oh, it's hella heavy

Let's do the tray method – Alright – So we're gonna get under here Can you help me get this onto the tray? Yes, oh, look at it! Look at how solid that is – [Eric] Oh! – Here we go guys

(oil sizzling) – Be careful, be careful Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful You got it, you got it – Yeah, okay, so Whoa, look at that! Oh let's go! Yes

(Eric laughing) This is crazy, we did it Look at that, that's awesome – Oh my goodness It looks like a cross between a bagel and a donut This is the biggest donut I've ever seen

This is the Homer donut – It's a big zero because that's how many calories there are – I don't think that's how it works – Can you get on? Oh great, nice job, Eric All right, I got the back

Go, yes, okay, we got it? – Yep – All right, cool Careful with the hot oil coming in Go, get a tray underneath – [Eric] Beautiful

– Gotta do some ASMR, hold on, where's? Hello Today we will be exploring a giant donut I'm not doing that ever again Thanks, dude – See you, man

– Have a good one, bye – Best of luck – Woo, all right, we are back and we are going to make this big donut Get my sprinkles I made some white sprinkles because I forgot to do that

And after seeing how big the donut was, I doubled how much glaze I have All I need to do is cut these giant sprinkles into their shape and we can finally glaze and sprinkle the donut (happy music) (knife thudding) Damn, that's a nice sprinkle right here (knife thudding) If I accidentally hit someone with this, this might be assault with a deadly weapon More like, assault with a delicious weapon

All right, so these sprinkles are ready to go I think it's time to glaze this donut Make sure there's no lumps, looking good This might get messy Whoo, damn, look at this glaze waterfall

So we gotta put on the sprinkles before everything starts to set So all the colors I think this is done Here we go Hey Mike

– Yeah? – [Alvin] Do you want your donut? – Oh I'm ready – [Alvin] All right, close your eyes, we're coming This is so heavy, we needed two people to lift it One, two, three (claps) Open your eyes

– No way, are you kidding me? – [Alvin] Is this what you expected when I said I was gonna make you a giant donut? – I wasn't thinking this big (Alvin laughs) This is insane That's gotta be 20-30 pounds – I'm gonna cut a piece for you Woo

– [Michael] Oh man, that's like three donuts right there – Whoo, this is for you – All right – Cheers Mike – Cheers

– Happy cheat day – Yeah (upbeat music) Dude this is pretty good It's perfect, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside Icing is great

A lot of cheat days coming up – Mm-hmm – That is really good I might have to take this whole thing home (Alvin laughs) – Thanks dude

– Thank you guys – [Alvin] All right, bye Mike – Bye guys Thanks for having me – All right, have a good one

Yep, see you later – [Michael] See you later (laughs) – So that will probably be the biggest donut I will ever see or make in my entire life I love making these crazy things So if you have a favorite food, if you have an idea that you want me to try and make huge, hit me up, leave a comment, send me an Instagram message, and I will see if I can make that big for you

And if you actually wanna go to restaurants that serve these crazy things, my friend Jasmine has a giant food series on Bring Me that is really, really cool, so you should go check it out Until next time, peace (upbeat music) Things are about to get a little messy What did I do wrong? Work Whoo! This is no time for weakness

Whoa! This is looking fantastic, oh my god Open your eyes – Oh my god That's amazing (upbeat music) – Hi, I'm Alvin

I'm a Tasty producer and I love making giant food This season on Tasty's "Making It Big," I'm going to be making giant food for friends, people that I admire, and people that I've always wanted to meet I've always admired competitive eaters, and today I've invited Raina Huang, a competitive eater who also does amazing food challenges on her channel Let's go meet her and see what kind of food she wants me to make – Hi

– How's it going? – Good – Yeah, nice to meet you – Nice to meet you too – How did you start to get into competitive eating? – My first ever food challenge without any kind of practice was a four-pound burrito, and then I managed to finish that in six minutes – Wait, wait, wait, four-pound burrito

How large was that? – It was like this, but it was fat – Oh my god, that is crazy Is that your most proud eating accomplishment? – I actually have the world record at In-N-Out – Wait, really? – Yeah, I ate a 50 by 50 in one sitting It is 50 patties and 50 slices of cheese

So it was literally like this long – I wanna make a giant food challenge for you today Obviously, you've eaten a lot of crazy things, but if you were to pick one food for me to make for you, what do you think could be fun? – You know what? I've actually done a lot of food challenges but I've never seen giant chicken nuggets or giant fries I did a chicken nugget challenge I ate 100 chicken nuggets in four minutes, but not a huge one

– Okay, well, it sounds like I have a pretty big task ahead of me I wanna see if I can make something that will stand up to your athletic prowess So I might be a couple hours but I hope you're hungry – I am, I'm very hungry – All right, cool

I'll go to the kitchen (upbeat music) (apron whooshing) The giant chicken nuggets and giant fries, they're not the newest things, some popular YouTube channels have done them already But we're gonna do our own version and see where it takes us I think it'll be nice to freshly grind some chicken, so we have boneless, skinless chicken thighs This is seven pounds

It sounds like a lot That's because it is We're gonna do these in batches because I don't think I'll be able to grind all this chicken at the same time Here goes nothing (mixer whirring) That's what I like to see in the morning

It may or may not look gross to you But if you've ever had a hot dog, a burger, or a sausage, it's basically the same thing I'm also using chicken thighs I like the thighs over breasts because the thighs are juicier, there's more fat I think that'll add a lot more flavor to the final chicken nugget

One last grind Here we go And it's not working What did I do wrong? Work! Oh, the top goes, the top goes that way This is why you stay in school, kids

(mixer whirring) It's working Mmm Delicious (chuckles) So this is seven pounds of ground chicken I'm going to season it because you always have to season your meat

So we have some salt, coarsely ground black pepper, garlic powder, and some onion powder So nothing too crazy I just wanna give this a nice old mix here So this is our chicken mixture, seasoned nicely, and now we are going to shape it into chicken nugget shapes Things are about to get a little messy

(glove snaps) Oh, boy This is appetizing Fast food nuggets, they have four different shapes A bell, a bone, a boot, and a ball I'm just gonna start with the easiest first

I'm just gonna make a ball (hands slapping) Any deejays out there probably could remix that (electronic music) That's what they call a slapper I'm gonna say that's the ball shape We're gonna make three more, so I'm gonna grind 21 pounds more, and we're gonna make three other shapes

(mixer whirring) Yes Our second shape is the bell It's kind of like an egg I'm gonna say that's the bell The bone has got this kind of weird little thing sticking out, it's got a peninsula

That's a word I learned in geography class This is apparently the bone The last one, we've got the boot It just basically looks like the bone and then someone Photoshopped it, stretched it out a little bit Don't think I'd wear this boot

'Cause it's chicken I would say this is pretty much done I'm gonna put these in the oven and I'll see you in a bit Okay, so while the chicken is baking in the oven, I'm gonna start making the fries My initial idea was to fry just one whole potato

But then I was like, "That's not big enough, Alvin "Come on, what are you doing? "That's not the same of the show" We're gonna go for something a lot bigger, and it starts with five pounds of potatoes So this is going to boil until they're really fork-tender and cooked It's a lot of potatoes, it might take a while, so I'll see you guys in probably 10 years, whenever this water decides to boil

I'm gonna go take a nap now (Alvin yawns) That was a good nap Let's see how these potatoes are doing Okay, these look pretty cooked A little more appetizing than the chicken

Gotta do a little QC Okay, Idaho I found a really cool toy in the back that we're gonna use to mash these This is really awesome, look at this guy I'm gonna throw some potatoes in here and see if this actually works

Ooh Okay It is official, I like this toy Let's load this up with some more potatoes Here we go, ooh, that's like cheese coming out

Holy moly Just like in the club, make it rain Whoo! I don't think this is structurally stable enough to make the fries, so I'm gonna put in some cornstarch, season it with some salt to taste, and we're just gonna give it a nice mix The consistency is like normal mashed potatoes It's kind of like that feeling if you've ever made instant mashed potatoes, where it's a little bit more crumbly

I don't want this to be wet If it's wet, it goes in the fryer, that's just bad Oil and water are like archnemesis They just fight and it's that shot, you know, when the superhero and the super villain, they both do their ultimate move and it meets in the middle and the whole world blows up I kinda wanna avoid that happening

I got the biggest tray we could find in the Tasty kitchen We're gonna make and shape some fries I'm gonna be generous and say this entire mixture makes about like four fries or so So I think I can just shape these into a nice long french-fry shape This is an ancient technique

It's been passed down for generations The fast food industry would kill for these secrets That's actually looking pretty good, I would say And I got my trusty tools to help me get these really straight (tools thudding) I think that's one good-looking fry

A nice little smooth pat down on the top Oh (bleeps), I gave him a haircut It's the last one This is the big daddy, the head honcho Whoa, there you have it

Five pounds of potatoes, four fries, not bad I think I'm gonna go make another four 'cause you don't just eat four fries Come on, you eat like 20,000 I'm gonna put these in the freezer and I'm gonna check on the chicken to see how they look And I'm gonna go wash my hands because there's potatoes everywhere

(upbeat music) Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo Look at these bad boys right here, oh my god I think my favorite, honestly, is going to be this boot Before, I said this is a boot that I don't think anybody would wear, I've changed my mind I would rock these any day of the week

I wanna make a batter, I don't wanna make a dry dredge When you have them at the fast food restaurants, they're crispy, they're light, they're airy I think those are the signs of a liquid batter We also have a very large hotel pan to make this batter in because this nugget will not fit in a normal pan All right, first thing, we've got some flour, cornstarch, sugar, baking powder

And then for some seasoning and spices, we have some paprika, probably one of my favorite spices, ginger, ground-dried ginger, some allspice, and some white pepper All right I just got some white pepper in my mouth Oh, it went in my nose too, it's kind of stinging I'm gonna apply a remote technique

Not the most efficient but it saves you from a lot of pain (huffs) Okay, that's settled Four eggs, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop And then just some good old H2O Keep in mind, this is for one chicken nugget

I'll be here for quite a while This is a really thick batter It's gonna give it a nice crust It's just very hard to whisk Come on, Alvin

Gotta make this giant food This is no time for weakness Okay, well, the batter is smooth Now it's time to head into the kitchen, heat up some oil, and do some really dangerous things Maybe I should not have said that

So we are in the commercial kitchen at Tasty We have a very large pot of oil That is very hot Please do not try this at home But we have some fries to fry and we have some chicken nuggets and some batter to fry

I'm gonna try it with the fries first to see how it goes I'm gonna be very careful with how I do this Here goes nothing (oil sizzling) Whoo! We're gonna get one of these really big spiders just to make sure that this doesn't stick Oh

I hit a chunk off I won't touch it This oil is currently at 375, which is hotter than the normal 350 because it just helps get a harder crust Whoa! We did it, yo This is looking fantastic, oh my god

I'm gonna call it, I think this fry is done So I'm gonna take it out I'm gonna do this seven more times and then we're gonna fry some nuggets after that (gentle music) I think this is actually the most nerveracking part, is this big, giant chicken nugget I have the batter here right next to the oil so it doesn't need to go that far

I'm gonna attempt to get this in the oil as safe as I can So first we're gonna put on some gloves Then I get this guy into the batter Bloop Nice little bath you got there, Bob

I named this guy Bob Oh, that's a thick batter, okay It's gonna be a little tricky 'cause he's so heavy Come on, Bob All right, we're gonna go slow

Here we go (oil sizzling) Whoo! There it is And we got air bubbles (laughs) Not the smoothest landing It's kind of mad right now, Bob's pissed

I put him in 400-degree oil, he's fighting So we're gonna let him hang out Oh, okay, it's getting crispy already Whoo! That's a really good-looking chicken nugget crust If you made me stand 300 feet away and was like, "What does this look like?" I'd be like, "That's a fast food chicken nugget

" All right, I'm gonna go in That's a chicken nugget right there, whoo! Seven pounds of chicken, ground up, baked for 35 minutes, battered, and fried at 400 degrees for two minutes, and now you get a giant chicken nugget Can you hear that? (tongs rasping) Oh, that's crispy right there Something that is this big that is fried, you gotta let it hang out So we're gonna go fry three more

So I'm gonna need some coffee (upbeat music) Whoo! It's been a day I've frying for about three hours now, but I think the results are well worth it We got four chicken nuggets, one of every single shape 11 fries, I went a little overboard

When you get your nuggets and fries in your fast food meal, they don't just come in an ordinary box, no They come in iconic packaging So I asked our art department to make some really cool packaging for our nuggets and fries and we're gonna put them in there It's just a four-piece chicken nugget set, but the only thing is there's seven pounds of chicken in a nugget So we've got 28 pounds of chicken nuggets on deck

I think this looks pretty cool, so let's move on to the fries This is such an awesome box, look at that We've got some tall ones We've got some short ones So we've got honey mustard and we also have the good old-fashioned ketchup

Okay, so I wanna get these over to Raina because I think she's hungry and I wanna see how much she wants to eat Raina, are you hungry? – Oh, yeah, very hungry – [Alvin] All right, well, I have your food Can you close your eyes? – Yeah – [Alvin] Oh boy, this is heavy

– (laughs) Oh god Ooh, that smells like the chicken Mmm – On the count of three – I'm so excited

– One, two, three, open your eyes – Oh my god Oh my, it's a lot bigger than (laughs) That's amazing – This is a four-piece meal for you

– Oh, thank you – And a couple of fries over there I hope this is big enough of a challenge for you (Raina laughs) How do you feel? – I'd be happy if I could eat one chicken nugget (laughs) – I also got a normal-sized portion of nuggets and fries, just for comparison

Let's eat – All right Oh god, it's heavy I don't even know how to start this I'm gonna dip it in that

(Alvin and Raina laugh) Wow Mmm – Is it good? – Yeah, wow It's actually very tasty – You're dipping your chicken nugget into its own sauce

How does it compare to a normal one? – You actually have a lot more flavor Sometimes the food challenges I go to, when they make a big quantity, the quality usually goes down – This one's okay? – Mm-hmm – All right Man, you really can eat

That's crazy – I'm gonna try this fry I'm just gonna peel a little bit off here, ooh It's really good – Yeah? – Yeah

– I'm happy it tastes good (happy music) – Well, that was delicious I definitely got through a good amount of that chicken nugget, but I'll take the rest home for dinner – Well, thanks for coming in Hopefully you can feed the family with the rest of this

– Oh, yeah, definitely More than enough, thank you – Cool, thanks – Whew, it's been a crazy day A lot of meat, a lot of potatoes, a lot of frying, a lot of eating

Raina, she can eat a lot That was crazy to witness in person If you wanna take a guess at what I'm gonna make next week, send me a message on Instagram, drop it in the comments, let me now We've got some crazy stuff for you guys in store So until next time, peace

(upbeat music) I've never made pancake mix in this quantity This is very, very heavy, I have to say 15 pounds of batter Open your eyes, guys – Oh! – Oh (beep)

I'm a little turned on right now, I think – Me too (triumphant music) – What's up, guys? I'm Alvin, I love making giant food, and today on Tasty's "Making It Big" we're gonna do some crazy stuff Ned and Zach from the Try Guys are coming in I'm super excited because I've always been a huge fan of their videos

They do these crazy things and they never back down from a challenge I don't think I will either I'll be challenging myself to make the giant food of their dreams So let's go see what they want me to make for them What's up, guys? – Hey

– How's it going? Good to see you again – How's it going? – How are you? How are you guys doing, I haven't seen you for a while You guys been up to something? – In the last year we launched the new YouTube channel – YouTubecom/TryGuys

And now we are going on a nationwide tour We have a new book coming out June 18th – Boom – It's called "The Hidden Power of (beep) Up" – What's this book about? – It's a self-help book from four people that can't help themselves

(Alvin laughs) – You guys are no strangers to food videos – Yeah, we love making food videos Ned has a food series Actually, fun fact, Ned and I are the Brunch Boys of the Try Guys – Oh, that's fun

– You know, get some mims, mimosas – Oh, okay, got it Are you pancake guys, are you guys waffle guys? What's your preference? – Oh, I think we all know that the greatest breakfast food – We know we're both obviously the same thing – [Try Guys] One, two, three

– Waffles – Pancakes – What? – What? – It sounds like you guys have different opinions on what your favorite food might be I'm gonna make something giant for you guys What should I make? – I mean, look, I don't think you're gonna get a waffle iron big enough

– That is true – Here's the gauntlet I'm throwing down If you make me a giant fluffy pancake that is delicious, perhaps you can convince me – Okay All right, guys, I'm gonna get to work

I'll see you guys in a bit You guys feel free to hang out but I'm gonna see if I can make your dream come true and I'm gonna see if I can create one of your first memories of pancakes to be the best thing ever (upbeat music) Let's make these pancakes They're gonna be pretty big, so we have a lot of batter to get through I'm gonna dump in a lot of eggs, and we're also gonna dump in a lot of milk

Ooh, I feel like the rappers in the music video when they pour champagne This is actually a family recipe It's been passed down for many generations This one is by my aunt We call her Aunt J

Her very, very famous secret pancake recipe My Uncle Ben kind of fights over it He'd rather eat rice instead of pancakes So that's kind of how it goes Ooh, this is looking nice

So I don't know if you guys have seen, I made a 100-layer lasagna video and that one kind of used foil as the walls I kinda wanna take that idea and make a pancake ring to kind of cook in this pan over here Let's do some origami over here Now you gotta kind of roll this around So this ring goes into this pan

We'll let that kinda hang out Give it a nice spray (spray can hissing) See, the worst part about making pancakes is every time you pour the batter into the pan, it always kinda gets everywhere And I don't think there's a solution for that Okay, so this pancake has been cooking for about five to 10 minutes

It kinda looks done on this side so let's give it a check Okay, so batter on top is a little raw, that's fine If we flip it hopefully it's okay Well, I don't know if you guys can see, that's burnt I don't think this technique is working out so well

So I think the issue is I need a pan that's thicker and bigger, and we're gonna go and try to find a bigger pan A cast iron, no, that's not big enough Should I just square pan? No, it's not a pancake if it's square anymore Oh, what's this? Ooh Wait, this is perfect

This is our paella pan I think this is gonna work perfectly So let's go for round two Okay, let's put this big boy to work I actually set up a double hot plate situation because this guy's gonna need a lot of heat

I'm naming him Jim He will be my guide for today And we're gonna see if he can make the big pancake that I wanna make This kinda feels like I'm making a pancake for an entire village Here we go

(laughs) Whoo That was an entire box of pancake mix Oh, family recipe I'm gonna check it when the edges are starting to firm up and a lot of bubbles are coming through And fingers crossed because this pan was a godsend and I just really wanna make a big pancake

I'll see you guys in a bit So it's been like 20 minutes As you can see, it's kind of looking a little weird There's a ring of semi-cooked batter on the outside I'm gonna say it's pretty much raw

I think the issue is that there is actually not enough heat to cook this pancake through I don't want all this batter to go to waste so I'm gonna send this to the kitchen and they're just gonna make some really nice pancake bread pudding I'll be right back for hopefully the correct attempt at making this giant pancake because this is heavy and Jim is not cooperating right now I have a plan for a different kind of batter that I think will be able to do it correctly So we're just gonna melt a lot of butter, because everything tastes better with it

Essentially what this is, it's more of a Japanese-style pancake And essentially they made a lighter batter that was more focused on egg whites to help make it fluffy, and instead of cooking it directly on the pan and flipping it, they kinda cooked it almost like in a steam or in a grill kind of oven situation so that they rose a lot and they kept their shape and the heat was even So I'm gonna kinda go for that So this butter is just going to melt down That's looking pretty melted

I'm just gonna take that off The next thing that we're gonna do that was part of a lot of the Japanese-style pancakes was the egg whites So I've got a nice, trusty, old stand mixer here I'll name you Dave We've got Dave and we've got Jim hanging out in the back

My trusted buddies with this giant pancake So we're just gonna get egg whites in here So we're gonna whip these egg whites until they get softened peaks and then we're gonna fold them into the rest of the batter So this, we're gonna do the melted butter and then we're gonna add some warm milk Then we're gonna add in four beautiful egg yolks

Bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop This is gonna get nice and foamy Cool, and in this big bowl we're gonna do flour, and we're gonna do some baking powder We're gonna get this, ooh, this is heavy, in here Ooh, look at Dave over there

He's doing work Those egg whites are looking nice and fluffy Thanks, Dave We're going to gently fold these into the batter I need to do the double folding technique

I'm pretty sure this is not how you're supposed to do it Sorry, pastry chefs Sometimes you gotta just roll with the punches I'm pretty optimistic about this batter This is nice

It is silky It looks pretty smooth so we're just gonna transfer this to give Jim hopefully one more last attempt Ooh That's nice Okay, so I do wanna smooth this out a little bit

This is very nice and very smooth I'm going to actually take this to our grill and pray that it does work So, fingers crossed, and I'll see you guys out there Ooh, you're a heavy boy, Jim Or is your name Dave, I forgot

So this is our grill I'm glad that the pan fits perfectly within the grill We're gonna turn it on to about 300 or so degrees So we're gonna let this guy hang out Hopefully it's fully cooked and really nice and golden brown by the end of it

Pretty nervous, so we'll see Please It's been 45 minutes I hopefully think that's enough time to cook this pancake I really wanna see what it looks like, so here we go

Whoa This is crazy Holy crap This is like a giant souffle biscuit, which is pretty cool Okay, there's a couple of cracks, I think that's fine

We're gonna turn it out, the cracks are gonna be on the bottom anyways All right, let's go back and flip this out Okay We have one successful pancake attempt The battle is not over yet

We do have to flip this guy I think I'm gonna put this tray on top and then kind of do something like this This is really, really heavy One, two, three (Alvin grunts) Whoo! Okay

Let's see what this guy looks like Whoa Oh my god, look at this, whoo! This is a pancake, that is right It's just a cake made in this pan It's so smooth, it's like a baby's butt

This is one successful pancake for the Try Guys I don't think they would be satisfied with just one pancake I'm gonna need to make at least four to five more But before I do that, I do wanna tackle the butter So this is four entire sticks of butter that have been softened

So if you think about it, each stick of butter has eight tablespoons So if we used all of this, we're gonna have a butter square that's 32 times the size of a normal butter square That's a lot of butter (laughs) I feel like I should name this guy, too Let's call this guy Jimbo

'Cause we've got Jim, and then we have Jimbo I'm gonna stop talking now and put this butter square in the freezer So see you guys soon (laughs) (upbeat music) Oof, all right, this is two Oh boy, here we go

One, two, three (Alvin grunts) Okay This is the second one Ooh, not bad Okay, that's two

I will name you, this guy's Kevin This is the third one (Alvin grunts) I'm getting better at this, okay Okay, you can be George One, two, three

Oh, easy Four Oh, you kinda fell off the plate a little bit, that's okay I don't know what to name you right now It's okay, I'll name you later

Sometimes you don't name your kids until later I hope my arms don't fail me (pan whooshes) Whoo Ooh, that's a nice-looking one I'll name this guy Keith

He ain't here today, but I'll name a pancake after him All right, here we go, this is the final pancake All right, let's just do this Ooh, that might be the best one yet I'm gonna name this guy Eugene

Just like Eugene, pretty nice, flawless skin So we have one, two, three, four, five, six giant pancakes It has been a journey And the only thing left is to assemble them So we have all hands on deck on all our pancakes

We've got some berries, we've got some syrup I'm going to try and be careful with my children as much as I can All right, Jim, first up, where are you? All you guys look alike, oh my god Jim is very resilient Jim can take a beating, that's why he goes on first, 'cause he's gonna be under all the other children, he's gonna be taking all the pressure, putting the whole team on his back literally

So, thanks, Jim All right, right on top there We've got Kevin and Jim on deck George has his two brothers supporting him so he'll be able to rise and shine just like the rest of us And then fourth, we've got the problem child

The guy that I forgot to give a name Whew, okay, that's four Keith goes on right there Keith's on Last but not least, my boy, Eugene

I think he deserves, since he's not here today, I think he deserves a little bit of the spotlight Whoo! Okay That's a pretty big stack of pancakes we've got here This is my piece de resistance Here we are

Finishing touches I hope Ned and Zach are happy with it If they eat it, they'll be eating Keith and Eugene first up This is four entire sticks of butter we've got Alrighty

(laughs) Cool, all right, here we go Whoo, and there it is I don't really know how heavy it is, I just wanna see I can't even lift it (laughs) That is definitely at least 50 pounds

And just so you guys can see, this is a normal sized stack of pancakes I would say this is a success I didn't think I could be able to do this, but I'm glad it worked out I think it looks awesome and I hope the Try Guys like it (upbeat music) – Alvin! – Hey, Alvin

– [Alvin] So I have your pancakes ready, but first I just wanted you guys to see the size of the syrup – Oh (beep), I thought that was sangria – [Alvin] So if that tells you anything about how this is gonna go I'll be right back, close your eyes, okay? – Okay – Okay, I'm really excited

(Alvin grunts) You're so strong, Alvin – Oh, thank you Well, the pancakes are on the table On the count of three, I want you guys to open your eyes and see what I made for you One, two, three, open your eyes, guys

– [Try Guys] Oh! – (beep) – Oh, what? (Zach laughs) – That is so big, what? – How do you feel, Zach? Are waffles ever gonna stand up to this? – A waffle could never stand that tall – Those are hefty – How did you do this? – [Alvin] So, for this pancake, I actually had to get a paella pan So I made a bunch of batter and we made six of these big ones for you guys

– Can I touch it? – Yes, you can touch it, this is all yours – Oh my god, you ready? – Yes – [Try Guys] Oh, ooh – It's got nice outer crisp This is what your baby feels like every time you deliver him food

– That's true – One second, I do have one more surprise for you guys, so hold on here – Oh wow (Zach laugh) – Now its a brunch – Oh yes! – [Alvin] So I know you guys talked about mims

(Zach laughs) – Cheers – Cheers (Try Guys laugh) – If you guys wanna start eating your pancakes, I will let you guys do the syrup pouring on it – No – Do you wanna do it together? – Yes

– Yeah, okay (triumphant music) – [Zach] Oh, my my – [Ned] Oh, yeah I'm really salivating – [Zach] And here we go

– [All] Whoa! – Yeah – There we go – [Zach] Oh, my God – So we have giant pancakes but we have regular-sized forks and knives for you guys – Boo

The joy of pancakes is you gotta get more than one layer in a bite – Okay All right, one, two, three – Cheers – [Try Guys] Mmm

– Mmm – Pretty good – Pretty good – You have a nice crispness to the top There's a top layer but then really fluffy on the inside

– So, Zach, how do you feel now, now you've had this stack, have you changed your mind about pancakes at all? – You can make me pancakes whenever you want – That's what I like to hear, whoo! I'm actually personally curious to see a cross section – [All] Oh – Yes – Ooh

– Yeah! (Ned claps) Yeah! – Look at that – That's nice – All right, so now you have to feed it to us – Ah, okay, here you go Careful of the knife, the knife is at the bottom

– The middle tastes even better – My hands are sticky but thank you (Zach laughs) – We love to brunch but I think the joy of brunch is also the joy of sharing – I like that – And I'd love if we could share this with people here

– That sounds like a good idea I'm gonna go call some friends that I think love pancakes and we're gonna bring 'em in to help you demolish this – Brunch team assemble (uplifting music) – Whew, it's been a crazy, fun adventure We made a lot of pancakes

But I'm really happy that Ned and Zach enjoyed what I made for them If you wanna take a guess at what I'm gonna be making next, feel free to drop it in the comments, send me a message I'll be doing a lot of crazy things and I can't wait to show you guys what I have in store So until then, peace (lighthearted music) All right, I hope you guys are enjoying the videos so far

And right now I'm gonna give you three options of giant foods to make for season two So, number one, we have a giant sushi roll Number two, we have giant spaghetti and meatballs And number three, we have a giant grilled cheese So let me know which one of the three is your favorite, leave it in the comments below

I'm gonna take a look at it and I'm gonna choose one of them to make for the season And enjoy the rest of the video Oh my God, this is so heavy – Oh, yeah! That's actually really good – It's really good

– [Inga] Oh, no – I think that this giant ramen bowl is gonna be twenty times the size of a normal bowl of ramen Open your eyes – (laughs) Jesus (upbeat music) – Hi, welcome back to Tasty's "Making It Big

" I'm Alvin and I love making giant food Personally, I've been a fan of sumo wrestling for a very long time I've always wondered how do they train, what do they eat, how do they maintain that athletic prowess at such a size So today, I've invited Yama-San from the USA Sumo to come in So let's go meet him and see what he wants to eat

– [Yama] Hello – Hello, nice to meet you, Yama – [Yama] Nice to meet you – Yeah, thank you for coming in I've always wanted to meet a sumo wrestler like you

Can you tell me what it's like to be a sumo wrestler? – It's very hard, but very nice – Oh (Alvin and Yama laugh) And what is the training like? – So we wake up at 6:00 am Training

It finishes at noon – Six hours of training? – Yeah Very important, after eat, sleep – Why, why do you sleep? – Make big body Yeah, eat and then sleep

– Are there any misconceptions about sumo that you think need to be addressed? (Yama speaks in foreign language) – One of my dreams is to cook for a sumo wrestler like you What giant food would you like me to make for you today? – Can you make me ramen? – Giant ramen? – Yeah (Alvin and Yama laugh) – What kinds of ingredients do you like in your ramen? – Chashu, egg Green onion Seaweed

That's it – Okay, what kind of broth do you like? – Tonkotsu – Tonkotsu broth Oh, me too! – I like tonkotsu – Oh, me too, that's my favorite

(Yama laughs) Thanks Okay, I have to think about this It might be tough but I think I can do it – Yeah, good luck, man – Oh, thank you, appreciate it

(Yama laughs) Yeah So I got a lot to do I gotta make a giant egg I gotta make homemade ramen broth Big, giant ramen noodles

And somehow make a giant pork And honestly it's kind of a lot to deal with I think I'm gonna have to call in some backup I got a friend in mind that I think could really help me out, so I'll be right back (aprons whooshing) Whoo! Guys, this is my friend Inga

She's a producer at BuzzFeed She's made some amazing videos You might have seen a lot of the cool stuff that she's done She's amazing in the kitchen Inga, welcome to the show

– Thank you, thank you – Have you ever made ramen before? – I have not made ramen, I've made other kinds of noodles Like, Chinese beef noodle soup – Okay – Stir-fried noodles

– Well, you have a lot more experience than I do, so I'm glad you're here today We're gonna make a giant ramen Full disclaimer, this isn't anything particularly new, channels have done similar versions But we wanna do our own take on it I think the first thing we've gotta do is make the broth

So we're gonna make a tonkotsu broth We have a lot of meat Pork feet, chicken backs, chicken necks A lot of kinda the odds and ends and pieces The reason why they use these odd cuts is because I think it adds a lot of flavor, right? – It's a good way to use up the normal cuts you wouldn't just eat

– [Alvin] Let's just throw that in there – All right, wow Gentle, gentle – Gentle with the meats So water going in

(water pouring) Whoo! We'll take this into the back, boil it, clean off any impurities Oh, I'll be right back – Okay, so while the bones and the meat are blanching, we are going to char some vegetables And the reason we do this is so that we can add some smokiness to the flavor, add some depth – [Alvin] You know I like to bring that heat

– All right, listen to that sizzle – [Alvin] This is three pounds of onions It's 25 cloves of garlic – This is what we're talking about, oh my goodness – That's what I like to see

This might take awhile because there's a lot of vegetables that we have to go through That looks great – [Inga] Right? – It's so nice and caramelized It's about ten minutes, I took a nap You know, made her do all the hard work

But I got you a tray – If you don't char your vegetables, that's also okay But all these black bits here, it really enhances the flavor, right? It's like flavor bits – Yeah, flavor bits We have our charred vegetables

Thank you Inga for making it happen (Inga laughs) I'll make sure I put more work in so this group project doesn't become a failure – Oh my goodness – Yeah, this is what the bones look like after being boiled and skimmed a bit So we're just gonna take 'em out

It's time to go fishing – You see that layer of fat? – Oh my, that's how much stuff came out of it This has a lot of impurities and kind of the weird bits from the bones Not really that great to save, so I'm gonna go dump this out so we can get a cleaner broth going – I'll leave the heavy labor to you, Alvin

– You sure? Yeah, I've gotta literally carry my weight (Inga laughs) – We have to put the bones back in, here we go – Oh – Oh, that splattered – So we have the charred vegetables from earlier

Shiitake mushrooms, I love these These are so good in every type of broth Ready? – What is those? – These are, what is those? – What are those? – These are leeks – Okay, one, two, three – Go

– [Alvin] Ooh, make it rain This is like, what, three bunches? – [Inga] Yup – [Alvin] Of scallions we got – Eat your vegetables, children (Alvin laughs) – Thanks, mom

– [Both] Woah! – I'll get it higher than you can – I don't think that was a good idea – No, it was not, it's not a good idea, let's go lower – This is gonna need to cook for eight to 12 hours? 'Cause it's a really nice broth, it cooks for a long time – Basically slowly simmering it

– I'm gonna take this into the back to cook Oh my god, this is so heavy We're gonna make some ramen noodles from scratch – As you guys can see, we have a couple of ingredients here Flour, water, and kansui, also known as lye water

It's this sort of alkaline solution I don't wanna get too scientific here But what it does is make noodles chewier That's what gives it that sort of springy mouth feel – I've never made these before

– Me neither – All right Lt's just get to it – All right – [Alvin] It's kinda like pasta but there's no egg, right? – [Inga] Yeah

– All right, here we go – Slowly but surely (mixer whirring) – And this is lye water It's kicking up a notch (mixer squeaking) (Inga laughs) – Oh, it's making a sound

– [Both] Oh! – Okay – [Inga] Yeah, look at that When you press down on it, it comes back – I feel like since you did a lot of the work with the vegetables, I gotta pull my weight You know, you can't be the guy in the group projects that just sits back, does nothing

And then just shows up on the last day and is like, "Oh, hey guys, how's it going? "Oh, you finished, oh thanks, thanks for the A" – Alvin talks a lot – I'm sorry It's the first time I've had a friend on the show Usually it's just lonely and me

– That's true (laughs) You can tell that there's a lot of, what is it, gluten! – Gluten – Yes – My boy gluten – There is a lot of gluten because it's taking a lot of arm work to do this

– You want me to get back in there? – No – You good, okay You're literally standing up in between – It is becoming smoother – Yeah, it's smooth, yeah, it's nice

– Oh, you don't slap it – I mean, how else do you check if it's smooth? I'm gonna say this is done, how do you feel? – We just need it, let it rest a little, relax a little, and then we can roll it out into some noods All right, let's go – That wasn't as dramatic as I thought it was gonna be (Inga mimics whooshing) All right, I'll take half and you take half

Ooh, that's satisfying – [Inga] Oh, yeah – [Alvin] Ooh, yeah It's just like a mochi ice cream – [Inga] It is! – It's like a giant mochi ice cream

It would not taste like it Two outta ten do not recommend – [Inga] We're just flattening out so that it can go through the pasta machine – All right, so this is currently set at zero Zero is the thickest setting, we're gonna start with that, and then see where we can go from here

– Oh, come on, look at mine – Oh (bleep), all right, you go first (Inga laughs) – Ready? – Ready? (pasta machine creaking) Ooh – There we go – All right, okay, not bad

– So that's the beginning It has to be a gradual process Slowly get it thinner and thinner Which is why we're going, what, from zero to– – Zero to seven – To seven

– Many times, it's pretty labor-intensive – This is why you need two people, man Squish, squish, squish Whoa! (Alvin laughs) This is so silly – One giant noodle

We have the fettuccine attachment I'm gonna put the crank over here and then if you wanna feed it through – Okay – [Alvin] Ooh, you got it? – I do got it – You got it? – Oh dear

– Damn – All right, whoa! That's pretty wet – It's okay, that's one – All right, let's go – We're gonna use my dough

We might be here for a couple of hours Broth is still cooking Eight to 12 hours is a very long time So we're gonna get started on the pork, the chashu We have a pork belly here

I think it's a beautiful piece of meat Let's get gloves on because this might get a little bit messy (gloves snap) Yeah (Inga laughs) – Rolling it up, because you know how when you go to ramen shops, you see that perfect circle of meat? That's what we're trying to replicate – We're gonna need to tie it though, because if we roll it up, it needs to stay together

So how about, one person ties and the other person has to hold it together? – [Inga] All right Hold it tight – Hold it tight, roll it up tight I'm gonna go under the meat And then, oh, wait, that side came out

– [Inga] Oh, it is slippery – [Alvin] Yeah – Come on, Alvin – [Alvin] You wanna try? – Huh! – Huh, oh my God – Is that good? Is that tight enough? – That's pretty good

Oh, my pinkies, keep on – [Inga] There we go – No fingers are lost today – [Inga] All right, we have it in the pot We're gonna add the braising liquid, the soy sauce first

I know it looks like a lot of soy sauce Remember, this is a giant pork roll – Yeah, there's three bunches of scallions in here – [Inga] This is sake – [Alvin] Wanna save some for me? – Alvin would run off with this

Then the sweet wine, mirin And garlic – [Alvin] I got your ginger Look at that, good timing – [Inga] We'll add a little bit of water to top it off

– We're gonna braise this for a while until it gets really nice, really tender, the fat's gonna come out – And all of that sauce that just went in there, it's gonna seep right into the meat Goodbye, pork baby You ready for this? – I wanna see how our pork baby is doing – One, two, three

Oh yeah! – Whoa! All right, let's bring this to the tray Okay, all right, cool – [Inga] Gently, gently – [Alvin] Gently All right, the baby has landed

– [Inga] It's very tender – It is very tender Cheers – Cheers – Mmm, this is good

– Tastes like the stuff you get on ramen – I know – This beautiful broth right here, we're saving it because we are actually going to marinate our egg in this sauce No waste – Yeah, all right, you wanna take care of that? I'm gonna start wrapping this

– [Inga] Okay – We have something very special This is an ostrich egg And this is – A normal egg

– For reference, it's kinda like you versus the guy she tells you not to worry about This is not easy to break And you've had experience with ostrich eggs, right? – Yes, I have I have made an ostrich egg egg McMuffin before – Yeah, I saw that video

This feels like a grenade, like there's no thin shell here Sumo wrestler said he wanted a nice, soft-boiled egg – Aww, man – That's kinda what ramen comes with It's nice, it's beautiful, it's marinated

I think we're gonna have to resort to a technique called sous-vide Essentially it's circulating water around the egg at a fixed temperature to cook it even all the way through This is gonna go in the water Do you wanna give it a name? – Eggy? – Okay – [Inga] Like a cute egg baby

– Eggy's gonna hang out in the water We're gonna cross our fingers and wait for a couple of hours and see what goes on Here we are – Three hours later I'm just nervous

I mean, I know he's been sitting there for a long time, soft-boiled though – Yeah, I don't know if it's gonna work, but there's no other way to find out than to take it out and crack him right open – [Inga] Even if it's not soft-boiled (egg thuds) Ooh, that was– – [Alvin] That was loud – Gentle, gentle, Eggy

– Sorry – We're gonna use the back of the knife here, where it's more blunt (Alvin laughs) and just slowly hack away at it Ready? – [Alvin] Ready whenever you are (knife thuds) – [Alvin] Oh! (knife thudding) I felt that one – [Inga] Oh, no

– [Alvin] Ooh, what happened? – [Inga] It's very soft – It's like Jell-O (knife thudding) – [Alvin] It's like a water balloon – I was just going to say that Okay, it is definitely not cooked

– This is not what a soft-boiled egg should be like – [Inga] Whoa! (Inga laughs) It's so jiggly – [Both] Oh! – Oh my God – This cannot– – I'm weak, I'm weak – Here, I got it, I got it, I got it

Guys, this is an egg yolk – I think the yolk cooks way faster than the whites And sous-vide is all about cooking at an even temperature, right? So there's no real way you can sous-vide it where this is under and this is over I think we might have to sacrifice a soft-boiled egg and just go with like a harder boil – It's better to be safe and edible

If it's not soft-boiled, I think Yama-San will understand – I would think he would appreciate the fact that he is eating an egg and not Jell-O – Eggy has served us well – Eggy has served us well Thank you for your sacrifice

May you rest in pieces (Inga grunts) Whoo! All right – Moment of truth Do you need help, you good? – I think I'm okay Emotional support wouldn't be bad though

– Good job, Alvin, you got this, Alvin You can do it, Alvin – So we got a second one What do you wanna name it? – Eggy Jr (Inga and Alvin laugh) Can I draw a face on it? Just for good luck

(Alvin laughs) – [Alvin] Aww, that's cute – [Inga] Yay, Eggy, everybody Ta-da! He's so cute – Do you wanna do the honors? – No – You gave him a face, I feel very bad about it

– I feel very bad – He's just looking at me with the eyes – [Inga] I know = [Alvin] He's just looking at me, I can't do it (knife thuds) (Alvin laughs) – We only have one shot, right? This is one shot, it's one shot

– This is the last egg that we have (knife thudding) Ooh – [Inga] Okay No, it's so sad – And so, and continues to hammer his head with a knife

Oh, okay – It's not the most perfect on this side but let's focus on this side – Let's focus on this side This is a hard-boiled ostrich egg Not the prettiest thing but hey, you know, sometimes children don't turn out the way we want them to and that's okay, we love them all the same

We should marinate this, right? – Yes – Okay – We have that braising liquid from earlier – And down to the marinade We're gonna add some more soy sauce to this to help cover it so we can get a full-on bath

You don't want any white spots – We're probably gonna leave this sitting in there overnight, I would say – It's a damn thick egg – It is day two This has been cooking for twelve hours

Let's go, let's do this! – Oh! – Oh, it smells so good – [Alvin] That is delicious, I would eat that I would eat that – We can eat everything in here All of this stuff went into that broth, so you know the broth is gonna taste good

– Look at this, nice and milky consistency – Yay – Whoo – [Inga] Oh dear, oh dear All right, all right, slow, slow, slow

– Wow, we did it Cheers (Alvin and Inga slurp) It's delicious – Yeah, I think we can always add more salt and more flavor later if we wanted, such as that sauce from the braised pork we did – Oh, that's a good idea

Oh, I like that – I mean, as Alvin says, "Go big or go home" – That's what I like to hear, let's go – Pork baby, he's back It seems like it's holding its shape fairly well

Gloves – One, two, three (gloves snap) – Oh, that was weak, let's do it again – One, two, three (gloves snap) – Nice! – Whoo

– [Both] Whoa! – [Alvin] That's a spiral of a joy right there All right, that's one Slice number two – [Inga] Ooh, ooh – Isn't that one of the most beautiful things you've ever seen? That's six slices and hopefully that is enough for this very amazing man

– It is time to assemble We have our beautiful Eggy Jr here He has been sitting in this little soy sauce, marinating in sake bath for a while We have the pork belly, ginger, nori, seaweed, scallions, and obviously the broth

But, more importantly, giant ramen calls for a giant bowl – It's like the one my mom has at home Every Asian family has a version of this – And a pair of pretty long chopsticks to go with our pretty big bowl Look at it! – He's so dark

Wow, that marinade really sank in You wanna cut the egg, I can hold it for you – I don't wanna cut your hand These are Tasty hands, they're valuable Actually, you know what, I'm gonna

(Alvin and Inga laugh) – All right, cool, bye bye, Eggy – [Inga] Ooh – This guy is tough Wait, hold up – [Both] Ooh

– You wanna break him open? – Dun, dun, dun – Whoa! – [Both] Cheers – Oh – That's actually really good I think the next thing we should do is to sear the pork belly, add some color to it, like how it looks in ramen shops

– We could sear it in a pan – Or pop it in the oven – Or (torches whooshing) (upbeat music) – Time to get lit – Oh yeah All right, Agent Lam, proceed to target one – Copy that – Fire at will

(torches whooshing) – [Alvin] Status report, Agent Lam – Target is slowly burning – Copy that Target known as pork baby is proving to be quite resilient, but there are signs of distress – [Inga] Target about to be annihilated

– [Alvin] Oh – All right, this is getting a bit much (Alvin laughs) It's getting a bit much – [Alvin] Those look damn good The fat is crisping up really nicely

– I know, can you hear that crackle? – This is so fun Something about fire-smoked meat and fat is my favorite thing in the world – [Inga] Ooh, look at that contrast – I know, look at that This is the best day ever

(chuckles) – We are now entering the noodle zone So we have the noodles from yesterday, we have a pot of boiling water here, and we have an ice bath After I cook them, I dump it in ice water just so it lowers the temperature and so it won't continue cooking How many servings do you think we're actually making here? – I think that this big, giant ramen bowl is gonna be twenty times the size of a normal bowl of ramen – This is the final mission

(Alvin and Inga laugh) We should save the broth for last Probably build everything else first, starting with the noodles Like that? – [Alvin] Ah, that's cool Here, I'll help you get the nori in This beautiful pork, coming in hot

(Inga gasps) Last piece going in The prettiest girl at the prom All right Pork is down – There we go

Next up, let's do the eggs – [Alvin] Get it against the wall All right, I want a egg in All right, other egg is going in Nice

Oh! – No! – [Alvin] He's tipping over – [Inga] I'll do the Tokyo scallions – Finishing touch is some pickled ginger There it is (Inga claps) This is our ramen

– [Inga] This is a ramen – This is one ramen, for one man Well, we got a lot of liquid and I don't think we have a lot of space to do this What's the strategy here? – The strategy is there is no strategy We are just going to pour it until it's full

– I like this strategy (Inga laughs) – We're just gonna put it in the braising sauce first – Okay Ooh Okay, I'm gonna go in with some broth

– [Both] Oh – It's hot, careful – Oh man, it's hot That didn't even make a dent Good thing we made a lot of broth

Here we go again – [Inga] All right, it's going up, it's going up – [Alvin] Oh, it's going up, nice – High-five – Good job, good job

– We did it – We did it This is actually the most victorious I've felt making a giant food ever I think this is done – You think we're ready to serve Yama-San? – I think he's a very hungry guy and I really wanna see if what we made stacks up to what he expects

'Cause we put a lot of work into this one – [Inga] Yeah – You have my respect, ramen makers out there – Alvin, we did good – We did good, yeah

– I'm gonna go get him now – All right, I'm gonna go clean up – Close your eyes Go, go, go (Yama and Inga laugh) Almost there, almost there

Then turn around (Inga laughs) – Okay, okay, okay One, two, three Open your eyes – (laughs) Jesus

(all laughing) – Pretty cool, right? – [Alvin] You like it? – Yeah (all laughing) – We have the tonkotsu broth with homemade ramen noodles, big chashu, an ostrich egg This is for you – Thank you – How do you feel? – I feel excited

(all laughing) – Are you hungry? – Yeah, very hungry – All right, good – Thank you (all speak in foreign language) – [All] Ooh (Yama slurps) – Mmm, yum

(Alvin speaks in foreign language) (Yama speaks in foreign language) – Yes, yes! (triumphant music) – Oh, man (Inga and Alvin laugh) I love this I would do this all over again in a heartbeat – My heart is so full – Yeah! (Inga laughs) – Do you think you can finish it all? – I can't eat everything

– Okay – So actually, my friend is coming here – Oh, is he? – Yeah – Oh, okay – My friend Hiroki

– Oh, nice to meet you – Nice to meet you, nice to meet you (Hiroki slurps) (triumphant music) (Hiroki speaks in foreign language) (Inga and Alvin laugh) – We did it! Whoo! – I already ate enough Today I just celebrate, thank you so much – [All] Thank you

– Thank you, bye – Thank you – Thank you, bye (Alvin speaks in foreign language) – [Yama] Good night – Good night

We did it – We did it Thank you for helping me today – Thank you for having me – Could definitely have not done it without you

The name of the show is Tasty's "Making It Big" I really don't think it could've gotten any bigger today – It took a lot of time and effort but I think it really paid off, it was really fun – If you wanna guess what we're gonna be making, leave a comment, send us a message Thank you so much

And we will see you guys next time Until then – [Both] Peace (upbeat music) – So we have 78 eggs, six sticks of butter I have never whipped these many egg whites in my life

This is like, when you're swimming and you're doing breaststroke My hand feels like it's literally in a cloud Here we go, ooh This one's for all the monies (tray clatters) (triumphant music) Hi, my name is Alvin, I am a Tasty producer, and I love making giant food for other people

Today, I'll be bringing in my friend Jasmine, who is a host on Bring Me's "Giant Food Time" where she is surprising her friends with giant foods at restaurants I wanna return the favor and also see if anything that I can make will stack up against all the amazing and huge things that she's gotten to eat So, let's go meet her 'Sup, Jasmine? – Hello! – How's it going? – Good, how are you? – Good, are you hungry? – I'm hungry and excited – So, for the people that don't know you, what do you exactly do? – So I am also very familiar with giant food

I surprise my friends with giant foods but I take them to locations that already serve them and then I invite my friends in and I make their dreams come true – So basically, you do the exact same thing that I do, except for you go to a restaurant for the food instead? – Yeah, I don't have to do any of the work – Oh dang, that sounds pretty darn awesome If you were to request me to make you any giant version of any food ever, what would you like? – Okay, I'm actually sweating just thinking about it So I saw a video on Tasty about a jiggly cheesecake

(Alvin laughs) Why are you laughing? – I made that video – Okay, perfect! – Why are you such a big Japanese jiggly cheesecake fan? – It's just this golden brown beauty, you know? And then you take it out of the oven and it's steaming and you jiggle it It jiggles as much as my belly jiggles just like that – I will not bring you the giant cheesecake unless it jiggles (happy jazz music) (upbeat music) This is something that I think is gonna be pretty fun

I've made a recipe for this before and I think we should just try to make a pretty large version of it So the first thing that we're gonna do, we're just gonna make a liquid batter, and that involves six sticks of butter So, not a diet food Sorry, Jasmine And that is gonna cook down, whoo! And then, you can't have a cheesecake without cream cheese

Oh man, look at that floating cream cheese island And we're gonna pour in the milk and whisk it, and I think that's gonna emulsify it and make it smoother All right, the one-handed straining technique All right, let's just make sure that there's not too many lumps, 'cause I know I was dealing with a lot of cream cheese and a lot of butter To the liquids, we're gonna add the dry ingredients

So this is just flour, oof Got some cornstarch Pretty intense batter we got No matter how many times I make giant food, I always forget how much of a physical effort it is It's getting smooth, which is quite nice

This is getting tiring All right, I'm gonna say that this batter is pretty good, pretty smooth I'm gonna set this aside, I'm gonna take a break Whoo, this is heavy All right, there's this pan

Okay, so this is fun Well, this is actually the same pan that I had used for the original recipe video, but I'm sorry, it will not be big enough today So the pan that I'm actually gonna be using, this one over here, this is a hotel pan They use these pans to serve food at buffets I found what I needed

I hope this is gonna work And I hope I made enough batter So I'm gonna go and start whipping some eggs We have our pan and the thing is we don't want our cheesecake to stick, so before we beat any eggs I'm gonna line this pan with parchment paper Ooh

(scissors cutting) Ah-ha! Shape these up right now Okay, so we have essentially all the pieces we need to make this cheesecake's parchment lining work We're gonna spray it and get everything to stick together (spray can hissing) Okay, so we've got our pan that's lined (glove snaps) All right, let's crack some eggs

So we have 78 eggs, because the secret to this recipe is just a lot of egg whites That's what makes it so fluffy And we just need to separate them into whites and yolks So, I was lucky enough to be able to go to Japan to work with our Tasty Japan team I also went with Rie

Essentially, when we were planning our trip, we were looking for videos on what to do And we saw this crazy, jiggly Japanese cheesecake So we actually went to the destination in the video, and in Japan, a lot of their restaurants and shops have glass doors or glass windows, but I wanted to figure out how the heck they made this recipe So what I did was, I was like, "Hey, Rie, "can you stand in front of that glass window over there?" And I was like, "Yeah, just pose a little bit" Rie thought she was just, you know, getting some nice pictures at the shop and pointing at things, and I was like, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, just stand there

" In reality, what I was actually doing, I wasn't taking pictures at all, no I was taking video, actually, of what was going on behind Rie, and I was essentially trying to get as close as I could to see what ingredients they were putting into the batter So she was there, just really nice, didn't suspect a thing, while I was going full "Mission: Impossible" incognito Essentially came back home to New York and was like, "I need to figure out how to make this cheesecake" So I took a guess at what ingredients they put in

So I would make a batch, I would make the batter Every attempt was two hours, I would take it out And then the real test was, once I took it out, I would slap it a couple times and if it jiggled, it worked If it didn't jiggle, it was back to the drawing board So I went through like 200 eggs for 12 attempts

And then I think I just randomly did some research one night and drastically changed the ratio of egg whites to egg yolks, and then after 30 minutes in the oven, I was looking at it and I was like, oh! It was blowing up, like going through puberty Bloop bloop bloop I set the cheesecake down, it jiggled I was like, (mimics slapping noises) and it went like (mimics wiggling noises) That's a jiggly cheesecake right there! And that is the story

I'm gonna keep cracking these eggs I'm gonna be an eggs-pert (chuckles) at separating and cracking eggs after this All right, so we have 12 left We've done 66 so far And because we need 12 egg yolks for the actual batter itself, I'm gonna save 12 in here and then give these back to the kitchen once I'm done

(mixers whirring) It's time to whip! Oh wait, I need to, oh God, wait, hold on I gotta separate the egg whites first Yeah, this bowl's not gonna be big enough I'm gonna split it into this bowl, so I'm gonna eyeball around 1/2 Mmm, delicious

All right, cool Now it's actually time to whip So I'm gonna get these back in here One Two

I have never whipped this many egg whites in my life (mixers whirring) (liquid splashing) There we go Gotta get a wider stance to stabilize myself This is like when you're swimming and you're doing breaststroke (mixers whirring) I don't know if you guys can tell but I'm starting to breathe kind of heavy

Whew! All right, they're getting kind of fluffy I'm gonna take a break I'm gonna stop for now I'm gonna sprinkle in some sugar Why am I so tired? Okay, this one's getting some sugar

All right, this guy gets some sugar, too Everybody gets some sugar So, the sugar acts as a stabilizer as well for the egg whites We're aiming for soft peaks here 'cause we want this to be a fluffy cheesecake I'm actually getting lightheaded

(Alvin breathes heavily) I need some oxygen, whew I'm really light-headed right now (Alvin grunts) We need some help Alexis, can I get some help? I'm a little, I'm about to black out I'm very light-headed, could you help me do that one while I do this one? – I mean, I feel like we're almost there

– We're almost there, I just don't wanna collapse (Alexis laughs) (mixers whirring) – Ooh – Ooh, I think you're good – Okay – Yeah

– Okay I'm into it – [Alexis] I think this is good – Let's do it, that's really silky Thank you so much for your help

Without that, I'd be on the floor right now – Good luck – Thank you, appreciate it, I'll need it I'm gonna fold these into the batter we made earlier And to be honest I don't think there is a utensil large enough to fold these into the egg whites, so I might have to use my arms

All right, I'm gonna thoroughly wash my arms Never would I think I'd be using my arms as cooking utensils, but here we are All right, arms are washed Time to fold the egg whites into the batter, but first we gotta take these 12 egg yolks and mix them back into the OG batter These boys are going in

Add some fat and texture to this So I'm gonna go quick because egg whites deflate super fast (whisk clicking) Whew, all right, this batter's ready to be folded into the egg whites So we're gonna scoop some egg whites Oh my God, this is so fun already

We're just going to fold I'm trying to keep this as sanitary as possible So it's already getting a little lighter My hand feels like it's literally in a cloud Now we're gonna get the rest of these

Oh man, here we go This is wild So I'm gonna say that this is good for the batter That was fun, I'm gonna go wash my hands, we're gonna pour this batter into the pan and cross our fingers to hope that it does stay exactly the same way that we want it to And let's do it

To actually bake this thing, in the old video I did a water bath, so we're gonna try to replicate that because I think that helps the cheesecake cook a lot more evenly Gonna get a little of a setup here, I wanna do an inch or so of water Not too much, we don't want it to actually touch the bottom of the pan, so we're gonna put a little filter That goes in And then probably one of my favorite parts, putting the batter into the pan

Here we go, ooh Wait, that's awesome I'm going to put this on top where the water bath is Okay, and then smooth it out with an offset spatula to make sure everything is okay, get rid of any of the really, really big air bubbles All right

This is jiggly cheesecake batter There's a lot of it I'm gonna very carefully take this into the oven All right, let's go It's actually really heavy

Why is it so heavy? It's just egg whites So, from my previous recollection of the original Japanese jiggly cheesecake, it's basically a giant souffle, so there's no time to waste The moment it comes out of the oven, I'm gonna run it over here, I'm gonna flip it out as fast as and as safe as possible, so it's gonna be hot, it's gonna be big There won't be any time to spare Things are gonna get pretty intense

I might be in full Crazy Alvin mode So if I don't say anything, that's because I'm focusing on making the food look good I'm pretty nervous for it So here we go (laughs) Whoa (laughs), all right

Well, this top is really smooth This is looking pretty cool (intense drums music) Big shimmy All right, here we go Out of the water bath, whoo

So let's get this onto here That's there Oh man, I gotta get under it Get a good grip Here we go guys

This one's for all the monies (tray clatters) Whoo! Wow, holy shit! (triumphant music) Whoo! Oh, holy moly, this has got to go back one more time so we can get it onto the other tray Alrighty This is wild, guys All right

All right, Alvin You've got this Whoo! Whoa! That's a jiggly cheesecake right there Oh my god, I love it so much All right, I got some parchment 'cause I'm gonna do some powdered sugar

Make it rain, as we usually do This is so cool (laughs) I'm so happy it worked I think this is it, we did it This is a giant jiggly Japanese cheesecake

Just look at that, ay (laughs) All right, I'm gonna stop doing that before I ruin this whole thing So, let's go surprise Jasmine (groovy music) Hey Jasmine – Yeah? – [Alvin] You hungry? – Yeah

– [Alvin] You want some jiggly cheesecake? – Yeah! – [Alvin] Well, here you go, I have a regular one – Oh God, I was like, are you serious? – [Alvin] This is the normal-sized one Just for your reference I want you to look at it, take it in So please close your eyes

– Okay – When I count to three, I want you to open your eyes and see the cheesecake – Okay – One, two, three (Jasmine yelling) – Thank you, yes! – I'm glad you like it

– Oh, it's beautiful Wow I think you're like You're a god – Oh, thanks homie You wanna eat this thing? – Yes! – All right, let's get in here, how about– – Just cut it! (Alvin and Jasmine laugh) – [Jasmine] He cut himself a bigger slice, just saying – Wait, is it not even? (Jasmine laughs) – Oh my God, I curved Well, I'll give the bigger one to you

– [Jasmine] Thank you, you're so nice – All right, well, here you go Ooh – Wow – All right, well, here's your piece

– Wow, thank you It's very heavy – [Alvin] Please eat while it is still warm (gentle music) – This is so good – [Alvin] Is it good? – Mmm-hmm

– How do you feel on the receiving end? – I'm quitting my show – Don't say that (laughs) Have you gotten down to the cross-section yet? – No – Well, if you see here, right? There's more like a custard flan kind of action going on so you get more textures Well, I'm glad you liked it

Thanks for coming on the show I'm glad two people that love giant food finally got to hang out and eat giant food together So, this has been great Cheers – Cheers

– Bye guys! Well, we did it We made jiggly cheesecake, got it to jiggle, got it to wiggle, very happy with the way it turned out I almost blacked out at a certain point but I'm glad I got Alexis to come in and pull through Jasmine seemed pretty happy about it and I was just so excited to see her face and her reaction to it because she loves giant food just as much as I do If you have any guesses to what I'll be making next, any comments, any suggestions, any ideas that you think you want me to make into a giant reality, feel free to leave a comment below or send me an Instagram message, I'll see what I can do

But until next time, peace (gentle music) (cheese brick thumping) – This is an absolute unit of cheese we've got going on It's 15 cups of Parmesan A lot of onions to get through, a lot of tears to cry Whoo! Take a breather

I'm not really sure why I'm doing this but it helps (triumphant music) Hi, my name's Alvin, I am a Tasty producer, and I love making giant food for other people For the past two years I've been playing video games with a couple of friends from work and this one guy, Jake, he is always eating Before we play, while we play, after we play, all the time So I thought I'd be kind of fun to make him something giant for him to snack on because this guy eats a lot

Let's go meet Jake and see what he wants to eat today What's up, dude? – Hey, nice to see you, man Thanks for having me here – Yeah, of course What have you been up to? – You know, just the same old working, working hard

– So I've told people that we play games online a lot And also that you are always eating – I just always like to have food with me – Is that why you're always better than me? You're always eating, I think there's a corelation there I also do wanna make you a giant food, so is there anything in particular that you think would be fun to just snack on? – I mean, I love fried foods

My main finger food is mozzarella sticks – Oh, okay How about I one up you, what if I made you both mozzarella sticks but onions rings? I feel like they go together – Onion rings actually were my gateway into onions 'Cause I didn't like onions before and then onion rings, I was like, this is not bad, I can get into it

– Gotta go makes these giant mozzarella sticks and giant onion rings, and hopefully then I can beat you as well 'cause maybe you'll be too preoccupied– – Yeah, that's a two-hander – You can feel free to hang out here I'm gonna get to it and see if I can make that happen – All right, sounds good, man – Thanks dude, appreciate it

– Yeah, yeah, good luck (upbeat music) – Okay, so, today we're gonna be making giant onion rings You also might have seen them on some other YouTube channels so it's not exactly the newest concept, but we're gonna try to make our own version So, my technique is basically instead of making one giant onion ring, is to shape onions into a ring instead and not have to deal with finding a ring that's this big So I'm just gonna kind of throw a couple of these in here, this is a lot of onions

Oh, I can smell it already Whoo, oh yeah, we're gonna need some tissues up in here I'm going to actually sprinkle some salt in it because I wanna draw out as much water as I can 'cause I don't want the onion ring to be really wet That's delicious As you can see, we have a bit of a onion puree going on

We're actually just gonna dump it into a bowl with cheesecloth and we're gonna do this a couple more times (processor whirring) All right, that's looking pretty good Round two's done This is the onion puree mixture that we have I don't think I can put the rest of this in there yet so I'm actually just gonna take this out and squeeze it to get all the juice, oh geez, this is really, it's getting everywhere

(laughs) All right Alvin, you can do this blindfolded Spilling like an overfilled diaper right now Yeah, so a lot of tears right now I think the last time I cried this much I watched "Avengers" and "Game of Thrones" in the same night That was pretty intense

Oh my God, okay, actually, I think this is making me cry a little more (grunts) All right, I'm wanna say that's good for round number one Whoo! Take a breather (Alvin blowing) I'm fanning my own eyes (Alvin blows) I'm wanna power through it

No one ever said this was gonna be easy Sometimes what doesn't kill you makes you stronger Fingers crossed this doesn't take me out, but we'll see It's actually getting kind of intense I'm gonna go grab a fan and then try to wash my hands and see if I can get rid of this

(exhales) Oh, okay, that's nice, we're gonna keep going And thank you, appreciate it, you're a real fan Oh, that's so much better now I should've done that from the beginning (processor whirring) I can't get over the amount of liquid coming out though, that's just wild

So let's see what we got Ah yes, a nice ball of squeezed out onions Whoo, okay, I had to take little nap in the back, eyes were killing me Our fan is still on but we're gonna add some binders in here to make this into a ring, so I have some cornstarch and I have some egg whites I'm just gonna keep mixing until all the moisture absorbs

Start with this much It's actually really nice and soft to play with Gotta make a hole in the middle, there we go Get it into a ring kind of shape Hopefully it holds together in the freezer

Shaping it, it's coming together I think that's a pretty good-looking onion ring we got going on Okay, I'm gonna make one more I have high hopes for this one The strategy is to get his into a nice circle and then make the hole in the middle

Gotta be good with the fingers here 'cause you gotta shape it into a nice hole, like a donut I say that these are two pretty nice-looking onion rings We got some more of this onion batter I'm wanna take these into the freezer and then we're gonna get some stuff ready and probably go work on some mozzarella sticks So, here we go

Onion rings are in the freezer In the mean time we're gonna make giant mozzarella sticks We got six-pound blocks (Alvin grunting) Oh my God, this is so hard (laughs) Just gonna bisect this entire log we got here

Okay (laughs) Look at that All right, next cut Face down, oh, there you go Who knew it was so hard to cut the cheese

That's some big sticks we got, I'm just gonna cut these all up first (knife thudding) There we go, okay We got four blocks, gotta turn these into some sticks We could just batter it and fry this one I honestly don't think that's big enough

So, I'm gonna try to get these two to go back to back I think this might be easier if I break this in half All right, come on, there you go, okay Then we gotta get another one to cross over These are skewered together, we're gonna go put them in the freezer to set up, and I'm gonna hang out in the back, probably gonna eat 1/2 of this, turn the rest of this into more mozzarella sticks

So, I'll be back We have to make the breading That's like a landslide over here They call this the big summits of panko as well as an avalanche and a rainstorm of grated Parmesan cheese But this mozzarella stick is gonna taste pretty damn good, I'll tell you that

And, you know, just some salt, 'cause you gotta still season your stuff And then dry parsley flakes for color and for a little bit of flavor So just gonna get in here, whisk all this together Whoo, that turned into a landscape I'm gonna say at least probably 10 loaves of bread were used to make these bread crumbs

Pretty much there, now we gotta whisk our 32 eggs Pop the yolks first (metal clanking) Look at this beautiful color we got going on All right, so, I'm gonna go grab those mozzarella sticks and we're gonna probably make a huge mess trying to bread them, but we're gonna do it for Jake Let's go make it happen

Okay, well, we have four skewered together giant mozzarella sticks I think it's time to bread them This is 100% going to get very messy so I'ma put on some gloves Here we go, go in here We'll coat them in the egg

All righty, then I'm just gonna throw these on here and do that Well, this is the biggest thing I think I've ever breaded here at Tasty Then back in the eggs to get coated Flip it around, back in the bread crumbs Oh, here we go

Okay, it's getting a little coat, I'm into it Okay, this guy's pretty much ready That was one (chuckles) We're gonna do a couple more All right, here we go, number two

Whoo, this is pretty nerve wracking, guys Yeah, these are four giant mozzarella sticks We got some extra breading I might go make some more 'cause I think it's always fun to have more cheese I'm gonna take these to the freezer

See you guys later, okay? Oh my God, this is so heavy (Alvin grunting) Oh God, this is like the pancakes Cool, onion ring batter So, got a big bowl of flour here, then we're just gonna add in our seasoning So got some cool seasoning salt and regular salt

Some pepper, and whisking it together Get a nice color in there All right, that's in And then we're gonna go with some oil A lot of eggs, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop

And then just a lot of milk, cool I like living life on the edge Bring it around town The momentum from the hips helps the batter not drip I'm gonna take this to the back

I'm gonna get some help because I'm pretty much exhausted and I'm gonna go to bed, goodnight guys As you can see, this is a very large pot with a lot of hot oil Please do not try this at home I'm very excited to see how this all turns out Let's get to it

Okay, let's go over here One on This is the mozzarella stick, we're going in folks Slow (oil sizzling) Whoo! There it goes

We are frying at around 390-400 degrees This is gonna fry for about, I'm gonna say two to three minutes It doesn't take a long time So we'll give it a look-see Ooh, that's looking real good

That fried really quick All right, well, we might be able to take this guy out All right, let's get in here with one of these We got this guy All right, this is our mozzarella stick

It's pretty darn golden brown, and we're coming out Whoo, that's a mozzarella stick Okay, we made two more mozzarella sticks so now we have four and now we're gonna move onto onion rings So this is gonna go into the cornstarch to kinda absorb any excess moisture from the onions I'm gonna ask for some help

Ryan, can you give me a hand here? – [Ryan] No worries – This is Ryan, he's on our culinary team, he's amazing, and he is the reason why this video is going to work You wanna hold the bowl right next to the oil, this will be a two-man effort Go in Ooh, that's kinda cool, okay

Thanks for holding, Ryan – Mm-hmm – So, let's see if we can get this under here We gotta drip off any of the excess we got in the back Here goes nothing, guys

Whoo, all right Well, that's what you can do with the power of teamwork Thank you, Ryan This is at around 350 or so, 370-ish, because the onions inside are raw so we need to cook them through, just like an onion ring So this is gonna fry I wanna say 10-15 minutes until it's golden brown and crispy, and we're gonna check back on it

Okay, it's been 15 minutes The color's really nice I think that looks like an onion ring Coming out All right, we got probably two more to go 'cause you can't have a complete set without four rings and four sticks

So I got a lot more batter to go through See you guys in a bit (Alvin blows raspberries) We did it, we fried a lot of stuff We got four onion rings, we got four mozzarella sticks But it think it's time to really assemble these, just like Captain America says

We got some really cool containers for the onion rings This guy goes first All right, hanging out This guy come in over here Then we're gonna get my boy onion ring number three

And then final guy Those are the four onion rings Let's go plate the mozzarella sticks Whoo! All right, that's one All right, two

Three All right, this one goes in the back To finish it off, to make it look really delicious, you know, why not, here's some make it rain Parmesan on top and then we're gonna make it rain parsley, too Yeah (laughs) This is pretty awesome, guys

Mozzarella sticks are finished, they are plated There we have it, we have giant mozzarella sticks, giant onion rings, regular marinara sauce, just a lot of it I think Jake's super hungry, say no more, let's go eat (funky music) Hey Jake – What's up, dude? – [Alvin] You ready for your food? – Yeah man, let's see it

– [Alvin] All right, close your eyes though – All right – [Alvin] I'm gonna bring 'em in one by one – Honestly my mouth is already salivating a bit – Food is in front of you

– Okay – I hope you're hungry I think you might be very happy with the results, so on the count of three I want you to open your eyes, all right? (Jake laughs) All right One, two, three Open your eyes, dude

– Holy (beep), oh my God! That is huge! – Yeah, pretty good, right? Is this enough for you to eat on while we play games? – I think so (Alvin laughs) I'll crush at least a few of these – I hope so, you seem to be eating a lot, dude – Yes – Yeah, we have some giant mozzarella sticks

We've got some giant onion rings And we have some homemade marinara – Homemade, oh my God, you really treat me right, man Wow – The best part about a mozzarella stick is when you pull it and you get that great cheese pull

– The cheese pull – Let's do it on one, two, three, give it a nice pull, slowly – [Jake] Oh – Ooh – Whoa! This is some good mozzarella

Oh my God, it keeps going – [Alvin] It keeps going, oh – Oh, okay, wait a sec Oh my God, yes – This is crazy

– Oh, here we go I gotta dip first, can I dip? – [Alvin] Yeah, of course you can dip I dip, you dip, we all dip I don't know what that song goes but that's what it is – All right

– All right, cheers dude – Cheers man – Have a good one (triumphant music) – Mmm Wow

– How is it? – Dude, this is unreal, this tastes so good – It's good, right? – This is like a mozzarella stick sandwich, this is the best thing ever This is an innovative dish Do you wanna try one of these onion rings, too? – [Alvin] I'll try an onion ring – All right

– There you go, yeah – Whoa, all right – Oh yeah, there you go – Look at that, oh hey, what's up (Alvin laughs) How you going, how you doing? I'm just gonna do a little dip

(Alvin laughs) It's a little hot (Alvin laughs) – Sorry, we just made it Good? – Yeah That's some good onion in there – How do you feel, you feel good? – This is heaven, dude, oh my God

– Well, I'm happy I could make this for you I know you guys might be playing some games later, if you wanna bring this to the guys, it's a lot of food – Oh hell yeah! – Well, I'll help you bring this over, all right? – Let's do it, man, yeah, yeah, yeah, let's do it – Whoo (upbeat music) – It's been a tough day today

We cried a lot, I sweated a lot But I would say it's pretty successful Jake was happy, I was very impressed with just how far the mozzarella pull got I think that was probably one of my favorite giant foods so far And this is the second-to-last episode of this season of "Making it Big

" If you guys wanna take a guess at something cool that I have prepared for you guys next week, feel free, leave it in the comments, send me a message It's gonna be kinda crazy and I think you'll know the person that I'm making it for But until next time, peace (gentle music) – Make it fancy, Alvin – No, we're making it big, that's the name of this show

This is a 100-egg omelet (grunts) My arm's dying It's a damn lot of eggs, it's a lot of time Shout out to all my hens out there, you're the real ones All right, stay together, stay together

One, two, three, open your eyes Rie (Rie laughs) – It's so cute (upbeat music) – What's up, guys? I'm Alvin, I love making giant food And today on Tasty's "Making It Big" we're gonna do some crazy stuff Today I'll be cooking for my fellow Tasty producer Rie

You might have seen her on "Worth It," on "Eating Your Feed," and a lot of other Tasty videos She's an amazing producer and a wonderful chef I wanna see if I can make something that's really cool that will really impress her So let's go see what she wants to eat today Hello

– Hey Alvin – How's it going? – Good – Did you have any lunch or dinner plans today? – I didn't have lunch, I didn't have breakfast even So I'm very hungry – What do you personally enjoy eating on a day-to-day basis? – I love Japanese breakfast

Rice, miso soup, and tamagoyaki, which is Japanese-style omelet – The one where they cook it in the pan and it rolls up? – Exactly – Okay – So, I would be so impressed if you made me an omelet – A giant omelet? – A giant omelet

– Oh (Rie laughs) Well, just to be clear though American omelets and Japanese omelets are different What makes them so unique? – So, Japanese omelet is you explained It's rolled and it's layered

American omelet has a lot of fun ingredients like peppers, caramelized onions, bacon, then cheese – Are those your favorite ingredients in omelets? – Yeah, I love caramelized onion and bacon combination – Doesn't seem like it's gonna be very easy – Make it fancy, Alvin – No, I'm making it big, that's the name of this show

Oh, I have an idea – Yeah – Not only I'm gonna make you a giant omelet, what if I make you a 100-egg omelet? – 100-egg omelet? – 100-egg omelet – It would be so amazing, yeah – Okay, I'm gonna get to it

(clothes whooshing) Okay, here we are As you can see, I have many, many, many eggs I've never purchased, handled, or seen these many eggs in one place in my entire life So, the first step to making a 100-egg omelet is to crack 100 eggs, so let's get cracking, hey (funky music) (egg cracks) Oh, I broke the first one

We're off to a fantastic start To crack eggs, you wanna take the egg and you wanna crack it on a flat surface, not on the edge of a pan or a bowl 'cause it could really shatter the inside (egg thudding) Knock knock, who's there? You know, just an egg Sometimes people ask me, what came first, the chicken or the egg? After hours of deliberation, I don't really know Fun fact: (laughs) a hen lay an egg every 26 hours

So that means for one hen to lay 100 eggs, that would (record scratching) That would be, (sighs) damn it I'm Asian, I should be knowing this better

Days, a 108 days and eight hours for one hen to lay 100 eggs Also known as a damn long time (chuckles) Shout out to all my hens out there, you're the real ones We're almost there, it's been quite a journey Number 100

(egg thudding) (egg cracking) Whoo, okay We have officially cracked a 100 eggs into this bowl It's a damn lot of eggs, it's a lot of time Thank you chickens for your hard work I'll see you in a bit

So these are a 100 eggs We're just gonna whisk them and we're gonna season them later I'm actually very excited for this, we're gonna go (whisk whirring) Whoo! (Alvin laughs) There's so many eggs I can't even get 'em all I wanna make sure this is the smoothest egg mixture anybody's ever seen, so I'm gonna whisk the crap out of these eggs

Whoo! It's a workout Right arm's getting real tired about now (chuckles) Oh, there was a yolk a missed Through you go, I got you That's right, you don't scape from me

I eat yolks for breakfast Actually, though (whisk thudding) I like this beat (whisk thudding) Whoo! That's the egg beat (whisk thudding) All right, I'm done

(grunts) My arm's dying I'm so tired Slowing down, it's not a vortex anymore, it's a kitty pool I wanna say that's pretty much done We got a nice consistent color

We're all good, we're gonna add some salts I don't know how much salt to put in because it's 100 eggs, so I'm kinda eye-balling it I'm gonna say that's enough I'm going to transfer these and start rolling our omelet My technique for making this omelet is similar to the Japanese style, which is called a tamagoyaki

I think it's going to be a rolled omelet so what I'm gonna do is we have two of these trays lined with Silpat to make sure it doesn't stick I'm just gonna brush these with a lot of butter Butter and eggs, you know, fantastic marriage Obviously we could dump 100 eggs into a pan maybe, but it's kinda boring, it's not what I do I have no idea if this is going to stay upright, if it's gonna break, but it's all good

We're going to basically try to pour some eggs in here I'm gonna guess 1/4 of eggs per container Mmm, delicious (eggs flowing) Oh yes, nothing like pouring liquid eggs Let's go evenly

Is this enough eggs, I hope it's enough eggs I think it's enough eggs Nice, nice, nice All right, let's go for round two All right

I'm gonna go and take these to the oven to bake I want it to set into a nice sheet but I don't want it to overcook We're gonna cook at 300 for I'm gonna say 10 minutes I'm gonna very carefully take this to the oven All right Alvin, don't you mess this up now

Your honor is on the line, you cannot displease Rie Okay, we have nice big egg sheets here This one's a little lopsided, I think in the oven it just kinda tips a little bit that way, it's okay We're gonna put some cheese on 'em And I washed my hands, so we're all clean

This is gonna go over here Yeah, here we go The heat from the egg sheets are going to actually help melt the cheese while it's being rolled We're gonna do some bacon bits on here I love bacon, Rie likes bacon, I think this is gonna be fun

That's kinda awesome And we're just gonna go for it and roll it and see if this works So, first you gotta get it to go around though Keep it all tight Yeah, there we go

All right This is sheet number one We're gonna transfer it over to here and we're gonna do the same thing Coming out and landing It's going well so far, no major hiccups

We're gonna keep going (laughs) Okay And there you have it (chuckles) That's roll number two It is looking a little floppy, that's okay

I'm gonna need to reuse these trays, though So we're gonna transfer this onto a board (grunts) This is getting heavy already Whoo! And to keep this warm I'm gonna cover it in some foil And then we're gonna do two more trays, hey

Each one of these I think is around 20 eggs Hopefully I didn't miss-measure Tray number three, tray number four, 20 eggs a piece Let's put 'em back in the oven Fingers crossed I can keep rolling this without it breaking or doing anything because surprisingly this is going according to plan

All right, these look pretty fantastic I fixed a little oven adjustment so they're a little bit smoother We've got some nice American cheese Look at this beautiful stack I've got Cheddar, like in the rap music videos

(upbeat music) Load this guy up Actually very fun (chuckles) I'm a happy boy (laughs) Not too much Some for me

(slurps) This is it for this one That one's gonna get ham It's like I'm painting but with food I think it's time to roll We're gonna take the one we made before and then somehow get this onto here

Slow All right Will it be blended? Now we're gonna start to roll again Whoo, like that Now it's getting kinda heavy

Tuck it, tuck it, okay Ooh, that's smooth And then one more time All right, okay (laughs) This is getting kinda crazy

But you know, we're all good It's keeping together relatively well And now we have to get that guy onto here Am I strong enough to do this (Alvin grunts) Come on

All right Successful landing (laughs) This omelet is one big boy All right, and then one more time Oh the tray is tipping

(laughs) Okay, so we are currently at 80 eggs This is getting heavy (laughs) (Alvin grunts) Whoo! The omelet is on the board We still got a little bit to go I'm gonna set this aside and we're gonna go for the last 20 eggs

Oh my God, this is heavy, oh Okay so, I think I might have miscalculated how many eggs I need to use per pray This won't make enough for two trays This is only gonna be enough for 1 1/2, so we're going big I think let's do a 120 eggs

We're gonna whisk this one more time to make sure we're okay I don't know if you guys have seen the 100-layer lasagna video I ended up doing a 104 layers on accident It's kinda in my blood to go a little bit over what I'm used to doing I'm trying to impress Rie

Hopefully she will be impressed by the fact that I went above and beyond for her This is a 100 eggs (yolk squishes) Oh, a yolk fell out That's okay We're gonna whisk it back in

(laughs) A 120 eggs The final layer might be a little heftier than most 'cause it needs to be the outer layer I'm gonna take these in to bake and we're gonna hope that we can actually make this work, because if it's too big and it breaks, I'm gonna be very sad Don't fail me now (Alvin grunts) (Alvin laughs) So this is the fifth sheet, a 100 eggs

This is the sixth one, a 120 I think they look beautiful, I think they look super smooth Rie loves caramelized onion so we have caramelized onions I also do wanna put a little bit more cheese because I think it'll help bind the last layer I think it's gonna taste pretty darn awesome

There's a lot of flavors going on It's got sweetness, it got creaminess, it got saltiness pretty much in every single layer It's been a long journey I've used probably (laughs) five pounds of cheese at this pont I think it's gonna be pretty awesome

So we got a really heavy over here We're gonna start rolling and hopefully everything goes according to plan (Alvin grunting) That was really heavy, oh my God This guy's getting massive Oh, this might be tough, this is heavy

I gotta grip it We're at a 100 This little extra leg room is gonna help We're gonna move it onto 120 It all comes down to this, folks

I don't know if you can tell This is wobbling (laughs) I need this guy to last me one more and then we'll be okay Please, don't fail me now Come up

Okay (Alvin grunts) Okay The reason I put this guy in the middle is 'cause I wanna fold this over and then just do one last roll and we'll be there This is the big moment Last layer

All right, that is on All right, stay together, stay together, stay together, stay together Whoo, all right (laughs) We did it This is a 120-egg omelet

It's very big It is very heavy While it's still warm I do wanna serve it but I also need to decorate it a little bit, so to finish, Rie likes chives and ketchup on her omelet I'm gonna draw a face and hopefully it looks kinda cool (chuckles) Okay, now I gotta give this guy cheeks

(Alvin laughs) This is my attempt at a design Not the next Picasso but that's okay I'm gonna finish this with a touch of chives just in the front and in the back Okay, those are the last of the chives It's been crazy

This is one heavy guy So we're gonna go give this omelet to Rie (Alvin claps) Hey Rie – Yeah? – [Alvin] You're ready for your omelet? – I'm ready – [Alvin] All right, close your eyes, please

– Okay – I'm very excited to see what you think On the count of three One, two, three, open your eyes, Rie (Rie laughs) – It's so cute, oh my God! I thought you were gonna make just the American omelet

This is Japanese one – It's a rolled one, yeah – Oh my god! – It's actually not a 100 eggs – Ah-ha – It's a 120

(Rie laughs) Because I was like, you know what? If we're just gonna go big we can do one more – I love it – Do you want me to cut it open for you? – Yes – If you wanna give it a name before we cut it in half, you're more than welcomed to – Well, let's name this after your middle name, (record scratching) which is Karl with K

– Why did you have to tell them my middle name? (Rie laughs) The tables have turned Sorry Karl – Ow – Did you just say ow? (Rie laughs) – No, it was Karl It wasn't me

– Oh, Karl said ow – [Rie] Wow! Look at the layer – This is what it looks like on the inside You're touching Karl? (Rie laughs) How does Karl feel? – Karl is very bouncy – Did Karl give you permission? (Rie laughs) Here is your omelet

– Thank you (both speak in foreign language) – Mmm – Good? – Mm-hmm – Whoo! – Wow And tasty

Colorful too – So it sounds like Karl was a success – Karl was a success You impressed me – Yes! (Rie laughs) Whoo! I'm happy I finally got the chance to cook for you

– Thank you so much – Yeah, any time Please, continue to eat – Okay I think the rest of the world should see this

– Okay (upbeat music) Well, we did it, guys, we impressed Rie A lot of effort but I think it definitely was worth it I think now I have a new-found respect for eggs And this is it, this is the final episode in this season of Tasty's "Making It Big

" It's been a blast Six episodes, six crazy giant dishes for six amazing people I'm super happy that I got the chance to do this I'm always gonna be trying to do bigger and better things So until next time, peace

(upbeat music) (camera clicks)

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