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Mango Mousse Recipe | Eggless | Only 3 Ingredients | Tasty Mango Dessert



Hello everyone! This is Aarti Madan Welcome to my channel

In our beginner's series, today we're going to make Mango Mousse This is a quick eggless recipe and requires only 3 ingredients Do watch the tips at the end to know how you can make a delicious and creamy Mango Mousse For this recipe, I've taken 3 ripe Mangoes that are very sweet The Mangoes must be of really good quality as they determine the quality of your Mousse

Peel off the skin of all the Mangoes You can see the Mangoes are looking ripe Now chop them up and put them in a mixer grinder Now add some sugar You can vary its quantity depending on how sweet the Mangoes are

Now grind the Mangoes for 2-3 mins till you get a puree The Mango puree is ready It's got a beautiful colour and a smooth texture To whip the cream, we'll take a large bowl I'd chilled the bowl and the beater blades in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes

When whipping the cream, chilling the bowl and blades is necessary If you don't have a hand beater, you can use a whisk instead Although, it may take longer time Now we'll take chilled Whipping Cream It must be chilled or you won't get the fluffiness during the beating process

Begin whipping the cream with a slow speed and whip it for 2-3 minutes You'll notice that it will start to thicken At this point, it has become slightly thick but there are no peaks So we'll increase the speed to medium and beat for another 2-3 minutes Now you can see soft peaks forming

Soft peaks are when you try to lift the cream and drops instantly Now we'll add Vanilla Extract It's optional and you can skip it if you don't have it Now we'll add Icing sugar I've sieved it beforehand

It's an important step because when you store powdered or icing sugar, it forms lumps Sieving breaks it and gives your cream a smooth texture Beat it again for 40-50 seconds Now you can see stiff peaks forming This is the correct consistency we're looking for

Let me show you a close-up; it's silky smooth Since it has stiff peaks, even if you invert the bowl the cream won't fall out Now add the Mango puree to it Make sure you add it gradually This holds for any Mousse you make

Don't add it in one go, otherwise, it will destroy the fluffiness of the whipping cream Fold the puree gently into the cream I will add Mango pulp in 3-4 batches This is my 4th and last batch that I will fold in You can see the mixture is looking bright yellow

This is because the Mangoes were ripe I've not added any food colour to this Because we whipped the cream well, it has got a smooth texture The Mango Mousse mixture is ready and we'll pipe it now For this, I'll take a piping bag

If you don't have it, you can directly transfer it to your serving container with a spoon Fill up the piping bag with a spoon Hold it gently and twist it from the top so that the Mango Mousse doesn't come out from the back Now pipe into a glass bowl or any serving container of your choice You may also flatten the top, it's optional though

And garnish it with chopped Mangoes You Mango Mousse is ready! Enjoy with your family and friends It's a very quick recipe but the end result is absolutely spectacular Now let me share some tips with you This Mango season, do make this Mango Mousse

If you like this recipe then hit the like button below and let me know in the comments below if you want me to make more Mango desserts And do subscribe to my channel as I will share more such recipes for beginners and also eggless ones So until next time, this is Aarti Madan Keep enjoying good food

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