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Mango Quinoa Salad Recipe | The Hungry Health Coach Episode 54



hello everybody my name is alexandra napoli welcome to health by napoli where we only cook healthy food that doesn't suck I probably couldn't have done that any faster if I tried what are we are working with today is mangoes quinoa bell pepper carrot red onion avocado cucumber jalapeno citrus garbanzo beans also known as chickpea and cilantro so naturally we are going to be making a dope quinoa salad it's a really delicious recipe so let's dig in okay so my general plan with most salads it's just start with the onion and kind of the flavors that need to be marinated a little bit because you want the flavors to be in there but you don't want them to be so powerful that they overwhelm everything else so I'm gonna start with the red onion just a little bit less than half of the whole onion very finely chopped up your red onion because it's a salad you definitely don't want really big chunks in here okay so this goes directly into the bowl and then we're gonna take our lemon and lime juice insert to get it marinate it so just fresh lime juice squeeze it in so I'm gonna do the juice of two whole lime and one lemon why I don't know cuz that's what I've decided one second ago when you're rolling out citrus it's nice to kind of like actually roll it before you cut it and then the juice will flow freer free flow and juice is a lemons definitely have seeds so be careful for those okay so now our onions are really nicely in the citrus so that's just is gonna help kind of bring out some of the flavor kind of mellow it out a little bit so by adding the citrus at the beginning you're really helping bring that sweetness out next up we're gonna get into the jalapeno because we want it marinating in the juices also the hottest part of that jalapeno is the seeds so if you just take the top off of it and then kind of like squeeze it and roll it a lot of the seeds just kind of fall out naturally if you're not a person who likes spicy you can just skip the jalapeno altogether until I'm just gonna cut this up nice is plenty the sweetness of the mango I feel like a little bit of hot a little bit of spicy it's kind of a really nice combination so I want to chop these really fine so I'm gonna go through it with my knife and kind of like a back and forth motion okay and I'm gonna be a weirdo and not touch it at all with my fingers because that's how you get jalapeno eye and there is nothing worse than a jalapeno eye you could have jalapeno other parts of your body that would suck okay so again let's get the mixing up in our lime and lemon juice okay now it doesn't really matter what were you going so I'm just gonna continue with the cucumber this one I think it's called a Persian cucumber and so it doesn't have that really seedy core there's half if you think the skin is a bit bitter you can peel the inside of the skin obviously so just kind of placing the cucumber into like I don't know eighths or something like like I don't I slicing it lengthwise into smaller pieces and then dicing it across into the bowl next up we have a bell pepper a really easy way to cut into a bell pepper cut the bottom off and then cut the top off now obviously we have the core of the pepper here so all you have to do is make one slight incision in the pepper and then kind of go around the side and then when you get to this last one now you've cut out the entire core but all the seeds are attached you haven't made a big huge mess and now we have this nice long piece of pepper that you can cut that way and then chop up nice and small you can use any kind of pepper any color pepper I thought orange would be nice because it's a bit of a sweeter pepper and also because the color will be really nice did you know that all peppers are the same I know pepper like orange and red and yellow but it's just like different stages maturity what color pepper are you in your life let me know in the comments below I think green is the youngest and then it would go from green to red to orange to yellow so then you take the two bits that were left over from the top and the bottom of the pepper and just slice them up into cubes into the bowl next up we have our carrot I bought three shredded carrot sometimes it's okay to buy pre-chopped veg guys it's not cheating okay next up we have our mango so when you're picking out a mangos they will ripen on your counter but I didn't have time for that business so I decided to get these mangos instead but these are called alfonzo mangos and they are considered to be among the most superior varieties of fruit in terms of sweetness and richness of flavor win straight down the middle there is a pit in it but it's smaller and easier to manage than the pit of a regular mango then we have our little trick here that I've shown you in other videos where you take the lip of a cup and you slide it along the inside of the skin so that it takes the whole mango out of the skin now because we're making a mango salad what I'm gonna do with this it's just kind of squeeze it into the bowl so that's gonna give us a lot of really great flavor all right so then just take it with a little core that's gonna be hard to eat and chew really simple you can kind of you can see it and you can feel where its rough and then let's just chop this into chunks ah I feel like my favorite part of cooking is when you get like dirty it's like it's like play in the mud when you're kid but it's like playing with your food which is like all the things that you're never allowed to do when you're an adult and you're at home by yourself you can do whatever that's the other fun thing about cooking for yourself at home it doesn't really matter if you're doing it wrong it's just for fun okay we just have a very few ingredients left to go and then we will be done and mixing up our salad garbanzo beans chickpeas delicious high in fiber and oh so good I've drained these I've rinsed these I'm adding them now we have our beautiful bunch of cilantro I have thoroughly washed this because cilantro can get really kind of dirty in the store and like dusty so you really want to make sure that you rinse it you soak it you give it some good time have a like like a nice beautiful bath with your cilantro and so then I'm just gonna chop it up I'm gonna use the whole bunch of cilantro because I love it it's all oh my god this smells so good I know some people don't like cilantro if you wanted to use parsley you could definitely use parsley if you are gonna use parsley probably don't use as much I feel like cilantro is a much I don't know easy herb to kind of incorporate you could also use like spinach you know some people just really effing hate cilantro so do whatever you want alright guys we are in the homestretch I'm gonna take this avocado I'm gonna cut it in half go all the way around the pit very carefully peel it apart oh I love it with that happen okay so I'm gonna gently kind of like spoon this out so that I can have the entire avocado in my hand flip it onto the cutting board did you hear that flip that was really fun and then I'm just gonna chop this into chunks I can't believe how perfect this avocado is that's another reason why we want all the citrus in here because that's gonna keep the avocado nice and green and fresh so it doesn't oxidize now we are gonna add our quinoa so this is already cooked quinoa and this is actually cold but if you just made it that's cool just let it like hang out while you're making everything else and then try to let it cool off a bit before you add it so that you don't wilt your greens or anything like that okay so now it's super easy let's just dress it up a little bit we've got some sea salt like again I love good amounts I like things a little bit salty maybe a little bit too salty and then we've got the pepper adding that it let's do a nice drizzle of olive oil and then for vinegar you could use apple cider vinegar you could use red wine vinegar you could use white wine vinegar I happen to own the balsamic I own it but I can't open it okay so just give this a nice little dollop and then mix it all together this is so bright and colorful okay so once it's all mixed and incorporated just have a taste test and decide if you want a little bit more dressing for me that is perfect just the way it is seems like a little bit of heat from the jalapeno everything is just perfectly seasoned this is so good yeah we have this beautiful summer mango tropical quinoa salad it was so easy the main thing is just chopping everything up it's freaking dope you're gonna love it if you do let me know in the comments below be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and I will see you guys the next time I can't stop I can't stop myself

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