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Mango Sandesh Recipe – Tasty Bengali Sweet Recipe – Mango Kalakand Burfi Recipe in Hindi



Namaste, Welcome to Lata's Kitchen I'm making a summer special mango dessert today Lets start making mango sandesh It is a very easy and testy dessert 100 gm crumbled cottage cheese Rub it with your palm Smooth it out We made puree of a medium sized good quality mango For this we peeled and cut mango then grind it in a blender This is 1/2 cup mango puree, I'll add 1/2 cup milk powder to this Mix it well Now turn on the gas on medium heat It has become thicker Add 1 tbsp sugar, it is optional Add mashed cottage cheese Keep gas on low It is properly mixed Turn gas to medium Cook for 5-6 minutes Paste is looking like a dough and has left pan Turn off the gas

Take it out into a greased tray Spread and garnish with 15-20 chopped pistachio Let it cool and cut it into small pieces of any desired shape Mango sandesh is ready to serve It is very easy and quick to make and tastes great Make this tasty dessert and stay connected for my next recipe Thanks for watching mango sandesh !

Source: Youtube

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