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Mango Stuffed Paratha recipe | आम का पराठा | #NewRecipe #Vegan #Veganrecipe #KidsRecipe #MangoRecipe



Hello and welcome to "Veg N Vegan Stories" Today, I will tell you Mango Stuffed Paratha Recipe

I did an experiment at home and that was really appreciated by my family members So that recipe I am going to share with you Let's see the ingredients I took Two Alphonso mangoes, You can take any variety of mango One cup wheat flour 4 table spoons Sugar Powder Some Cooking oil Two tablespoons grated coconut Two tablespoons sugar Take a big bowl Pour Wheat flour in it and add 4 tablespoons oil in flour Add sugar powder in flour

Add grated coconut Now prepare a dough Mix everything well Mixed everything well Now add some water and prepare dough Prepare dough as we prepare for Roti(Kind of Indian Bread) Now dough is ready It is soft like a roti dough cover it with lid and keep a side

Now cut mangoes scoop up pulp of mangoes and store in a plate/bowl Follow same process for all mango slices Both mangoes pulp is in plate now Add sugar in it You can increase/descrease sweetness as per your taste Mess it like this with help of fork

Do not grind it in Mixer Grinder otherwise it will be too thin and cause problem during filling See, We have messed it properly Make sure you have same consistency of pulp Now, We are starting to make paratha Take some dough Dust it and roll it on pastry board using pastry roller

Roll it in round shape It should be thin like roti Roll some dough like roti Keep previous roti aside Second roti should be same in size like previous one I have rolled both rotis It should be equally thin Please do not make it super thin otherwise paratha will be open and filling will come out Now start filling roti Put 4 tablespoons mango pulp on one roti

and spread it Now put another roti on it Press the edges well Now take a fork and press edges to set it well Now press lightly on roti using the palm to spread pulp inside Take a Tawa and switch on the flame Let heat Tawa for a while Now put paratha on Tawa Bake paratha on low flame pour some oil Bake it until it's color change to golden brown from one side After some time Turn it to another side You can see, It is backed perfectly from one side

The edges get backed easily from one side but Press edge with spatula from another side so that it baked perfectly Pour some oil so that it get bake perfectly from other side as well Bake it until it's color change to golden brown from other side too You can see, Paratha has been baked from another side as well

Edges also get baked Now transfer it to in a plate Follow same process to bake rest of parathas Cut baked paratha like this Do not serve or eat paratha hot Keep it for 1-2 hours Let it cool to Room temperature then eat or serve it

You can also refrigerated for half an hour if you like to serve it cold It tastes better after cooling Mango stuffed paratha is really tasty Kids also like it Please bake it at your home once

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