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Mango Tarte Tatin with Coconut Whipped Cream recipe (vegan)



Hi friends In this video I'll be making Tarte Tatin using mangoes as the fruit component instead of the classic and commonly used apples

Alright let's get cooking Start off by buttering the ramekins for the mangoes This provides sort of a safety layer to prevent the mangoes from sticking to the ramekin It's ideal to use the largest mangoes that you can find for this recipe Larger mangoes yield wider slices which means less overlapping when stacking them together

You'll definitely want to minimize overlapping as much as possible to get a more consistent and even-looking stack of mangoes for the tart Stack them to roughly 3/4 of the depth of the ramekin We don't wanna fill the ramekin all the way up since we'll need to leave room to fill the caramel as well Cut down with a ring cutter that has the same diameter of the ramekin You wanna try and press down on the cutter quickly so that it'll cut the stack a lot cleaner

Press down on the mangoes to compact them to get more room on the top to fill up with the caramel To make the caramel, add fine sugar and about 2 tablespoons of water to a saucepan and heat over medium high heat Adding water here is actually optional You can heat the sugar in a dry pan if you choose to do so, but I personally find that the water helps dissolve the sugar and form the caramel more evenly Once the bubbling subsides and the sugar starts to turn slightly blonde, turn down the heat to medium and continue to heat into an amber colour

Turn off the heat when adding the butter So for the colour of the caramel, most of the other recipes call for a really dark caramel In my opinion, you don't want to take it any more darker than an amber colour or else it'll lose most of its sweetness and get too bitter Besides, it'll turn the fruit into too dark of a colour and if I'm being quite honest, it sorta looks like shit Especially for mangoes, we want to retain that nice fruity yellow colour

So after dividing the caramel among the ramekins, leave them to rest for about 10 minutes before putting them in the oven This is to prevent the caramel from further darkening when baking in the oven So what happens when baking them is that the caramel will slowly seep down into the mangoes and mix with the juices to evenly distribute the caramel After baking them, you'll get a lot of the juices getting released Place a round object on top of the mangoes and drain the juices

For this, I'm using large mason jar lids since they fit pretty much perfectly for the size of ramekins that I'm using Weigh them down to compress them and throughly chill them in the fridge to set its shape Now on to making the tart crust When mixing the dough, try not to mix it too vigorously so that you're working the gluten as little as possible We want to yield a crust that's soft and flaky

We can achieve this by cutting down into the dough when mixing it, instead of pressing down with the flat side of the spatula and paddling it When forming the dough into a ball, try not to knead it Instead, just roll it in your hands until it comes together Roll it out wide enough to get 3 tarts out of it and chill it till it is stiff enough to handle It's crucial to thoroughly chill it or else it'll just be too flimsy and might just break when lifting it

Dock it to prevent it from puffing up too much Brush on some soy milk mixed with maple syrup This stuff acts like an egg wash and gives the crust a golden sheen to it Once that's done baking, let it rest and move on to making the whipped coconut cream Add the top layer of a can of full fat coconut milk to a frozen bowl set over an ice bath

It's crucial to keep it cold while whipping or else everything will just fall flat and you're just gonna have a rough time trying to actually get it to fluff up Once you get a soft to medium peak consistency, let it chill out in the fridge so that it firms up When the mangoes are nice and cold, pop them out of the ramekins using an offset palette knife It's actually pretty easy to pop them out Just pry the bottom a little with the palette knife to release it

Pop them in the oven on broil setting to warm them up a little when serving it up Don't leave them in for too long though or else it'll start to fall apart Spoon on some of that whipped coconut cream and garnish with some mint Thanks for watching friends

Source: Youtube

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