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Hi everyone, nomoshkar and welcome to curries with bumbi Today I will be making a dessert recipe called Trifle pudding

Trifle pudding is a layered dessert but it is quite easy to put togetherIt has 3 basic layers of cake, fruits or jello and custard I will be making making mango trifle pudding So let’s get started First let’s make the custard

In a pan add 700 ml of milk In a bowl take about 3 heaped tablespoons of custard powder I have used vanilla flavored custard powder I added some milk to it and mixed very well till the custard powder totally dissolves in the milk Mix till you get a smooth paste

Start heating up the milk on medium heat Add about 6 tablespoons of sugar When the milk comes up to a boil lower the heat completely or switch off your stove Then with one hand add the dissolved custard powder in a thin stream and with your other hand constantly whisk or stir the milk If you add the custard powder mix all in one go then there are chances of forming lumps

In this way you will get a smooth custard After you are done adding all the custard, switch on your stove or adjust heat to medium low and keep stirring the custard for a few minutes till it starts to thicken Do not make it too thick It thickens up more on cooling down so keep it at a dropping consistency like this Then take it off heat and let it come to room temperature

From time to time just give a stir so that a layer doesnt form on top Next I have have taken some chilled heavy whipping cream I added some powdered sugar and then whip up the cream When you want to whip cream chill the bowl , the beaters and take them out immedietly before whipping as that will help the cream to stiffen up faster Here I have made slices from a pound cake I have used store bought pound cake

You can use any type of plain cake or sponge cake Start laying out the cake slices at the bottom of your bowl Now here I am using canned mango puree I have added 4 tablespoons of sugar to it Spread out the mango puree on top of the cake layer

If you use fresh mangoes then please use good quality mangoes, make a puree in your blender and then pass it through a strainer to get rid of the fibers My custard has come to room temperature now Next comes the layer of custard Here I have diced up small pieces of mangoes, add a few on top of the custard layer Then just drop a few spoonfull of whipped cream

Then again repeat the same steps for layering I made a total of 3 layers Okay so I am done with the layering Even out custard on top Then I added some whipped cream on top

Now whipped cream is optional You can make this with only cake, mango puree and the custard the choice is all yours The whipped cream just adds up to that richness Then I topped it with some more mangoes After that put it in the refrigerator for atleast 6 hours and even a day

It gets better the more it sits in the refrigerator as the cake soaks up all that goodness My trifle pudding had been sitting in the fridge overnight It has thickened up and is now ready to be enjoyedLook at this deliciousness The cake soaks up all that the mango flavor, then there is this creamy custard layer and the whipped cream along with those bits of mangoes,it’s too yummy

Please try this recipe and send me your feedback If you are new to my channel please consider subscribing Eat healthy and stay healthy Bye bye

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