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Maple Roasted Carrot Ice Cream || Glen & Friends Cooking



welcome friends welcome to another ice cream recipe video and this one is a bit of a request video we did a lemon three ingredient lemon ice cream recipe and in the comments section a couple of people said that they'd had a carrot ice cream and had I ever had carrot ice cream and the answer is no I haven't had carrot ice cream I've had sweet potato ice cream when we were traveling through Japan and China that was fairly common and I'll probably make that in an upcoming episode but no I've never had carrot ice cream so I started looking around at carrot ice cream recipes trying to figure out if I could modify the lemon ice cream recipe to suit carrots and I think I've almost got it I still only want to use heavy cream and condensed milk and the carrots that just keeps the ingredients simple and I find that condensed milk really helps with the texture but carrots are filled with water and I want to get rid of that water because you don't want it in ice cream it just forms crystals and the easiest way to get rid of it is to roast it so if I'm gonna roast it I'm gonna roast it with a little bit of maple syrup just to bring up that roasty flavor and bring up that that sweetness so first up I'm going to slice these carrots okay I'm gonna pour in a little bit of maple syrup now if you don't have maple syrup you could use honey definitely you could use honey you can sprinkle on just some brown sugar you could use molasses if you're in the us

south and you can get a hundred percent pure sorghum then use sorghum syrup I think sorghum syrup would be fantastic on this in fact sorghum syrup is probably what I'll use in the sweet potato recipe that I'll do in the future so a little bit I'm just gonna free pour a little bit on here it's so good and then we'll just mix it in to make sure that all of the carrots aren't coated now it doesn't take much syrup you don't want a whole lot of syrup on it you don't want a whole lot of extra syrup on it just want to have it coated and covered so I think that's pretty good I'll put this back in the fridge and I have a sheet pan that I've put a little bit of parchment paper on just in case the carrots stick to it and I've got a hot oven but 475 now the thing is there's no time to this it really depends on how small you chopped your carrots there's a bunch of different factors so I guess you just want to keep your eye on it until it has reduced it's starting to caramelize on the outside and a lot of the water has evaporated so make a single layer we'll stick that in the oven and keep an eye on it okay everything is just about roasted so what I need to do now is to curdle the cream so this is heavy whipping cream and that's 35% fat because I know all around the world cream isn't always called the same things now an integral part of this recipe is curdling this cream when I do this type of recipe in the videos people are always giving me pointers and tips about how I can add the acid like in the lemon one how I can add the acid to the cream without curling the cream we want to curdle the cream that really helps round out the sort of the texture of this ice cream so because there's no acid in anything that we're using today I've got some apple cider vinegar and the acid and apple cider vinegar curdle the cream so I want about two tablespoons and yes I'm measuring over the cream because you don't have to be exact around two tablespoons put that in and then just give it a whisk to start the curdling action then I'll just put this back in the fridge while we do the next step okay so into the blender go the roasted caramelized carrots to that I want to add maybe just about a quarter cup of milk just to lubricate the process as we grind these downs so put the milk in and then we'll liquefy the carrots okay I think that's good so let's get the cream back and we just want to get this liquefied carrot mixture into the cream it is pretty thick okay so that's all in next in is condensed milk now I always just say condensed milk because where we live condensed milk is always sweetened the unsweetened kind is called evaporated milk and evaporated milk is always unsweetened so I just use short form condensed milk but I realize in certain parts of the world condensed milk mmm sweet condensed milk is evaporated milk mostly in Europe I think Asia condensed milk is always sweetened or anywhere that I've been in Asia so for those European viewers who are watching this that is milk that has been evaporated and then sugar has been added and about 55 percent of this can by weight is sugar so it is really sweet so I'm going to put that in and then we're just going to mix it all together okay so the batter is ready and the ice cream machine is chilled down now we're lucky enough to have one of these with a compressor you definitely don't need this any of the ones with the bowl put in the freezer ahead of time and then you either crank it by hand or put it on the KitchenAid stand mixer or it has a little electric motor in it to mix it all of those work fantastic the bucket with some ice and some salt works really well and if you don't have any of these you can just put this into a bowl stick it in the freezer and then every 10 or 15 minutes just take a whisk and whisk it just a little bit and then put it back in and over the course of about an hour hour and a half it will freeze into a nice creamy mass but since I have this I'm going to use it so in goes the batter okay I think this is done so turn it off and we pull this out now this is this is like every other ice cream that we've made at the soft-serve stage and the problem is most of these machines are only gonna bring you two soft-serve stage and then you have to stick it in the freezer to firm it up farther so let's pull this out but if you if you want to serve it this way go right ahead so we'll just clean off the dasher and we'll scoop out the ice cream so it's pretty hot here today and this is already melting so I want to get it in as quickly as possible now if you're using a glass or ceramic container to put this into the freezer pre freeze it pre chill the container so that when you put this in it doesn't melt it just makes for better ending ice cream so into the freezer and we'll give it a taste in a little while so glad you have been experimenting in the kitchen again ice cream I like ice cream we're not gonna tell you what it is okay but I'm gonna say it is unbelievably hot today it's hot in studio it's hot outside and the freezer here is just it's already 30 minutes it the freezer can't keep up because it just starts so hot the studio just keep yep I was really sweet it's kind of almost a caramel flavor to it mm-hmm any guesses no no mm-hmm no so this is maple roasted carrot okay so that's one of the flavors cuz the maple gives it that yeah and in the roasted carrot I have no I think it's meaningful what would the really weird caramel flavor like that's that's the roasted part that's the roasted carrot yeah that you can get that same really fabulous caramel flavor mm-hmm from the carrot mm-hmm wow that's uh that's pretty addictive this is the give your big big thumbs up so this is the same recipe as the lemon ice cream which is just heavy whipping cream and condensed milk but since there's no acid I've just been asking that question I put in apple cider vinegar okay which you don't get any of that flavor in there there's no there's no to go faster apparently yeah there's no vinegar flavor so anybody who's worried about tasting the vinegar you don't taste the vinegar but it curdled the cream to the point that it's just enough to get this super creamy that's I am super surprised and I could easily eat another bowl of it oh yeah yeah I think this one this one rivals the the lemon I still want to make sure they're gonna go with them hmm somehow this screams sugar cone okay so hot now that that is a winner so I want to thank everybody who said hey have you ever tried carrot ice cream because you put me on the track to something absolutely so this is this this is not something you made up no one gave this is no I didn't get the restroom nobody gave me the recipe okay I made up the recipe someone just asked if I'd ever had it I wonder if it exists somewhere else so it does exist it does yes so this is your suggestion and you already eat carrot ice cream thanks I know compare the two let us know let us know if it compares to wherever you've been getting your carrot is gonna be great fun to make for others yeah yeah mm-hmm stopping by so you can soon you

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