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Maqluba(upside down)|Arabic recipe|How to make arabic chicken maqlooba|అరబిక్‌ చికెన్‌ మక్లూబా



Maqlouba is an arabic word which means upside down This is a very special Syrian biriyani Why is it called maqlouba we will see the procedure and understand? welcome to Gayathri Sanath's Kitchen First of all take a pan and pour some oil, add 1 medium onion chopped sauté it add salt and saute it and let it cook add 2 spoons of ginger garlic paste and saute it add ½ kg chicken sufficient salt and mix it well Put the lid on Let the chicken cook under a low flame approximately 15 minutes Meanwhile we will fry the vegetables take a pan, pour some oil Fry the quarter inch thick sliced eggplant take it aside Also fry the quarter inch thick sliced potatoes Fry onions and tomatoes in the same way

take it into another plate when chicken is 60% cooked , mix it 1 spoon coriander powder, ¼ spoon clove powder, ¼ spoon cardamom powder ½ spoon cinnamon powder, ¼ spoon cumin powder, ¼ spoon pepper powder, 2 spoons chilly powder, and mix it let it cook with lid on We will arrange all the vegetables in a cooking vessel Pour some oil in the vessel, first arrange fried potatoes, then eggplant onions and tomatoes Add coriander and arrange chicken pieces carefully Now we are preparing water to boil the rice, take 3 spoons tomato paste in a vessel, add sufficient salt to the rice, and add 3½ glass water for 1½ glass soaked basmati rice Mix it well and add this water slowly to the vessel, Add 1 ½ glass soaked basmati rice and close the lid Cook under high flame Once it is 80% cooked simmer the flame

After it is cooked 100% switch off the flame, take a large plate and keep it on the top of this vessel and carefully flip the vessel gently tap the vessel take off the vessel carefully fried vegetables are on top in the middle there is chicken to the bottom rice that is why it is called magluba please enjoy the recipe press the like button and comment share with your friends and family If you are new to this channel please press the subscribe button and also hit the bell for more awesome recipes

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