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Marinated Grilled Chicken Recipe: Easy Chicken Marinade Recipe: Diane Kometa: Dishin With Di 145


[UltraVid id=123 ]hi I’m Diane Camela and today I wish you would die I’m going to show you how to make my grilled marinated chicken it is absolutely delicious and it is simple to make so let’s get started on Tisha would die so this is one of my go-to grilled chicken recipes and it’s one of those things where you don’t know what to make for dinner this is it it’s super easy it’s really flavorful and it’s great topped on the salad too so what I do first is mince up some garlic so that’s what I got here or just have some really finely minced garlic and you can run your garlic through a garlic press if you want and then over here I have some boneless skinless chicken breasts that I trimmed and I actually sliced those lengthwise thin and I do that because I want them to marinate fast and I want them to cook fast because I’m kind of impatient and I just want to get it done so the first thing you want to do is get yourself a nice sized bowl and you’re gonna add in some olive oil so this is gonna be the marinade we’re gonna make and usually I’ll marinate this for 30 minutes you could do it longer if you want to but I find that it doesn’t really take much longer than that and then one of the main components here is balsamic vinegar and I just love that with chicken so we’re gonna add some of that in here as well and we’re just gonna get this whole little marinade going and sugar is another ingredient it’ll kind of you know give you a little sweetness in there and just make everything really nice and it also helps with the Browning of everything one of the other things I love love love is some dried rosemary so I’ll take the rosemary and you know it comes like this and I kind of break it up a little bit and put that in there there’s nothing like rosemary with chicken it’s just delicious basil is another goodie here – so these are all dried herbs that you probably have in your pantry and just throw this in and what I like to do when I put them in is I just kind of rub them through my fingers a little bit it breaks them up and kind of brings out the flavor a little bit more I think but in since since these are kind of really common simple ingredients it’s really easy to make most people have this so this is some dried oregano too and throw that in and onion powder so again something simple around the house but this will add a lot of that oniony flavor without you actually going to the trouble of chopping up an onion so last but not least of our herbs is some thyme leaves and again dry thyme with your fingers just go in there and just break it up a little bit we’ve got our little herbs in there now and we need something else to give it some flavor and I have some Dijon mustard here and I like this because it’s a kind of spicy compared to regular mustard but it’s not gonna make them mustardy now some Hungarian sweet paprika I know you don’t have it just use regular smoked paprika or whatever kind of paprika have but this is what I have because you know we got some Hungarians around here so we’re gonna throw some of this in just a little bit and then some salt God have the salt in there to keep everything nice and flavorful and we have fresh ground black pepper here so I like the freshly ground black pepper of course just use regular ground pepper if you want to and we don’t want to forget about love garlic this is super super flavor coming in here so you see all these things are gonna mix together in just a couple minutes and make you up something that’s gonna be really delicious for dinner so grab your whisk and just whisk it together and then take your chicken breasts and put those right on in this beautiful little bass just turn them around let them get nice and coated now cover this with some plastic wrap and let this sit at room temperature for about thirty minutes and then you can heat your grill up maybe about 15 minutes into that now if you plan on marinating this longer like if you let it you know sit for a couple hours or something then you want to pop it in your fridge and take it out about 30 minutes before you’re gonna cook it because you do want to have it at about room temperature before you put it on that grill so I’m just gonna let this sit here and then we’ll get out to the grill pre-heat your grill or your grill pan if you’re doing this indoors to medium-high heat and place your marinated chicken on the grill close the grill and let that cook until it gets nice grill marks on the bottom and then flip it over and let it continue cooking until it’s done then remove your chicken from the grill and let it rest on the plate for about five minutes before you cut into it then you can dig in there’s just a little tiny piece under here I’ve just been dying for I’m gonna take that mmm load it with flavor as soon as you put it in your mouth all these herbs you can taste everything it’s really good you won’t be disappointed I promise you that so get the recipe edition with DICOM and I hope I made your life a little easier more enjoyable and delicious I’ll see you next time bye bye now [Music]

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