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Married at First Sight: The Couples Attempt to Cook (Season 7, Episode 11) | Lifetime



[music playing] TRISTAN: Are you ready? WOMAN 1: Yeah TRISTAN: What's going on, chef? – Hey, guys

What's happening? – How are you doing? Tristan – Hold on Tristan, Tre Wilcox MIA: Hi Mia

– Hey, Mia I'm Tre Come on over and have a seat TRISTAN: All right, perfect It can take a lot sometimes for individuals to come to terms with who they are

But it can take even more for them to come to terms with who their spouse is So we decided that a cooking class would be the perfect activity for all the couples, since the men are comfortable in the kitchen, they cook And the wives, they're so comfortable MAN 1: What's up? MAN 2: How are you? WOMAN 1: How are you? This will be a great opportunity for them to work together as a team while giving them a chance to catch up with the other couples – I'm excited, man

– Wait So who cooks out of both of y'all? – He does – I do Yeah Well feel free to come join in

Let's do it Today, I think it's going to be really fun because my wife can't cook, and the rest of the wives don't really cook So it'll be interesting to see everybody not in their element [music playing] So this is what I want you to do Trim this off so that when they cook, they look a lot more uniform, and they'll look nice

The celery, we're going to break it into smaller pieces Mine definitely doesn't look like his He left the skin on Why are you cutting it off? MIA: It looks scary TRISTAN: It looks like a heart

Aw There, you smash OK And then push it over here Do the next one, and then you'll go back over and chop it

AMBER: Oh [laughter] Amber, you look so scared I am Oops, I took too much off that one Want me to pick some? You want to help? Thanks

It was actually good working together You know, I had my job, and he had his I'm not good at this part It ends up going everywhere But he really likes when he's in his kitchen, he just wants to do his own thing, and I'm totally fine with that

Look at Bobby go Does he cook a lot? WOMAN 2: Yeah MIA: That's awesome He's usually like, just talk to me while I cook I'm like, I can do that

TRISTAN: Yeah, look at you I don't know what the hell I'm doing, honestly [laughter] [music playing] I can see that Amber's starting to get frustrated with the task that she's been given But at the same time, I remember what Dr Pepper said to me

So I'm trying in a very patient, like, gentle way to kind of give her a little bit of guidance without being overbearing Give it– hit it– yeah I did that fine Yeah, nice Good work

Thanks I would love to do this stuff more often I feel like I already learned a new skill – You crushed that garlic – Yeah

AMBER: You're doing so good I'm not done yet I'm really happy you're my partner Otherwise, I'd be lost Well, thanks, I think

Dave and I really had a great time today It's actually really fun It feels like a really great bonding experience TRISTAN: We did a good job, guys That's really good

– Good teamwork Yeah So what would you guys say is the hardest part about marriage? There are decisions that you're used to making yourself And now, like, people ask things I'm like, I don't know

I have to ask my husband I'm like, wait, what? – Yeah Like, just how natural that's been You don't notice those changes until it's actually happening For me, that's one of the hardest parts about being married

I'm just really used to being independent and making my own decisions, not having to talk over anything I think that for us, it's been a little bit harder than maybe we thought But maybe you guys are going through all the hard stuff like on the front end – Hopefully, yeah – I hope so

You know, bridging two lives together is definitely challenging, and it has, like, its ups and downs I mean, for me, it's taken me out of my comfort zones Not only am I marrying a stranger, but then we're moving in together Just learning communication styles Like, how do I reach her and how does she reach me? That's been interesting to learn

But we've had some arguments, too I mean, it's been tough, but, you know, we have grown, I would say MIA: Yeah It's been really easy for me I mean, the transition was really easy

And she's– she's been the front and center of the decisions that I've made day in day out, and we always make our decisions together And so I was– I came into this ready for marriage, and so it's been a very easy transition Just make up an issue for us so we all feel better TRISTAN: I know, right? [laughter] It is awkward being like, we're doing just fine We haven't fought yet

We know it's coming, but it still hasn't happened And then they're like, oh, well we've had a lot of issues, and we've had a lot of issues I'm like, oh, well, you know, like, it's little awkward So I feel like we're throwing it in their face I'm very excited, actually

Mia and I have already made the decision to move to Houston after all this – That's crazy Yeah So, I mean, right after, right? Uh-huh Are you excited? Uh-huh

I can't wait It's going to be a new adventure, a new beginning for both of us That's a huge decision to make in just a couple weeks But if she does want to go, I– I really strongly encourage her to have a plan B, just in case it went south I know one thing

That was a great meal, but I'm, like, really sleepy Yeah, man TRISTAN: Yeah, so you guys– It was a lot of food to take in TRISTAN: Right? Are you guys ready to go? MAN 2: Let's roll TRISTAN: Let's roll

Can I take the apron? Can I– you know what? I want to take it with me [music playing]

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