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Matilda Demonstrates How To Make A Tilly Burger | TASTE OF FOX



[music playing] I'm going to start with the patty I'm going to season it with salt and pepper

I've made a little hole in the middle because I'm going to stuff it with some delicious mozzarella cheese That's going to melt and be all ooey-gooey It's a really nice, hot grill to get great sear marks So next, I'm going to move on to my mushroom I've made a delicious pesto

Brush that over the mushrooms What's the green in there? Basil It's called baasil That's why no one in this country can understand you, Dad [laughter] Next, I'm going to get my russet potato I've already cut this

And it's really important that they're all the same size so they all cook at the same time I've got my fries in, flipped my burger Do each side for about 2 minutes And then let's move on to the aioli I've got mayonnaise

I'm going to put some of my pesto in And that's going to be put onto my toasted bun Now, I get my hot sheet pan– Ooh –and put my burger on there and my mushroom I'm going to put those into the oven for about five minutes

I'm making a nice salad to go with it I've got arugula I'm going to put some olive oil, salt, lemon juice, pepper, and give it a nice toss That's the way I do it He's really annoying, isn't he? Yes

Try living with this for 15 years I should be in therapy [laughs] Burger out On the bottom of my bun, some pesto aioli Burger on top, mushroom, more of that aioli on

On top of that, my arugula salad I like to toss my fries in salt, very finely chopped parsley, and pepper And there we have it [cheering] That's how you make my Tilly burger

Source: Youtube

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