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[Mauritian Cuisine] Easy Chicken Kalia Recipe | Kalia Poulet



1 whole chicken (cleaned and cut into pieces) 3 medium potatoes (peeled and quartered) 3 onions (peeled and crushed) adding 2 tbsp tablespoons water) 2 handfuls of fried onions yellow food coloring, salt and oil 5 tbsp

Ginger paste and garlic 1 yoghurt (125g) biryani or kalia spices 3 whole peeled tomatoes 3 teaspoons of ghee (clarified butter) 3 green peppers fresh mint and cilantro (chopped) mix the potato with 1/2 tablespoon of salt and a pinch of yellow food coloring fry over high heat until slightly golden brown and set aside mix the chicken with 2 tbsp ginger paste and garlic, 1 tbsp tablespoon salt, 1 tsp Kalia spices fry over high heat until they are no longer pink (do not over fried) place directly in a large pot add 3 tsp ginger paste and garlic, onion paste, 3 tbsp

Kalia spices, 1 yoghurt (125g) 3 whole peeled tomatoes, 2 tbsp In salt tea carefully place the fried potatoes 3 cups water, 3 tbsp Teaspoon of ghee (clarified butter) stir to mix ingredients add green peppers, chopped fresh coriander, chopped mint leaves and a handful of fried onions cover and leave on high heat until boiling when it starts to boil, reduce the heat to a minimum and simmer another 5 minutes finally garnish with fresh chopped cilantro and chopped mint leaves another handful of fried onions

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