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Mayo Garlic Dip Sauce Recipe(with English Subtitles) by *home cooking with hira*



in the name of ALLAH ,the most kind the most mercifulhello friends! we are making mayo garlic sauce today

note ingredients for that i have taken 3 garlic cloves and crushed them about 1tsp yogurt 1 tbsp and fresh cream 1 tbsp salt a per taste crushed paprika or red chilli powder 3 tbsp mayonnaise this is the perfect ratio of all ingredientsyou can make as much a you want following this ratio now i start adding all ingredients in a same bowl

this cream is taken from fresh milkits homemade creamyou can use from packed one as well mixing all the ingredients together till it becomes smooth paste mayo garlic sauce will be ready in a moment its a dip sauce you can serve it with fried food and use it in between sandwiches as well

if you skip only one ingredient (cream)from itit will become labenese sauce labenese sauce is used for shwarma its very easy recipe do tell me in comments that how you find this recipe thanks for watchingBYE-BYE

Source: Youtube

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