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Meal Prep – Vegan Carrot Cake Oat Cookies



What's up friends? Welcome back to Fit Men Cook's kitchen In today's quick recipe we will make an option for "Meatless Monday", this means that it will be a much more dominant recipe in plants and this has only vegan ingredients, And it is also a sweet recipe

We will make carrot and oatmeal cookies, That's right, the name is long and the cookies are delicious, I just made them and they are so dense which is almost like eating a Popeye's bun, while you eat the cookie you must drink something because you could drown With all the density of flavors What I like about this recipe is that, almost like any other It is very easy to customize I will make my own version and add nuts, but if you want to personalize it with something like dried fruits, cranberries or cherries, You can do it, you choose If you are ready to roll up the sleeves and start the day with delicious dense cookies You will not see oatmeal in the same way, let's start

I have 2 trivia questions, Jesse is very knowledgeable of the Bible, yes? I will not say "Bible scholar," but he knows her well, so I'll ask him a question: I already got lost What was the vegetable that betrayed Jesus? God, it's so easy That shameful I am trying to remember the biblical names He did not read a passage this morning

Judas Is "carrot" e (Carrot is carrot in English) Got damn! -This was wrong -I will approach to see you better -I want to see your shame -All deserve to win sometimes

-Devils! -Yes! I guess it was very easy All right, now I will ask you a question How do you make a golden soup? Which is the recipe? With 24-carat carrots! Again I won, Kev the Great returned Alright, let's go to the recipe But it was a good joke

The first thing we will do is choose the base, I thought about carrot cake cookies, and I think bananas would be a good base, but this is the great thing about the recipe, You can exchange bananas for something else If you don't like them and you don't want to use them, you can use pumpkin puree and I just saw in the supermarket that there is sweet potato puree and it's already canned, so choose one for the base, If you don't want bananas Make sure they are ripe because we don't want green parts, and now we crush them, that's why it's so important that are mature, if they are not ripe they cannot be mixed well Now we add nut butter, This one is peanut, if you want to use a nut, they can do it, but the peanut It will probably be the best for the budget Also some vanilla extract and mix again

Then we add instant oatmeal, They are a bit ground, so they have the texture, we must use the precooked ones, not the raw ones, because they are much thinner, almost like flour, we add coconut sugar and to have the essence of the carrot cake, we add nutmeg or even cinnamon, or "all spice" spices And this is one of my favorites, my secret ingredient, It is optional, but I recommend it, a little cardamom Kev with its secret ingredient, cardamom, yes I like to mix everything at the same time, to crush the oatmeal, because we want a cookie dough and it's not light, but rather sticky All right, that's perfect, but these are cookies of carrot for breakfast, we take a large or medium and we grate it, only part

And just to give it a little more texture we add walnuts in pieces, I will crush them in my hands, before adding them to the dough Great It's already very dense, so I'll use a wooden spatula to mix everything, They are not afraid to get their hands dirty to do better The next thing is to take a baking sheet with waxed paper and to make it easier, take a spoon for ice cream and put the balls here Once you have them there, I use my spatula and a fork to flatten them a little

Now we take the cookies and bake them for 15min at 350ยบ When they are fresh out of the oven do not move them very fast, if they have a tray to cool it's even better, we put them here and they are already very firm even if they are hot, So don't worry because you can get rid Alright, let's open a cookie, They are still a little hot, but that's fine As you can see the outside is very firm, but also very soft Look how easy it is to split

It's a delicious breakfast cookie, or in general And the taste of cardamom is a success! It has a lot of texture, that's thanks to oatmeal, there is also a little of sweetness thanks to carrots, They taste like banana, but the nutty crunch It's my favorite part, I love it Do you want to try it? I recently learned I make noises when I eat so when I listen to the video, I think: "Hell, who is it? Is that bad dream?" I had already noticed -Do you want a new one? -Do you prefer to share? -Yes, I was going to give you this one -Thank you

Not to waste a new one It is a cookie that makes you feel good – That's right, is it good? -Delicious -I love -Yes

All right, folks, that was today's video, I hope you liked it, I know these cookies they will love you, I want you to comment below how they would customize them or if they would do something similar, Tell us what variations they would make but if you have never tried cardamom in a sweet recipe, believe me, add it and I guarantee that they may not identify the taste, but it will make them feel very good because it is very fragrant with hints of walnut and has a distinctive flavor that most cannot identify, But I know it will make them smile If you like these videos, I invite you to press Like button with authority, don't forget to subscribe to the channel and remember activate the bell to receive notifications every time we post new content from the kitchen of Fit Men Cook And make sure you follow my daily journey, day by day on Instagram and Facebook, always public stories, recipes and things of my life They may not care, but there they are, You can find me as Fitmencook All right, folks, thanks for watching the video, Until next time, I want them to stay healthy, but of course, never, never bored Goodbye friends


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