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[Music] [Ray D'Alessio] Well, I tell you what, whoever coined the phrase, 'there are no guarantees in life' –obviously, they did not know Marcia Crowley, because I tell you what, one thing that there is guaranteed; you are guaranteed to enjoy any kind of recipe that she makes [Marcia] Well, thank you

[Ray] Welcome back to another addition of Meals in the Field and yes, joining me, as always, my friend and partner in crime, Marcia Crowley, good to see you again, Marcia As we said, by the way, thank you for wishing me a happy birthday, before I came in she wished me a happy 50th birthday, thank you so much You and Holly [Marcia] You're not quite as old as America [Ray] No, but yes, we are celebrating another birthday today, and that is America's birthday, Fourth of July, so we have some good recipes that you've actually created

Yeah, you always have good recipes, always have good recipes We're actually pulling one out of the archives, that was a fan favorite that we're gonna do again, so let's go ahead and get started [Marcia] It's a tomato pie [Ray] Ok [Marcia] Every southern cook needs a tomato pie recipe, and this is a really good one Alright, you have a deep-dish pie crust and you bake it according to package directions, or, you can make your own, and you know I don't do that, so

And this is three large tomatoes that have been drained in a colander 'cause you wanna get some of the juice out of it, with a little bit of salt, and this is, I did drain it but, obviously not that good Spread that in the bottom of the baked pie shell Yeah, I think we did this, maybe three, four years ago? [Ray] Couple years ago [Marcia] And I make it every summer, couple times [Ray] They all start running together after a while Marcia [Marcia] Well, you know, some are just better than others

All right, you get the idea there I don't want to get all that juice in there Okay, I'll move that out of the way You're gonna top that with a quarter of a cup of chopped onion and these happen to be Vidalias 'cause they're in season But you don't have to have a Vidalia onion

I'm gonna give that to you And then you're going to top that with nine chopped fresh basil leaves, which if you have a garden you might have basil in there That's really good All right, then you're gonna top that with salt and pepper And I didn't spread that out real good but I will

[Sound of Alarm going off] [Marcia] Okay, and I had a spoon, I don't know what I did with it There it is [Ray] Something is ready [Marcia] Something is ready, [Ray] The Alarm just went off] [Marcia] and this is a combination of a half a cup of mayonnaise, a cup of cheddar cheese and a cup of mozzarella cheese, and you're going to just spread this on top of the tomato pie [Ray] ok [Marcia] And in the real world, you're going to spread it to the corners, but in the essence of time, we'll get that later

Then you're going to bake this at 350 for about 20 minutes, until the cheese starts to melt and it gets warm And I'm telling you, it's a treat and it's good leftover [Ray] Now do you want to spread the cheese out? [Marcia] You want to spread that out [Ray] Okay [Marcia] To the corners of the crust [Ray] To the corners of the crust [Marcia] Okay Yeah, that looks good

In the was an essence of time we're not gonna– [Ray] And we're going to speed things up to the next recipe [Marcia] All right, this next one is an orzo salad And for those of you that don't know what orzo is or you've seen it in a recipe and it's intimidating because you don't know what it is, it's rice-shaped pasta [Ray] Oh, okay [Marcia] That's all it is, rice shaped pasta

You cook it just like you do regular pasta with a little bit more salt All right, this was a cup of uncooked, so this made about two cups, I guess Right, you're going to add to that, a half a cup of red onion, here again you could use Vidalia Onions, I just did this for color One squash, raw, people have squash in their garden now One-half of a large cucumber, they have those in the garden now, hopefully

A little jar of pimento, only because we put pimento and stuff in the south, because it's colorful If I can get that out of there I think I can And you know, you could use red pepper, put a red bell pepper in here or leave it out, or whatever, this is a very versatile recipe And these are frozen sugar-snap peas, the fresh ones are like $9 a pound and that's not going there

[Ray] No [Marcia] So these are frozen, thawed, sugar-snap peas and this really adds a lot of flavor to this And then you're going to add– [Ray] You're putting a lot of stuff over here You trying to tell me you want me to do dishes after this [Marcia] I'm trying to tell you yes

You get to do the dishes [Ray] You gonna make me work? [Marcia] Yeah, you get to do dishes today And this is tarragon and fresh chives, oklike two tablespoons of each And I've made this and I've put shrimp in it I put asparagus in it, but we don't grow asparagus in Georgia, and the dressing is lemon zest, lemon juice and olive oil [Ray] Alright Go ahead and give it-add this to my wash list [Marcia] There you go, there you go, better get busy

And you just can make this ahead of time like said it's really good with shrimp in it or chicken or you could swap out the vegetables, but the orzo is, if you haven't tried it, it's worth a try [Ray] I wish you could literally smell the freshness [Marcia] It's the fresh herbs [Ray] Gosh, that is awesome And now you can see the finished product there

You might actually be able to smell that through your TV [Marcia] You might be, smell-o-vision! [Ray] Good one, I like it! [Marcia] All right, the last one is a red white and blue salad Alright, so we've got two cups of fresh watermelon, and I put them in balls or you can cut them in squares or I think I saw somewhere where you could do them in a star shape, but I couldn't figure out how to do that So, this is a half of a Vidalia onion sliced, which you wouldn't think onion and blueberries and watermelon would go together, but it's really good [Ray] It's awesome [Marcia] This is a half a cup of Georgia blueberries, all that's in season, then we've got a cup of homemade croutons and you just buy, this is ciabatta bread which you can get in the deli and you just put it in the oven for a couple minutes to kind of crisp it up

Alright So there, that, whoops, try not to break anything This is basil and mint, feta cheese, and you're just going to serve that Store bought balsamic vinegar over the top and serve it and it's really delicious That's a strange ingredient together but it's really good

[Ray] Good stuff and there you see the finished product there and of course, folks, we hope that you have a safe and happy Fourth of July, and if you would like to create these recipes for your guests on Fourth of July, you can do so by logging on to farm-monitorcom Head on over to the recipe section Again, we've got a lot of good recipes that maybe this stuff isn't your isn't your thing, you want some other ideas, plenty of stuff on there [Marcia] There's a ton of recipes, we've done a lot of recipes, man

[Ray] Yes we have, we have done our job and I have to do my job by doing dishes right now Cause she just put me to work Anyway, Marcia, good to see you again [Marcia] Thank you Ray Happy 4th As always, you have a safe Fourth of July, you as well, we'll see you next month


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