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Medjool Date Cake Recipe – Cooking with Bosch



Medijool Date Cake Pre-heat the Oven with '4D Hot Air' Mode at 180 degree celcius Blanch 100g of Medijool Dates for about 3 Minutes in Boiling Water Remove the skin from the Medijool Dates Finely chop the Medijool Dates Chop 50g of Walnuts Add 65g of Softened Unsalted Butter to the Kitchen Machine 100g of Dark Brown Sugar Turn the Rotary Knob to '5' and mix them well with a Balloon Whisk Attachment Add in 75g of Eggs Cream till light and fluffy Fold in 5g of Baking Soda 145g of Self-Raising Flour Add 50g of Chopped Walnuts to the Mixture 100g of Chopped Medijool Dates Mix evenly but do not overmix Pipe the Mixture into the mould If baking in a Tin Mould, grease the mould with Butter and coat with Flour Bake for about 15 to 20 Minutes If baking in a Tin Mould, bake for about 30 to 40 Minutes

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