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Medovik cake (Медовик) – Advanced cooking with Boris



A collection of T-shirts and Hoodie replenishes And, finally, Gopnik stickers appeared Look at all the rebukes

At weslavcom A warning In the lessons of cooking from Boris includes Complexity assessment 17 Shakes unreal Do you think you saw how honey is made Friend patty you didn't see anything This is Russian honey cake This SLAVIC BORIS STYLE * Real wild honey booze YAAAH Well zapodochka tyts tyts there translation is not needed The first thing we need Three of these Chicken Mom chicken left a small gift As you see comrades In the future you will find that The cutting board of the Slavs is perfect For most recipes Zaebumba So when people start crying: "Boris, Pachimu you nidelaesh sweetie dishes Why do you keep us away From your pure superior Soviet knowledge of pastry products " I will say: "Hold your horses" * shmyak * Because dessert Always follow main courses So put aside the gopnic butter knife Who exactly held you back 100 grams of oil AND DO NOT USE MARGARINE I all know that margarine is just a copy of butter

If next time you bring margarine You will get a ban from the kitchen of Boris Honey cake is very easy to make You only need two ingredients Honey and Cake And there you need to shove it exactly just as much honey inside But do not talk about this babushke * I do it every day * With a name like "Honey Cake" You expect it to be in it At least 50% honey, huh? But no Only 4 tablespoons Of course you can put 3 kg of honey Just like we did in honey video Let down some eggs and flour Put in the oven and see what happens But in this view We do Klaseku Because according to this recipe Did my grandmother C Um ,,, Little unexpected turn at the end So this is the real taste Boris's childhood And it is so good that I want to cry But this

You must understand that This is not an easy recipe It has layers bleet This is not STUDENT EDITION, damn, Where do you throw food in the saucepan And wait until magic happens No no no This is a step by step recipe Naah

Looks good Well, it won't fit Okay now let's get started To complexity number one Titled cooking eggs So as not to make an omelet And trust me, you want to make a pie Not an omelet For now So you need to keep mixing All the time Stir even small ones without breaks If you break off It will start to burn And this is HONEY PIE, not LAVA pie, BLYAT The next step is to take one of these spoons

Make sure the white powder is on top And put inside and now you have to pay attention Because it starts to rise Faster than pastry dough in mid summer Okay, we have a problem Oh BLYAT is the same OW SUKA AAAAH IT SHAPPED INTO BROWN Iiii all It's fine

Cooking took about Maybe five minutes On average temperature If you burned your muck Start over I did not burn (above: a little more than 400g of flour) (above: a little more than 400g of flour) I will add flour (above: a little more than 400g of flour) With precision jewelry In general, we make dessert not in the mouth A bit more And pizdec This is one of the problems with which you Will face When you try to make this cake But they do not call me a Slavic chef No way BLYAT We have a solution for everything You will immediately understand if you add Too much flour You see – the dough does not stick together and there are cracks inside You can learn how to make Ten The same In form Pieces Yes No eight And here you see – dry as desert BLYAT We can not use it It can not be rolled But we will fix it

Before that, let's do Secret Slavic slush Very mysterious swill Fairly why not And not so mysterious Condensed milk becoming a face if I ate it without any pies You can choose how many condensed milk add for happiness But I recommend a ratio of 1 to 5 Or you can half to half if you are very brave or let's say your name is Boris , second name Slav and the surname is superstar then of course you didn't even put sour cream inside Now let's fix these balls Some moisture later Well, in general, my camera died Without any warnings And I will not repeat what I just did But in general, if you find your dough a little dry then just add some water there I again divided the dough into eight pieces Now it is ready to be rolled out and now you must be very gentle with him Just like with spring flowers On the field Because believe me Nobody wants a honey pie with holes inside as soon as he is thin as a pancake Take a round saucepan or something Put pressure on him (there was a joke about the economy but I did not understand it and I will not translate it) LOOK AT THIS! These extra pieces These pieces still need Not for food, there is an egg inside BLYAT Stoyamba, I think you could eat it Just boil this egg for about five minutes

But no, we'll leave the pieces for later Take the pan Take the pancake that made gatova Warm up 473 Kelvin (180 C) or less Depends on you AND REPEAT I have been doing it for the third hour already for five minutes

God, why I started to take pity on it for me 🙁 Fellow Cat King bomb on the landfill October 30, 1961 This texture is what we need Don't worry if they are a little hard when dry If you got burnt then you will have a smaller cake This is a pancake that we did Look he was tempered he cooled HE'S READY Find a suitable plate For your cake Maybe you got less than me Can be the diameter of a mug then do it on slavic cutting board That's what it is for Take the slush that you made for the filling And cover the pancake Cover EVENTLY Draw within your pancake This is no longer a garden, children * Dibil literally eats paint Draw a picture of Shishkin and Kramskoy YAAAH ZEUBUMBA Do not worry for the paint drops House of the artist should never be clean Bring any tool you choose for your usual daily chores And very accurate Smear slush around I'm not saying now that a badly painted cake tastes worse But in my case And there is I'm not going to eat these dry spots on the cake BUT IF NOT ME THEN WHO!?!?!? Incorrectly quoted as a professional From the Metro game From Boris Month May But AI BLYAT ' (The same quote from Metro) IF NOT WE ARE WHO?!?!?!?! Ummm Vadim? Feel the oil with feeling Cream On the cake If you take care of this part Then please finish the kindergarten Finally, the next step Carefully not to break YAAAH ZEUBUMBA Now when I say – "Easy as pie" Easy as Russian honey cake Let's get this over with suka Tyn Tyn Tyn Tyn Vidik is almost over 🙂 Now take those most unnecessary pieces And throw them in the oven chips hike pringles already pisyun got up One of those cookies made ready And now she needs to cool down

Time to bring SVETLAN She always knows what to do (fire woman) AAA ZEUBUMBA This is what happens with your enemies when you destroy them in pub Now take some of this powder and And you're done! Feel free to add more if you are passionate about it but Artem please Daddy Boris here Vidic sawing Now it was a matter of age How are you Covered corners Do you slowly sprinkle Do you overturn the cake? Do you use a blower (what the hell is this?) Or just left a cake naked But no Not for boris NYAAAAAAAAAAAAA and you think you have learned nothing useful from this channel Now the decoration of the cake This is one of the things that For each has its own but at the same time mandatory So do not disfigure the cake at this stage This is Life Of Boris, Blyat Not Life Of Casual and since I probably won't do more cakes at least one hungry mouth Then I will propose to celebrate it the upcoming Upcoming birthday channel And Life of Boris which the despite what other sources say otherwise Will be in may Fourth Every year As you can see, the channel there will be a full four years For you, comrades! feel free to decorate the cake as you wish until you find the right tool for cutting According to the expert recipe You need to wait for about somewhere 4 hours Or overnight in the fridge to be exactly ready to eat But, as you can see, friends Patience is not what I have if we are talking about Medovike You see? Ready to eat What? You think you can Keep me away from my own recipe? Only difference If not wait What the components have not yet had time to mix Layers in the middle Will not mix with filling But for me, a fresh cake Always better! Who is ibet that the recipe will say You buy ingredients You make a cake then you decide how long to wait rhymes sucks Summer is coming soon Time to write a new hit song 2 hours later YAAAA I feel this soft cake

As the saying goes: "Patience comes to those who wait No wait "Good things come to those who wait" But not a good idea to eat too late In any case, summer comes Extended Edition Gopnik Workout Already knocking on the door in the meantime, enjoy this cake I think you can eat it with anything seagulls kvasok vodka You see It's easy simply blow out the candle and enjoy Russian honey cake in boris style Spasibki, fans, for support Thank you for watching See you next time And of course

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