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How to Cook Beef (Wagyu Saikoro Blackpepper) Hello everyone This time we will cook more meat So this time, what meat will I cook? Okay this time I will cook Wagyu Meat Saikoro Blackpepper Okay what ingredients? surely here i use Wagyu meat saikoro cut into cubes like this Yes, right? typically so Wagyu meat I bought more or less a quarter kilo 250 grams okay continue there is definitely black pepper here then garlic I use butter then there's si onion then there's lettuce So, the cooking is very simple we cook it like a steak so first we wash the meat first really, really before cooking the washing because meat can't stay in water for a long time but the purification uses boiled water so just to get rid of the dirt so okay? after that we next to the stove we turn it on first I use ordinary pan it is us we must heat it up first because we are going to make a steak style like that huh so this

I heat it up first we wait hot ok is the pan hot already huh? I enter the beef directly This is because the pieces are small okay let's just let this be everything got hot hey this is just the aroma of the meat already starting to come out and he is the water from this meat straight out like that so this time I didn't cook too much seasoning really rely on taste from This meat I see so this uses fire small the water from si the meat has come out so that we should be evenly distributed yeah, because the model is like that so indeed we have to go back and forth this is still a lot of water still issued water later after the water has been somewhat reduced then we add seasoning ok it's starting to cook evenly teruss I have started prepare spices ok

the first one I gave we enter the garlic here it is we wait until the garlic is a bit withered this is pure

the water is really coming out of the meat so we don't need to add water or anything because it comes out of the meat and this is really delicious soup because the meat broth is coming out and this makes the meat even smaller like this ok after the garlic withered, we put it in the minister I use ordinary butter so it already contains salt if you wear it even better, use unsalted batter to be more the aroma and taste of the meat is original, but because I don't have an unsalted batter so I just use butter I use this more or less one spoon let's make it first so he later more broth

the gravy becomes even more delicious so and will seep into the meat we don't need to give seasoning any kind of seasoning ok this meat is already brownish but I'm a little more brown we can while starting platting I have plate box this we can arrange the lettuce if you have carrot beans, or whatever you can boil make french fries like that and it will be more like we make steak like that huh this is perfect if you have small children Saikoro's meat Saikoro meat is really good for children it can be easier to feed later okay this already mateng I really like with this texture well it's cooked like this I want to enter the onion stick I like onions a lot because of him add a special taste I turned off the fire Okay continue it's time we enter blacpepper

okay we put black pepper just a pinch just a pinch we flatten up here taraaa This is really the original blackpepper and it doesn't use any seasonings, right? okay it has withered a little the onion

we are platting okay here it is

Here it is Wagyu Saikoro Blackpepper well this is really delicious just eat it like this original let's try the meat heeemm

there is a taste salty original salty from the meat same si The batter was because I used the one salted

salted butter but it doesn't change the taste of the meat I see you should try at home good luck at home don't forget to like, comment, share and subscribe, ok, see you

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New Cookery Recipes
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