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Mexican Style Grilled Corn on the Cob Recipe! (Elote)


[UltraVid id=386 ]hey guys thanks for stopping by ballistic BBQ today just in the nick of time for Cinco de Mayo we’re making Mexican style Street corn elote let’s get going alright so first things first let’s take a look at the corn what I like to do when I grill corn guys is white sweet corn it’s the best corn you can buy and what I do is peel back I remove the tough husk on the outside the tough outer husk pull back that nice silky husk remove the threads of silk rinse it off then I just use some nice roasting string to tie these back and I don’t break off the bottom of the corn like you see a lot of people doing at the vegetable stand drives me crazy this is a handle guys it’s a lot I think it’s cool anyway this is going to look really good so let’s get the cookin I’m going to grill this I’m grilling it over lump and I’ve got a lot of lump on this half of the Weber don’t have any on this this is still got a lot of radiant heat I’m going to do most of the actual cooking on this side then I’m going to finish it off on this side to get that nice charred that we’re looking for we’re just going to lay these corn ears down here we’re cooking so what I’m going to do is just I’ll continually turn these just to make sure they get you know cooked and then we’re going to finish them off and I’ll get that nice char on them all right so the corn has been cooking for about seven or eight minutes now again I’ve been continually turning them as you can see it’s went from a you know white kind of a pale white color to kind of a pale yellow and now we’re ready to get this on the hot side of the grill to get some char going on again the char actually had some cool flavors and I’m just going to same thing with continually turn this to make sure that I don’t burn it too much but I do want some black char alright guys and just after a couple minutes on the grill this corner is ready to dress and eat so what I’m going to do is take the ears that I won’t be dressing with the condiments and just setting them on this warm side here keeps them nice and fresh if you’re having a party you know you can just kind of make them to order take the corn that I’m going to dress lay down the plate now there are plenty of ways of preparing this as far as the condiments are concerned there you know you see all these kind of fancy Aeolis and everything that you can make tastes really really good I’m going with a more traditional method however which is very very simple but it adds a lot of layers of flavor so first thing I’m going to do is just slather on some melted unsalted butter now to a lot of you guys this may sound weird you got to try it it’s killer it’s killer Mayo and this is just plain old mayonnaise there’s nothing added here this is again you go to a little stand in Mexico a lot of the places on the streets of LA this is what you’re going to get just a real basic treatment here now just a little bit of chopped cilantro and here’s where it really gets good guys the cheese this is a queso fresco now if you don’t have this available you can use like a feta cheese parmigiana work this stuff has a very kind of a light flavor but it’s got a nice little bit of saltiness to it which is why I use the unsalted butter we’re just going to coat this with this cheese right in the next thing grandad is a chili powder what I have here is a blend of ancho chili powder and chipotle chili powder and again it’s one-to-one so a couple tablespoons of the ancho a couple tablespoons of the Chipotle and you can use whatever you know if you want to throw a little cayenne pepper in there that’s cool last but not least is a lime and you know when you go to one of the carts you’re going to serve it to you with couple wedges of lime so just going to squeeze this on there one thing left to do let’s eat I love this stuff No everything works again I love Mayo on vegetables artichokes it’s my go-to you guys got to give this a try it’s I mean Cinco two miles tomorrow for me but this is a kind of a nice twist to the corn on the cob that you know we’re used to eating here in America so give it a go guys anyway I’ll see you in the next video Cheers

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