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Middle Eastern Marinated Beef Kebabs – Grilled Beef Skewers Recipe – Beef Kabab



what's up everybody this is Lyle no hippie barbecue so we're going a little bit Mediterranean Middle Eastern with tonight's dinner so I figured I might as well break out some of this marinade that was sent to me by a company by the name of Sabauce and do some beef skewers beef kabobs anyway if you don't know about Sabauce marinade I'm telling you you got to get up on this I cooked with this a few times I just don't know how I really just can't explain it but it does have a nice Middle Eastern flavor I'm telling you this stuff is all that and when they send it out to you they will send it to you not only with the marinating bag the line but they also have some instructions in here you know a few uh just some instructions and they have a seasoning pack that comes with it as well we're probably not going to be using the seasoning pack and this recipe we're going to keep it pretty straightforward now for our beef skewers what I'm going to be using is a chuck roast and we're gonna have a chance to let this marinate for about seven to eight hours it's a little snowy outside but you know what I'm still gonna get out there on one of my grills instead of doing it indoors so really our first step is just to cut this up into slices I have this chuck roast partially thought just to make it easier and we're going to be we're not going to be doing the big cubes we're gonna cut them into strips so let's get started with that and about this thin is what we're looking for right there and any fat that we need to get off we can cut that off once we're done cutting these into our scripts she has to let this marinate for between 6 to 8 hours probably closer to 8 hours and one thing I do know about this marinade is you do not need to have it go overnight four or five hours it's typically enough on this it really does get in on this meat trust me on that so report in a little bit at a time I just don't want to use too much of this because this stuff is that good I want to keep it around use it for some other recipe has had a chance to marinate for a while we're gonna go ahead and skewer these kabobs up and really all I'm gonna do is we're gonna kind of go in from the back and we're just going to kind of do a little zigzag pattern like so but we are gonna squish them all the way down I do have some onions but I'm gonna cook those on the side so here's what we're looking like I'm just gonna go ahead and secure this whole thing up but that is what it is gonna look like right there just go ahead and do one more right quick all right I'm gonna go ahead and finish these up and I'll meet you out at the grill so now that we have our grill up to temperature and our grill grates cleaned off what we're gonna do is just go ahead and throw our skewers on and I'm gonna be doing these away from the flame at first just to get them cooked and then we'll sear them off possibly just depends on how they look at the end yours have been on for about seven eight minutes I'm just gonna go ahead and flip them just to insure that they cook evenly and they're not developing the color or anything like that that I'm looking for so like I said if they don't get the color we want we will go ahead and sear them off at the end I did go ahead and throw some onions just in a little basket just to have those on the side as well so these have been on about another five minutes I'm just going to start throwing these directly over the coals and start grilling them off and I probably won't be able to fit all of them so I'll do two at a time so these have been on a couple of minutes I'm just looking to get a light char on it so let's go ahead and flip them and here's a little view for you guys that don't live in states where there's snow so these have been on another couple of minutes I'm just going to throw them off to the side let those kind of cook little indirect and we'll get the other two on and when these are done we're just going to go inside kind of plate up these beef skewers look like coming right off the grill now we did go ahead and make some homemade hummus some tzatziki sauce my wife made some what's this stuff called tabbouleh we have some pita bread I'm gonna plate this up real quick make it look good and then we're gonna get down to this taste test so that's what it looks like all plated up I'm gonna tell you that's the boss put some color on this if I haven't mentioned it earlier in the video link to where you can buy that marinade is going to be in the description below trust me that is some good stuff now I have my plate all looking good with all the cooler months or whatever you want to call those things we're gonna get into it now I'm not going to make the Pita on camera but I will be doing that as soon as I'm built this taste test but let's get in I think I will go ahead and dip this in some of my thumb mr Fehmi thanks you what I'm not gonna make the Pita but I'm gonna have some of this on here one thing I did mention earlier I did make a little yellow rice with this as well let's get in you cannot go wrong with this it's even going to be better when I break out these pitas and get all in on it before I do that I want to thank you guys for stopping I know he'd be barbecue

homemade beef kebabs, beef kabobs Grilled Beef Skewers

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