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Milk Mysore Pak Sweet Making Video – Indian Sweets Making Videos – Easy Milk Cake Recipe 2018



Milk Powder 1Kg Add Pure Desi Ghee 1/4Kg Or Butter And Mix It Well Sugar 3 Kg Add 1/2 Liter Of Water And Cook It For 15 Minutes On Low Flame Add One Spoon Of Cooking Soda Or Baking Soda Add The Milk Powder Mixture In To The Sugar Syrup After 15 Minutes Mix Well Untill The Mixture Becomes Thick Add Ghee (Butter) While Mixing For 4 Times Pour The Mixture In A Clean Tray And Leave It For 12 Hours In Cool Place After 12 Hours Remove It From The Tray And Cut It In To Small Pieces And Enjoy The Sweet Please Share The Video & Please Support My Channel By Subscribing

Source: Youtube

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