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Milk Popsicle with Eng subtitles / பால் ஐஸ் / Ice cream recipes in Tamil



Hi Welcome friends In Raghav's cookery, today we are going to make milk popsicle This is a recipe which every one of us craved for during childhood We can make this recipe easily at home Only few ingredients are required Let's start doing it As the name denotes, this recipe is completely made up of milk For this, I've taken 2 cups of milk First, let's boil it nicely Add milk to a saucepan Boil the milk till it reduces to half of its quantity Keep a wooden ladle to avoid milk spilling out Take a ladlefull of boiling milk and transfer to a bowl To this, add 2 tsp corn flour and 1 tsp milk powder Milk powder gives a creamy taste and nice flavor But it's optional Mix it without any lumps Keep it aside After milk is reduced, add sugar Add vanilla essence and mix well to dissolve the sugar You can replace sugar with condensed milk Reduce the flame to low Use the milk mixture slowly and mix well Milk will start thickening To make this recipe even more rich, try using cream , condensed milk For making semiya ice, add cooked semiya in this milk Milk is nicely boiled and thickened Don't make it so thick because, milk will thicken more once it cools down Cool down completely Once it cools down, add it to popsicle mold and freeze it Milk is cooled down

Add it to the mold Cover it Don't worry if there is no mold with you You can make it with a tumbler and spoon Add the milk Cover the tumbler with a aluminium foil If no foil, use a plastic cover or any paper to cover it Air should not penetrate inside,that's why Make a small incision for inserting spoon inside Place the spoon inside Ice cream is ready Freeze it now Ice cream has been set now To loosen it, use tap water or keep it in a bowl full of water Just keep it for 2 minutes Now let's see it It's ready Do the same for tumbler Remove the foil and remove the popsicle carefully See how easily we have done it Aaha, milk popsicle is ready Hereafter make it at your home itself for your kids Friends do try this recipe and tell me COOK AND ENJOY!!!

Source: Youtube

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