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Min has a sweet and lovely heart! [Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/ENG/2020.05.12]



Min went to bed late, so he'll sleep in, right? (Not really) He smelled it He fascinatingly wakes up when the food is all ready

The smell woke him up The smell woke him up (I smell kimchi, what's for breakfast today?) The smell already (Shall I go out?) (After glancing at Yoonah in the kitchen) (Takes a seat) What's he doing? – He's watching her / – Why isn't he going in? (Min watches Yoonah cooking for a long time) He wonders what I'm doing (Focusing on different things) He only has eyes for Mom (Min, who only has eyes for his mom) (Gaze piercing through) Min is so cute (Mom

) Come on (So much affection from the morning) So much affection (Mom, I'm coming

) (To the refrigerator) (Min's morning routine) I thought he was going to give his mom a back hug (Scanning the refrigerator without a sound) Hey, Min He got caught

(Mom) Are you up? Sausage Sausage

How did you know we have sausage? – You saw before bed? / – He located it He saw before going to bed It must have appeared in his dreams Where is it? Oh, it's here How did you find this? Old-fashioned sausage

Those sausages are so good (Sleeps after seeing what to eat the next day) (A classic side dish for lunch, pink sausages) They're great when cooked in eggs Eggs He has a clear preference (While Yoonah gets the eggs out) (Where is Min going?) Min, I was going to make egg rolls too

(You're here) Let's eat that too (I missed you) They're best friends now Oh my (Extremely affectionate for their second meeting) – Oh my / – So cute

He gave him a kiss Does he like the cameraman that much? My goodness I didn't even see him give him a kiss – He likes the cameraman that much? / – Kiss Oh my goodness

(Oh, this cameraman is) Please open this for me (The one who had opened milk for him) Oh, it's that cameraman

(Min is already close to him) They became so close He's so lovely (Hang in there today) Min has so much affection My goodness (I missed you too) – Kiss

/ – He's greeting them one by one – And giving them a peck / – A kiss Oh, wow He's so precious

– It's because Min's received a lot of love / – Right That's why he expresses his love too He really likes people – Min expresses himself using his body

/ – He does – Despite his straight face / – Exactly He can't speak well, so he expresses with his body (Next, finish greeting and check on breakfast) Are you watching me cook? – What a surprise

/ – He's spectating You're like a cool guy (Coolly observing the sausages) Is he your mother-in-law at times like this? – Mother-in-law in the kitchen / – Making me hurry – Telling you to hurry? / – Because he's hungry

(Coat the pink sausage in eggs, then into the fry pan) This sausage has to taste good A sausage of my youth Yoonah is amazing, raising Min and making him food I can't do much for him when I'm working, – so when I'm not working / – Yes Min, do you want to try? Do you want to have a go? If it's something he likes, he's enthusiastic about cooking it himself Have a go (The result?) – Okay

/ – That's right Well done There you go Good job (Super focused) (Pink sausage being transferred smoothly) Do it like this

Oh, it fell out (As if the world is ending) You can still eat it Look at Min – You just have to eat it fast / – Eat it fast

Min, it's okay if you eat it within 3 seconds (A scholarly theory, the 3-second rule) Here it is Don't eat it yet You have to eat it with me Hold on

It's so good when freshly cooked though He won't be able to resist This is hard even for me – This is hard for everyone / – Hard for everyone

– How can you resist? / – Seriously It's not just me, right? I would've eaten it straight out of the fry pan (The most extreme temptation of his 14 years) Of course you'd want to eat it You can wait a little, right? Hang in there (Internal conflict) He's contemplating

Wow, he's so cool – Min really has good patience / – He's very patient – How do you resist that? / – He's amazing (Just then) No! (Hand heading straight for the sausage) He can't help his appetite

Min, you're really patient You're amazing (Do I eat it or not?) – This is nerve-racking / – He touched it No! – Hang in there

/ – It's good when eaten together – He can't resist 1, 2, 3 / – He said he would wait Wow, Min is really good-natured

(Very proud) (Min overcame such a difficult situation) This is like a miracle, right? Yes, really Now that we appear on TV together, I can feel that he's become better at interactions To think that Fun-Staurant has helped Because he senses that other people are watching him – He knows / – Yeah

Source: Youtube

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