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(Theme music) here we're here making Mofongo in a little shack on the side of the road and it is really interesting you get fried bananas flat fried plantains right over here this is very interesting, put it into a little bowl just like that we put some sauce in there what does that sauce have in it? garlic and what more? it has other condiments besides vinegar water, oil, salt and I don't know what else

house secret vinegar, vinegar, oil salt, and a couple other little things and you just mesh it into this little bowl the plantain that's a they're doing that right now on the side here it's quite interesting a kind of a barbecue stand you see these all over the place but anyway I've never seen this done

so it is Mofongo They smash it into a kind of a paste real nice and juicy there ingredient main ingredient plantain, fried plantain and then you can see the actual salt the finished product is kind of like a paste a little pastry then you let it sit for a second, hit the side so it loosens up and bam goes in the plate like a little patty looks like a pastry but it's actually made almost entirely of plantain so I'm gonna try a piece of that That's mine right? is that mine? no (indistinct chatter) is that mine? yes

okay I'm gonna try a little piece of that I'm gonna tell you, oh yeah oh that is, that's good Mofongo it's right for you mmm wow! Theme music

Source: Youtube

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