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Mishti Doi recipe in hindi । मिष्टी दही बनाने की विधि । Sweet yogurt only from 3 ingredients



hello friends,today we will make bengal famous mishti doi recipe which is very easy to make If you have milk and sugar,you can make this now

It has creamy texture,something like rabri some times ,it happens water floats over yogurt after curdling some times ,it happens water floats over yogurt after curdling but it will not happened ,if you follow all the tricks given here I am vishakha and welcome to the channel DesiTarka with vishakha take 250ml milk,3-4 tbs sugar,1 and 1/2 tbs curd strain extra water of curd this is simple process to make hung curd Add sugar to a hot pan

Stir continously on low flame Sugar will melt gradually It will caramelized This caramelized sugar is used to make Mishti dahi It will give very tasty flavour

Sugar melts after 5min Add some milk to the pan Stir continously on low flame Sugar will mix up with milk after 2 min See the color of milk changed

Add rest of the milk when milk boils,low the flame and cook for 5min It will give creamy texture Don't reduce the milk Turn off the flame

Cool it down till it becomes lukewarm Add this hung curd to a bowl Beat for 1min Stir continously Milk is lukewarm,check with finger Add some portion Stir If milk is too hot ,it will release water after curdling Add rest of the milk

Stir for 3min It will give bubbles over it Perfect Tranfer to a pot Cover with a lid take a hot pot /casserol Add some lukewarm water to maintain its temperature

It will help to curdle milk perfectly Zist is ,we have to use warm place to curdle the milk put the pot carefully into it Cover with lid Leave it for 5-6 hrs if weather is hot

And 8hrs if weather is cold I will ckeck this after 5 hrs and refrigerate for 2 hrs after curdling Let's see how mishti doi looks wooow,just awesome

see the bubbles over it Taste is also yummm Garnish with chopped pista and kesar(totally optional)

Hope you like it

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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