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Mitho Lolo – Sweet sindhi flatbread (Hindi Translation is available)



Mitho Lolo – Sweet Sindhi Bread We make it on the utmost soul Ingredients: Soak 2 cups wheat flour, 1 tbsp cardamom, 3/4 cup jaggery in 3/4 cup water for 2-3 hours, and 2 tablespoons ghee Mix ghee and cardamom powder in wheat flour Slowly add jaggery to this bowl Mix with a spoon first and keep kneading until smooth dough is obtained

Keep adding jaggery water occasionally You will need to add water in between and knead the dough until you get a smooth surface The dough will stick to your hand a little bit To clean it, knead the remaining flour of the bowl Dough should not be too soft

Keep it under the cloth for a few minutes Take a small quantity of flour in hand and make it evenly and spherically Make a small bread using a rolling pin Bread should not be too thin Repeat for remaining flour Place it on an iron griddle and cook on the lowest heat Repeat the same process for all Flip both sides until evenly cooked

You can see that the bread starts to turn white as it cooks and then has a brown layer on it Remove it from the griddle when you can see the brown crust on the bread Serve it with pickles, pakoras, spinach and vegetables

Source: Youtube

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