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Mongolian beef recipe (蒙古牛肉) – How to cook in 5 simple steps



Hello everyone I'm KP Kwan from tasteasianfood

com Today I'm gonna show you how do I prepare Mongolian beef As you may already know, Mongolian beef is not from Mongolia It is an American Chinese food but with all the characteristic of a typical Chinese cuisine Let's take a look how do I prepare it

You can get the recipe in the description right below the video and more information by following the link to the blog post First, cut the beef into thin slices Next add some cooking oil, some light soy sauce about two teaspoons and cornstarch about one to two tablespoons Then mix it up and leave it aside Marinate for about 15 minutes

While we are marinating the beef, let's prepare the aromatics This is ginger Cut it into small pieces, like this, then coarsely chopped Next crush the garlic and coarsely chop the garlic Cut the scallion into pieces, about 4 centimeter length and set aside

Lastly cut some dry chili into short pieces, )this is optional) if you do not want it to be spicy you can leave the chili out Next let's prepare the gravy for the Mongolian beef Here we have two teaspoons of dark soy sauce, and I had another two tablespoon of light soy sauce to it, one, two Plus two tablespoon of brown sugar, and then add sufficient water to combine all these ingredients to become a gravy Let's make the cornstarch slurry

Put a teaspoon of cornstarch in a bowl and then add about a tablespoon of water into it to form the cornstarch slurry This is to thicken the gravy at the last stage of the cooking process Coat the beef with some cornstarch before deep-frying You can just use corn starch alone, but I find that you add some normal cake flour of equal portion and a tiny bit of salt as the coating for the beef,it turns out better And the corn starch and the flour and the salt to the beef and mix it up

Shake off any excess flour if there is before you put it into the pan Deep frying in smaller batches Do not overcrowd it in the pan so that they will not stick together Deep fry for about two minutes or until the sides begins to turn color Once the edge of the beef start to turn color, remove and drain, Heat up some oil in the pan, not too much

Then add the ginger and garlic, the dry chili and part of the scallion Saute until aromatic Once it turns aromatic, add the Mongolian beef gravy that we have prepared You can add a little bit more water if you like Once it starts to boil, add the cornstarch slurry

bit by bit until the consistency that you prefer You may not need all the cornstarch slurry If you want a little bit more gravy you can add some water The consistency is just right so I will not add the remaining cornstarch slurry Add back the beef to the pan, and the remaining scallion

Give it a good mix Make sure all the beef slices are coated with the gravy Turn off the heat and serve This is how I prepare Mongolian beef I hope you enjoy watching this video, and don't forget to follow this channel by clicking the subscription button

Until then, I'll see you again in the next video My name is KP Kwan Bye for now

Source: Youtube

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