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Monkey Mother how to cook lunch ????



hello all you are watching the video a lot of people commented that I would like to cook a meal at home, today I will show you how I cook This is our entire kitchen, you can simply visit Let's cook now My house eats 2 bowls full, but we cook 1 more bowl for the dog and the cat I will wash clean rice twice This is the staple food of the Asian people We eat mainly rice and some food I took clean water to cook it will ripen after 1 hour Today's food, please include cabbage and dried fish I will cut and wash dried fish you guys, very good, anchovy wash everything Then we start cooking For cooking oil and onions for aroma I put onion and give the aroma and then stir-fry the vegetables For you, sugar, sweet flour, a little done, stir up while waiting for the vegetables, we will make fried eggs finally let in Just egg, guys, my son loves to eat eggs Add onion to frying pan Minced garlic used to cook with fish Fry the eggs with the hot pan eggs are very fast to ripen, I do not leave them too long and it will not taste good oh, very delicious Two dishes, please 3rd dish of dried fish For dried fish to fry and to fish sauce, sugar, monosodium glutamate There are a lot of friends who want to see how I cook, I am happy to have you suggest the next video The fish has gold, you add the seasoning, so that it fits your mouth I'm done, guys Bum was very hungry when he waited for his mother to cook, I gave Bum rice cakes and water Bum tasted good, Bum was very good Bum chewing is delicious, this is Bum's favorite dish Bum drinks you guys Bum drinks a lot, he is thirsty after eating the cake We had lunch time, the rice was cooked I took rice for my son and my husband to work and not return we have fish, soup and kimchi Invite all of you to have lunch with my family fish Little son eats a lot Invite grandparents and friends to eat with my children Red starved me to give Red milk Thank you for watching the video, remember to sign the channel to follow the next video, remember to share the video to help me thank everyone

Source: Youtube

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