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“Munchies” Chef Matty Matheson Shows Us 3 Easy Recipes From NY Times Recommended Cookbook



Bologna bowls! Bologna bowls! (audience cheering and applauding) Yeah, and so the bologna bowl, see, my mother-in-law, Carol, she's an amazing, amazing woman, she had a lot of children, five And my wife is the baby and so growing up, they used to have bologna bowls for breakfast

So then her mom, Carol, would just make literally put a piece of bologna in a bowl, put a piece of cheese in a bowl– Carol, you crack me up, and I wanna hang with you! Carol is phenomenal! But the thing is that she's an amazing chef Yes Do you wanna crack the egg? Sure! Rachel Ray cracking an egg! Ooh! (audience cheering and applauding) So we have American cheese, we get lined a bowl with bologna, and a slice of American, and an egg That is it There's a microwave, who's got a microwave? (audience cheering and applauding) Start! Start! What are we making now? Now, this is my mom, this is Joanie

This is Joanie's dish Joanie's food Chicken, curry, broccoli, cheddar cheese casserole Of course it is With some hash browns! This was the 80s

(Rachael laughing) Curry Curry, yes Ginger, garlic, onion Onions Enough curry, or no? Yeah

Yeah, yeah Let's spice it up Toast it up Toast it up, you really wanna bring out those flavors Open up the spices, they're dry, but really that heat– Get the broccoli

Get the broccoli in there Get the broccoli in there You can see, this isn't blanched, you don't have to blanch it 'cause we're gonna be baking it It will steam, and it'll go through It'll work itself out

Hopefully be as mushy and flavorless as my mom's Jokes, Joan! (audience and Rachael laughing) Kidding, Joan! Joan is so sweet, I love Joan Okay, stirring that together, little salt? Little salt, we're always seasoning, building layers Woo hoo! Over the shoulder What's next, what's next? What's next? Let's put some cream in

Cream Let's put some cream in (dish sizzling) Oh, we're doing a little deglaze with the cream! Cream! And now we're gonna add the cream cheese Cream cheese, the whole brick, sir? In pieces? Yeah, cube it up! Why not? Okey dokey Okey dokes

This is nice, can you smell that? Chicken? Now chicken Let's put some chicken in here The chickens, buk-buk-buk-buk-buk-buk Lots of chicken, not too much Okay, that's a good, no that's good

Not too much That's okay Look, there's three pieces Okay, let's put it all in What, we gotta save the three pieces? (audience laughs) No, we're not

So let's– Cheese? Not yet Not yet Cheese is gonna go on top God no, these? Let's put some hash browns on the bottom of the pan And this is just a bake, so now we have our– So, put this in here

Let's put that in there And that's gonna be the base These are hash browns, I guess you guys call 'em So as I said, The New York Times, all kidding aside, The New York Times did put this on its top list of must-have books for the fall (audience applauding) I get excited

Can I top this with cheese? Chef, yes Oh please, no, cook Cook, I'm a chef! That is such a creepy word I don't know who's a chef anymore I know, who knows? Who knows, who cares? I don't

(audience laughing) No, so the casserole, look at this! Does this look like a casserole? Yes! (audience cheering) Ah, this is another great thing! This is a very easy, this is my favorite olive dressing and this is just a– Olive dressing I love ol, you must love olives I love olives Oh, wow! Those are nice! And so we used to make this as my favorite salad dressing my mother-in-law makes, Carol Once again, Carol

I'm influenced by the women in my life All amazing chefs Smart man Mm hmm All the men are losers

(audience and Rachel laughing) So You kill me, man Garlic? Garlic! Garlic! We're gonna put some lemon in there Yes, sir! And we're gonna make the salad dressing And this is something that I truly love

You can actually put this, this would be really nice on grilled chicken, or pork, there are so many different things Anything, any protein Some fish, even, very Mediterranean And you have the earthiness and the minerality of the olives Oh my goodness! And some vinegar? Yeah, acid's great! You always wanna make sure everything's balanced

You got the salt, you got the acid, so– (blender whirring) Blend That's too much, okay! Putting in some oil? Okay, that's good So you don't want it emulsified Or, not Who knows what emulsification is? (Matty and audience clapping) It looks a lot like that

(laughing) It's hard So, you're supposed to pulse it, pulse it up Kinda loose I don't know how to use the thing, I'm trying to be helpful! I know, we're all here together We're gonna get through it

(audience and Rachael laughing) We're gonna hold your hand, we're goin' up the mountain (audience and Rachael laughing) So then just stir that It's almost like a broken sauce for beesh It's very nice with white asparagus And it's all done

(audience applauding) So, this is just a casserole This is what a casserole looks like It looks like a baked quesadilla It's a giant, cheesy delicious concoction Oh, look at that

Look at that That is nice! (audience applauding) It's a bowl of love (audience cheering)

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