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Mushroom, Leek and Tarragon Pasta – Gordon Ramsay


[UltraVid id=38 ]really important put the water on first so you can just have it gently simmering away ready for the pasta while the water comes to the boil start the sauce by slicing mushrooms first off fingers one in front two behind up and down then add olive oil to a hot frying pan I want that nice color on the mushrooms off the heat listen ten seconds and when you toss something really important you get all the ingredients get into the pan push down and pull back that noise s that’s all the water coming out the mushrooms next finely chop a fat clove of garlic then prepare your leeks just take your knife and go down through the center turn it over and again into quarters see all that opening up and then just rinse the top of that you get rid of any potential dirt sand it just breaks up into nice little quarters have all that leek those mushrooms beautiful and now the secret is to get rid of that water inside the leak as it cooks down all the waters gone in to set out a new night intense flavor Garland’s got nice and crispy now we’ll add a touch of chicken stock in there the Sonia sheets drop the sheets in to the water lasagna sheets are an unusual choice for a dish like this but they work brilliantly although any type of pasta you’ve got in the cupboard will do and just twist that pan that stops any pasta actually sticking to the bottom of pan chicken start with reduce down by half and it’s almost good lays the bottom of the pan basically washed all that wonderful flavor off turn the gas down and add a couple of tablespoons of cream this just enriches the dish bring it back up the ball and let it simmer for 3 to 4 minutes now the secret of the pasta it’s just taking it out a little early so you got that a nice texture hold up the sheet and just nip it you can feel your fingers in the center it’s ready turn the sauce down and lay these beautiful sheets on the Sonya into that sauce just got to turn the gas off now and let the pasta sit in there and absorb that amazing sauce finish with chopped fresh tarragon it’s a delicious herb and gos brilliantly well mushrooms and leeks just let that sit almost sort of infuse to serve I’m making a quick bruschetta by toasting fresh ciabatta bread to nice slices drizzle that in olive oil a bit of garlic just rub the bread the crust as well crust is what really takes that garlic now pan for the bread in touch of olive oil as it starts to smoke bread in but look at the pastor now it’s in stained by that amazing sauce to serve on a nice spoon of my mushrooms leeks and cream then I’ll take my pasta just twist it and let it sit on top that tarragon has just lifted everything bread on and that’s the beauty about something so simple they can be done in 20 minutes with everyday ingredients a stunning pastor dish having easy and versatile dishes like this to your repertoire is what cooking at home is all about so can always make great tasting food at the drop of a hat a fry off the chilies ginger the garlic first sesame seed or teaspoon only in fried corn-on-the-cob in olive oil you want a really wonderful each our flavor

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