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Mussel: How to clean & cook Mussel -Konkani- part 1



Hello, today I am going to show you how to clean and cook Mussel if there are any open mussels, tap it after tapping if they are not moving/closing, they are dead leave them in the cold water with salt for nearly 15-20 minutes dead one would come up on the surface debeard the mussels pull the beard from top to bottom remove the dead one which are floating on the top clean the shells with the scrubber/sponge rinse at least 3 times with clean water to cook, put tiny bit of water in a pan add little salt, close with a lid cook on a slow flame for about 4-5 minutes once the shells are opened, remove the mussels meat you may use the shell to remove the meat then you are ready to make your dish

Thank you

Source: Youtube

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