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MUTTON BIRYANI | Hyderabad Layered Mutton Biryani Recipe In Urdu | Eid Special Biryani(Ramadan 2020)



In the name of allah Assalam o alaikum! I hope you alll are doing well today i will share with you a very quick and tasty mutton biryani recipe Watch it till end to make t perfect It include tips and tricks so watch it till end If you haven't subscribed our channel yet plz press red SUBSCRIBE button to subscribe it and press bellicon to never miss any update it is very easy to make and very delicious mutton biryani will be made by this video It will take 1 to 2 hours to make it Lets make it Firstly , add 4 jugs of water in a pot add one curry leave Add 6 tbsp oil Add 1kg rice wash them properly I don't use presoaked rice Take another pot Add 750 g of onion Add 1

5 cup of oil I making 1kg biryani with 1 kg meat and 1 kg rice saute onion when onion will change its colour Add boiled mutton Use boiled mutton not raw muton it will not get cooked Don' t over boil it don't over boil the mutton Add 2 to 3tbsp of ginger garlic paste Add 10 cloves of garlic and 2 inch ginger paste crush them properly Now add tomatoes add 500g or 2 cups slice tomato u can add choppedslicepuree Now add spices Add 12tbsp salt 2-3 tbsp red chilli powder, pepper and 12tbsp black,12tbsp turmeric u can seaon it according to your taste i make it less spicy u can add more spices u can add crushed green chillis Add 15 cup of yougrt add 1tbsp of cream yougrt and cream elevates its taste our mutton filling is ready now layer it Fist add mutton than rice than mutton and so on Mix 1tsp of yellow food colour with 2tbsp of milk add at only one side Don't spread it all over Add handfull of cilantro, coriander, chopped green chillis and lemon Cover it and steam it for 15 mins at very low flame wowlooks yummy our biryani is ready serve it hot when u add colour at one side biryani will have 3 colours like resturant biryani has white , light yellow , yellow if u add colour everyone biryani will be only yellow it will lose its traditional colour, serve it with salad i cut onion rings i have dished it out make it at eid

serve with green chutni (link in description) share with friends and family make it for lunch and dinner like you see how fantastic biryani is made usually rice are loved with onions if u like videos gives it a thumup subscribe my channel i hope your biryani will be fantastic like always take care of yourself stay at home stay safe keep social distancing keep smiling ramadan is at end remember me in prayers and keep trying and enjoying food don;t forget to subscribe check my other videos take care i will see you in next video till then good bye

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