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Lets first prepare the nihari masala We will make the masala at home here This masala is for one kg mutton if you take more or less mutton pls adjust the quantity according to mutton taken

We do get ready made masalas for nihari but homemade masala gives a better taste You try making nihari with homemade masalas you will know the difference i have taken a small nutmeg here if you happen to get a big one then please use half of it We will mildly roast these ingredients first and then we will grind them and make powder roasting them will enhance their flavours and they become crisp

Pre heat the pan we will add the masala ingredients on the pan on a low flame Stir slow on a low flame please do not over roast them Just a little just one minute on a low flame so that they become crisp

We have roasted them for about a minute I can smell the warm aroma of the spices The color has slightly changed Put off the flame now Let it cool

Make a fine powder lets marinate the mutton we have also taken bones along with the mutton The bones will give us a unique flavour We will use half of the masala that we prepared, for marination and the other half we can use next time when we make nihari again we have taken 500 gms mutton there fore i am using half the masala if you take one kg mutton then use up all the masala, if you want to store the masala you should add some salt to it and preserve it in an air tight container mix them well now Friends the longer time you keep it marinated the better taste you will get for sure

now we will keep it for at least one hour if you have more time you can keep it longer also please store it in a fridge if you want to store for long if we marinate the mutton our nihari will be very flavour full we have mixed it well now

we will keep it for an hour cover the lid now An hour has passed the mutton is marinated well Take some oil in a pressure cooker The oil is hot enough we will fry the onions till golden brown they are golden brown now

Add the marinated mutton fry it well with the onions Flame is on high keep on stirring and frying for five minutes mutton is fried well now we will add some water

i have added two glasses of water now we will cover the lid and pressure cook till the mutton becomes tender we will cook on high flame after one whistle we will make the flame low and cook for ten to fifteen minutes later we will check Its nicely mixed the mutton should be tender enough we will let it boil for some time you can check salt at this point if you need u can add more

its boilng now we will slowly keep on adding it we will keep adding and stirring flame is on high now we should keep checking its thickness we will keep it medium thick the more you boil it the thicker it will get we will get an indication wether we need to add more slurry we still need more thickness so we will add a little more slurry we need this consistency it will still thicken now we will cover it and cook we will keep it slightly open so that it dosnt over boil we will cook it for 10 minutes on a low flame

Till then we will make the tadka fry till golden brown onions are golden brown now put off the flame now mix well we will pour this over our nihari cover it for some time its perfect now the color is also tempting the aroma is lingering all over my house we will garnish with ginger julians and green chilli pcs

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