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MY GO-TO EASY VEGAN MEALS | 5 Lazy & Cheap Recipes


[UltraVid id=81 ][Music] so today it is time to recreate one of my most popular videos that I have done recently and that is my go-to vegan recipes that was the video that kind of got me back into the swing of making recipe videos again they’re my favorite to make I absolutely love them and these are recipes that I make all the time they’re super affordable they’re really easy to make and they are absolutely delicious hence why I keep on making them over and over again if you recreate any of these recipes please make sure to tag me on instagram or share them with me on twitter or post them on facebook if you haven’t done my facebook group yet i have three of them and also use the hashtag versatile vegan let’s get the hashtag going because that is the name of my ebook without further ado here are 5 more of my go-to vegan recipes [Music] broken dreams Ellicott realized you’re part of life [Music] what simply think this can be the eyes at the smiling face don’t put them around there no smiley face smiley face [Music] and you were still afraid my first story was so typically pesto has pine nuts in it but by another by pine nuts so use whatever nuts you have cashews will work also walnuts will probably work cashew is like a third of the price so waiting for pine nuts are one of most expensive and that’s you can buy so I mean it tastes slightly different but I mean this doesn’t pester day so it’s the basil that’s doing it really yeah it’s a nice little budget hack and also convenience hack because you don’t need to buy separate pine nuts for it you can use whatever really katella’s coming [Music] [Music] like is [Music] tomatoes or sun-dried tomatoes would be amazing on this and I often put those on top I just want to make it look really green as what mushrooms [Music] the journey [Music] the journeys [Music] [Music] true [Music] lucky is [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and as it lots of you really don’t like seeing me eat the food but seeing as I don’t like the voice say that I just have text on the screen I like to show me eating it trying it and giving you some tips or ideas about what other things you can add and I just kind of just like to show you my protection I mean I’ve eaten there so many times before so I know it tastes like but first of all you can also use tahini into the peanut butter and you can use whatever vegetables you have [Music] [Music] so we had to blend it in our nutri with it because our processor wasn’t fully blending it for some reason I think we need a new one with new blades yeah and it’s not the green it’s color because ideally we would have used green chillies but we only had red chillies so yeah it doesn’t really matter and you can put as many chillies or as little chillies as you like depending on your preference ideally would have put more in again we didn’t have any and this is an old pesto jar this will last so that you can make other primary inquiries with it or just stir-fries it works as a great stir-fry so there’s absolutely loads of page this will last you probably three or four other meals [Laughter] [Music] [Music] you know so I really hope that you enjoy these recipes if you make them and don’t forget to share your pictures with me again as I said earlier use the hashtag versatile Vee and tag me make sure you subscribe and you’ve liked the video if you enjoyed it and I’ll see you my next one bye oh my god

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