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okay friends today I'm gonna share with you my morning routine which is a big request I have received from my viewers and subscribers so I wake up pretty early by 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning the first thing like every Indian household does I warm the milk and I make some tea now I also have to add some lemongrass to my tea and some ginger and then once the tea is ready then of course I have my glass of hot water early in the morning before I have anything else and then after that what it's a lovely morning it's becoming a little colder now then of course I start the washing machine with the day's clothes now here I'm making some breakfast so today it's kanda batata pohe here so I've washed the pohe very well and once my oil is hot now my hubby loves fried peanuts in my Pohe so then I add just a handful of peanuts and I fry them my daughter doesn't like the peanuts and the okay so I make her for his separately without the peanuts she doesn't even like the peanuts in the oil the flavour of the peanuts okay then once I take out the peanuts then it's just the normal bagar that is half a teaspoon of Mohri or mustard seeds then 1/2 a teaspoon of he hing and of course I'm using the thick pohe over here then there's half a teaspoon of jeera and half a teaspoon of haldi then some lovely fresh curry leaves from my garden then about two green chilies slit up into four then I'm using very little onion just half an onion because we don't like too much of onion flavour and the only although it's called Kanda pohe are we like a little less onions so I'm using just half of a very small onion now I'm going to fry all this very well once the Pohe and everything else is very nicely done all this one on low to medium flame friends then I'm adding a handful of potatoes which I've thinned thinly sliced this potato really adds an amazing flavour and you know early in the morning when you're really hungry and you want to have some amazing breakfast there's nothing like Pohe it really fills you up and you all set for the day so after that I cover this up a little and let the potatoes cook otherwise the raw potatoes is just not a good thing I love getting up early in the morning even on the weekends I love getting up at 5:30 6:00 then of course I love playing a game of crossword on one of the websites I played every day I'm addicted to that crossword for because they upload a new puzzle every morning so you know I feel like my morning is not complete till I play that crossword game online so I play that game every morning with my hot cup of tea so that is also one of my morning routines and I always believe that you know having a hearty breakfast in the morning really starts you off I don't like when people skip their breakfast and I mean in you know you're hungry the whole night and you're so hungry so anyway here the previous day's milk I'm sitting for curd for the day that is dahi or yogurt I'm using it for the day I have a video on how to make homemade dahi for those of you who want to see it then go and check it out basically I a walk warm up the previous day's milk add that and add some fresh milk and then use a little bit of the curd from the previous day and mix it into that we all love a lot of go at home you know home made curd is just different it's so fresh and amazing okay now I once the potatoes are nicely done adding in my washed and soaked washed for here are though this is the thing basmati pohe it has an amazing taste then of course I'm going to give all of this a good mix so that it gets well mixed with the bagar now when my kids are at home for the Diwali vacation but otherwise uh you know I get up and first thing is prepare tiffins and then I'm just sprinkling a little bit of water on the Pohe otherwise it's different time or in the morning I give them three tiffins one for their small break then once for their lunch and when I get them you know when their way back home on the school bus like let's see the fresh fruit or a salad or it's nuts so that's also part of my morning routine right now the kids are at home so I'm relaxed so it's just one breakfast for everyone then I'm just adding the routine salt to taste and some sugar a pinch of sugar water and then you just wanna mix everything well cover it again let it cook for some time then after that once the pohe is ready then me and my hubby we love taking sections of the newspaper whatever we love to read sit together and breakfast it was a cup of tea then discuss just discuss things in general then the kids get up and they too join us us we have a nice morning together and the kids and all are at home otherwise they start off for school very early so now we are more relaxed because of the Diwali vacations are the best time of year and then I just put some fresh chopped green coriander or cilantro and add the peanuts back and mix everything well and then turn off the gas flame and add some fresh lemon juice there's nothing like you know Pohe with a hot cup of tea well if you like to see such vlogs please leave your comments in the comment section below give me a big thumbs up so I can add vlogs you know on my channel along with all my recipes so now that my Pohe is already I'm serving it with my hot cup of tea I always have one cup of tea before breakfast I need that in the morning just sit you know all by myself and drink the cup of tea recipes and guys from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for watching this video take care guys see you soon another video bye

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