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My Project: How to cook a minced pork soup with winter melon and some advice for you.



Hello everyone welcome to our video My name's Dang And they are Huy Phong Dao Khanh Huyen Phuc Vi and Cong Today we will teach you How to cook a minced pork soup With winter melon In our project, I'm a reporter Huy is nutritionist

Phong and Dao shop for food Khanh and Huyen prepare meal Phuc cooks meal Vi lays the table for meal And Cong washes dishes let's see what we will talk about it Hello Phong and Dao can you answer any my question Phong and Dao: Yes Me: What food do you buy today? I and my younger brother share to buy food equally I buy 100g fresh pork and a bottle of fish sauce And I buy hmmm Winter melon Green onion and garlic Khanh! what are you doing I am washing vegetable and meet Can you show me how to do it ? first, we have a tub of water, vegetable, meat, fruit, and salt Then, before we wash vegetable and fruit, we should add some salt in the tud and wash them why do you add some salt in this? Because, when you add some salt and wash them, it make vegetable fresher and cleaner we mustn't wash vegetable and meat together Because meat make vegetable dirty and easy to be sick

Can you bring them to my grandmother ok Huyen here you are -huyen: hello What will you do? I peel winter melon and then Cutting along Slicing thickly them chop green onion what will we cook today? I will cook a minced pork soup with winter melon Can you show me how to cook First, i add some salt and fish sauce in the bowl of minced pork and mix it Then i boil water and wait for the water to boil before i put meat in My son help me next Now, water is boiling So let me put in and wait it to boil again about 20 minutes While it is boiling, we turn down the heat low, scoop the scum off top and then we add winter melon turn off the heat and wait to boil again about 2 minutes we turn off the heat And season with some pepper what are you doing vi I am laying the table for meal why do you lay the table for meal Because i am a student, i have a lots homework and many lesson I don't have free time to help my mom other household chores I want to help my mother to reduce duties ( sound like market) How do you feel when you eat it minced pork soup with winter melon is delicious

so good! meat is sweet and soft winter melons are freshness and yummy!!! And finally who wash dishes Now i will go to MrHuy's house and ask him some question about this menu Now let's go!!! Hello Huy this is menu today Can you show me how this menu is good for the body well this is very good

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